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The Dark Beauty Among Gemstones: The Charm of Iolite

The purple bluish hue of an iolite transports one to the serenity of the shade and transcends upon one a soothing balm of relaxation. According to ancient Hindu beliefs, iolite stones were used for healing purposes and are used to ignite the third chakra of the human body. It is believed to augments our vision and boosts one’s imagination. It’s said their magical powers can bring back eyesight. But even if we choose to rubbish these claims, no one can deny that they make for one good piece of jewel.

An iolite shows elegance with a subtle sense of mystique wrapped around them. They are not your regularly treated stones. They retain their ‘au natural’ condition. The Vikings used the raw stone slices to take the glare of the sun. Such was the power of these stones. Their radiance can turn diamonds green with envy. It is the colour of a beautiful night by the sea and hence is also called the Water Sapphire. The way the tinges of blue, purple and hints of black interweave together in the sky and catch their reflection in the sea, well that’s how poetic an image can go to paint the beauty of an iolite. At BlueStone, we may not be able to paint a picture with an iolite but we did something that we are good at. We bring to you the Iolite ring collection crafted exclusively for our customers like you. The range features exotic iolite ring designs that are crafted to capture the magic on your fingers.

Night and Day: Iolite Ring Designs in Gold

Who doesn’t love contrasts? The jewellery looks great when it works on contrasts. That’s why we have three beautiful pieces that you would love to lay your hands on, literally! The iolite ring designs in a setting of gold would be the perfect combination to sport at cocktail parties, formal dinners and even for your special occasions. The Myrah Ring with its beautiful floral setting of diamond petals around a central Iolite stone will dominate your ring collection. It’s a ring that never goes wrong- it’s never too subtle nor too loud. Just perfect! The Chimayo Ring adds the shine of emeralds to the diamond and iolite collection. The central iolite stone is surrounded by soft leaflets of glistening emeralds with three soft diamonds embedded on either side. The glowing green of the emeralds with the night blue of the iolite is a stunner. The Clement ring is elegance engraved onto a ring. It’s a classic revived with diamonds and iolite beautifully engorged in the gold band. A clear anniversary winner- it speaks volumes about the simplicity and understanding between the marriage of diamonds and iolite!

The Moonlit Night: Iolite Rings in White Stone

What can be more pleasing than a calm union of the moon’s silvery shine engulfing in and out of the enchanted purplish hues of the night? Our collection of iolite rings designs at BlueStone will make you feel like paradise. The Curacao Ring does an intricate design of iolite and diamonds in white gold. The classic design is a head –turner with its giant central iolite stone surrounded by four smaller iolite stones and encircled by a band of diamonds. A heavyweight in the category, this one is your ace card at any events and gatherings. Flaunt this beauty today! Come buy iolite ring designs online at BlueStone now! The Paloma Ring adds in blue topaz stones to either side of the Iolite stone which make for a ravishing counter in terms of the depths of the shades. The triangular icy blue topaz stones held in their place firmly by diamonds give a lightness to the ring and make for an excellent all-time wear. Who said men had to be behind in trying out iolite rings. We have the Regalia Ring and it’s subtly cut iolite ring in the middle of a white gold band engraved with two plaited rows. It has a gentle power factor that makes it easy to carry around in the office and make it part of your professional ensemble.

So wait no more! This limited collection is going out fast. Buy iolite ring designs from our alluring collection today and avail our 30-day money back offer and our home try-on offer with absolutely no obligation to make a purchase. BlueStone understands your needs and we hope to make your shopping with us a delightful experience. But with charming iolite rings’ prices like these, you better make the most of the offer!

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