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Heart Necklace Designs: Wear Your Heart around Your Neck 

The heart symbol represents one of the oldest human bonds. It is also one of the oldest and the most cherished jewellery designs that have been in use for centuries although that is not how the story began. It has now become a symbolic representation of romantic love and affection but it is believed that the symbol was first created in France after the thirteenth century and went hand in hand with the recognition of religious love. Though it was initially used for religious purposes to showcase one’s love for Jesus or god, it slowly made its way into visual art forms in the size and shape that are now known to us as the St. Valentine heart. No other industry embraced this symbol the way jewellery and fashion industries did. Today, whether you want to gift a piece of jewellery to your special someone or pamper yourself with oodles of self-love, you can do it with a finely crafted heart jewellery design.

Buy Heart Necklace Designs from BlueStone

Ever heard the expression wear your heart on your sleeve? Well, then about wearing it around your neck? Get creative with your jewellery and add a bit of bling to your daily wear neck pieces with a sign that embodies love. At BlueStone, we have made this easy for you by creating a few designs exclusively for the hearts design. The heart shape has long been an integral part of jewellery making, so much so that it has been done to death. And if you are tired of the same impressions, then you need to see this fresh off the block collection and buy heart necklace designs online from us. Simple yet extremely stylish, each piece in this collection will find a way to your heart and your jewellery box quite effortlessly. This is a new and unexplored range of designs that will leave you begging for more. They are light, stylish, and charming. What more do you ask for?

Buy Heart Necklace Designs that Epitomise Hope, Love, Faith and More

Let us begin with the Love Scale Necklace. As the name suggests, the pendant of this necklace is in the shape of a scale and is made in 18kt gold. The three tiny, sparkling diamonds studded on the pendant add to its charm. Never seen this before, right? Grab this one before anyone else does, and become an instant fashionista with this contemporary and lightweight neckpiece. Next up, check out the Blaine Necklace in our heart necklace collection. Designed in rose gold for an added touch of femininity, this unique design comes with a silver chain and a heart-shaped pendant, making it perfect for a day out with your loved ones. Pair this with a stylish dress for best results!

Are you looking for something more prominent? You are likely to find your perfect neckpiece in the Casi Necklace. It has three heart-shaped pendants strung together on a white gold chain to make a bold statement. Each of the heart pendants has the words ‘hope, faith, love’ inscribed in it. Wear this for occasions like a first date for great success, or even a challenging day at work to give you that boost of confidence when you needed it the most.

We also have one special design for children – the H for Heart Necklace for Kids. Using the letter H as the prominent pendant design, we have put together a sturdy 18kt gold chain to support the pendant with the cutest little diamond embedded into it. Young girls who have just discovered their love for the colour pink will definitely want this! So be sure to get your daughter or niece this pretty piece to make her day!

Buy Heart Necklace Designs Online as a Gift

If love is a language, the heart symbol is the alphabet using which it is written and spoken. That’s precisely why heart jewellery is considered to be the perfect gifting option. Men out there, take a note. If you are looking for a piece of heart jewellery for your special someone, here is a collection you should check out. Take, for instance, the Evelyn Love Necklace in our collection. Made of 18kt rose gold, the necklace features a heart-shaped rose quartz set amidst the letters ‘LOVE’. The Love Code Necklace is an equally stunning piece. Made of 18kt gold, features a heart-shaped centrepiece studded with diamonds. Whether it is the Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or special occasion, pick a heart necklace design from our collection as a gift for your woman and it will plead your case more loudly and strongly than you do.

These designs are meant for the new-age woman who can pull off a heart necklace on any occasion and with any outfit. We have played around with metals and patterns to give you something new and refreshingly beautiful. So go have a close look at our collection and buy heart necklace designs online today. Our heart necklace prices are as attractive as our designs, so nothing will stop you from buying the necklace that your heart is after. Have fun shopping today!

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