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Gold Trishul Pendants

Unleash the Power Within with Gold Trishul Pendants

The human body has two potent energies residing in it- the good and the evil. A balance between the two is what we seek in our lives. We have read in ancient stories about the powers of the Gods to be able to harness negativity into positivity, to destroy and to create. We have read about the mighty weapons of the Gods and among them, one of the most popular- the Trishul or the trident. It stands for the representation of the trinity that governs life, whether it be Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or the cycle of time – past, present, and future, or the three abodes of beings- Earth, Heaven and Hell. The Trishul is said to be polyvalent as a symbol, meaning that it can counteract against several kinds of negativity and shield one as an immunity cover. BlueStone has launched its own power collection of gold trishul pendant designs to unleash the power within! These pendants may even make you feel charged up for action and invite positive forces into your life. We have the pendants for both men and women. Who couldn’t do with a little more force and energy every day?

The Femme Pendant Collection: Buy Gold Trishul Pendant Designs from BlueStone

BlueStone has created a new collection of fierce and strong pendants for the women of today. The Fiery Femme Pendant in gold with a central ruby generates a strong aura of strength. The Fatal femme Pendant is a magnetic warrior jewellery, consisting of a central ruby encased in a flaring gold sun-shaped design and suspended from it is a two-toned sword.

The trishul has been reimagined by many artists and in the Daring Femme Pendant, you see it in a new avatar in gold. It has much broader contours of the trishul and is more heavy set than other designs. The Trident Femme Pendant is a leaner suave version of the trishul made of gold. It has a feminine gentleness and power balance that constitutes modern women.

Shades of Strength: Multi-coloured and Diamond Trishul Pendants

BlueStone has a variety of other options for gold trishul pendant designs in multi-coloured stones and in diamonds. The Mrityanjaya Pendant and the Pushkara Pendant have all the essential symbols of Shiva – the linga, the trident mark, and the trishul. In the Mrityanjaya pendant, the linga is made of diamonds and the trishul of gold also has a few speckles of diamonds in it. In the Pushakara Pendant, the linga is of gold while the trishul in the background is made of heavy diamonds. The Mahadeva pendant is a direct ode to Lord Shiva with the downward facing trident and a crescent moon perched on the crown of the pendant and a damru attached to the side of the trident. In the Navratnam collection, we have the Aishani Pendant which embeds all nine stones of the navratna in the trishul made of gold. It is said to have a calming effect in synchronising the energy of all the chakras in the human body. The Pushakara Pendant, the Aishani Pendant, and the Mrityanjaya Pendant can be worn by both men and women. Its versatility matches your everyday schedule perfectly and can gel well with your daily attires.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and that seems true for BlueStone’s collection. But here it is more than just beauty - its endurance and strength to steer through all the difficulties in life. You will thank the stars when you hear the gold trishul pendant designs prices! Make the best of our 30 days money back scheme and the home try-on offer to make your shopping experience among the best you have ever had. The transparent pricing schemes and Lifetime Exchange and Buy Back offer adds credibility to our motto of always keeping the customer’s needs in priority. At BlueStone, we care for your jewellery needs but we care more about your relationship with us. Begin a new strong chapter of your life by choosing your pick of the gold trishul pendant designs from BlueStone today!

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