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Three Stone Gold Rings

Three Stone Gold Ring Designs: The Magical Trinity

They say two is company and three is a crowd. Well, not when we are talking about jewellery. The union of three stones marks a rite of completeness in any form of jewellery, especially rings. That’s probably why three stone rings are increasingly becoming a favourite choice for engagements. The three stones in these rings have come to symbolise the journey of the couple, capturing the past, present and the future; they also signify friendship, love and commitment. So for all those couples who want a deeper, more significant ring than just a solitaire, BlueStone has brought a new range of three stone gold yellow ring designs. We have crafted an exquisite range of rings that promise to be the perfect symbol of long lasting commitment.

Not just as engagement rings, these rings can also serve as your companion on multiple special occasions and parties. There is a wide range of options, right from the colour of stones that go from red, white, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple to the style like couple band, two tone, love knot, and the like. So, buy three stone gold ring designs and enjoy the glamour of three!

The Diamond Trio for Women and Men

Diamonds in a setting of three make for a powerful statement. They bring an understated charm and elegance to your fingers, not to mention their sparkle. The Lucrezia Ring which lines up three small and equally sized diamonds in a row on its gold body is a fine case in point. The Aureus Ring is a classic piece for your wardrobe which features a big central diamond with two smaller diamonds on a band of gold. Other popular picks in this collection include the Love’s Symbol Ring, the Imperial Aura Ring, and the Glamour Fiesta Ring, among others. Engagements, anniversaries, or birthdays, these three stone rings are the perfect gift men can choose for the woman in their lives. 

Besides these classic designs, there are some bold designs too in the collection. The Triad Flourish Ring and the Fabrizia Ring pack in an interesting arrangement of central diamond with the two small diamonds on its diagonal ends, which give it a curvy look. The Eternal Serenade Ring has a captivating mix of rose gold, white gold and band of gold with three diamond stones embedded in the centre of the band. This bestseller is our designers’ contemporary interpretation of the classic Cartier Trinity Ring, which was first designed by the French designer Louis Cartier. For those who want to make every moment a celebration of love, we have the Forachette Ring which features three equally sized diamonds inside a heart shape.

Three stone gold rings are not just for women. Our collection includes finely crafted rings and bands for men too. The Rajasvi Trishul Ring for men is a beautiful thick gold band with a diamond-studded trishul in the centre. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva and looking for a sparkling way to express your faith, choose this exquisite piece from our Shiv Jewellery Collection. The Czar Ring speaks of opulence and power for men. It borrows from Roman designs of placing the stones diagonally and in a heavy gold frame. The Genesis Band is yet another bestseller in our men’s three stone gold rings collection

Buy Three Stone Gold Ring Designs in Couple Bands

Talking of engagement rings, couple bands are exploding in popularity these days. For couples who want to express their undying love by wearing matching rings, we have a fabulous range of couple band ring designs. Take, for instance, the Ciara Ring for Her and the Ciara Ring for Him. Made of gold with three central diamonds, they both feature an intertwined pattern that is reminiscent of the age-old Celtic knots. The Divine Union Ring for Him and the Divine Union Ring for Her are also the popular with our customers looking to celebrate the match made in heaven with matching ring designs.

The Maurice Band for Him and its female counterpart gives a romantic feel with the words Je t’aime inscribed on it, which means I Love You in French. There couldn’t be a better romantic message to have etched on the wedding or engagement ring. So hurry and buy three stone gold rings online today! Our three stone gold ring prices will woo couples into shopping for their beloved journey on BlueStone.

For the Love of Colours

For those who love coloured stones to compose their triad, we have plenty of options. The Apolonius Triad Ring has three pink tourmalines set in a triangular shape while the Regal Trinity has blue topaz in a row. The Flavia Ring places blood red garnet stones in a row which complement the gold quite well. The Flaura Trinity Ring places a central ruby with marquise cut emeralds on the side and the Coloured Passion Ring has a luminous amethyst in the centre with diamonds on the side. The Rosalia Ring has a princess cut ruby with similar cut diamonds on its sides. These make for an ideal wear on cocktail nights and even festive occasions.

So hurry and shop at BlueStone for your ring today. We offer three stone gold ring prices like you have never seen before. Make use of our Home Try-on offer that lets you shop from the comfort of your home. If you don’t like the product, there is no obligation to buy. That’s not all. Do you really like a design but want it at a cut-rate due to budget constraints? You can choose to customise the gold caratage and stone to bring down the price by a few thousand. What are you waiting for? Start a new chapter of your life with a three stone gold ring from our collection!

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