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Gold Muslim Pendants

Gold Muslim Pendants: For the Love of Islam

Not many religions have the artistic expression of faith as Islam does. Calligraphy is the artistic practice of writing alphabets and very few languages are expressed as aesthetically as the Arabic language in the world of calligraphy. Arabic was the language in which the Holy Qu’ran was revealed to the revered Prophet Muhammad and is therefore regarded with great respect. Islamic calligraphy has taken the written Arabic word beyond the realm of pen and paper and at BlueStone we have gone further ahead and crafted these prayerful words in gold and diamonds.

In the Islamic tradition, this practice is called khatt Islami meaning Islamic design or construction. The traditional calligraphers used a qalam or a pen made of dried reed or bamboo and wrote on parchments before the advent of paper. For the modern day devotees who want to carry a piece of their faith, we have the gold Muslim pendants that will speak of your trust and love for the beloved Lord.

Buy Gold Muslim Pendant Designs from BlueStone

When you buy gold Muslim pendants online you can not only wear your art in multiple spirited ways but also worship the Master Creator. While Muslims use ninety-nine words to describe God, one word comprises all of them and that is Allah. Islam preaches of the oneness of the Supreme Being and He is the One God for all of mankind. Stand out and shine on with our gold Muslim pendant designs that are a soulful representation of your unwavering faith.

If you are looking for simple and subtle designs then the Murabbi Pendant is a popular pick and a classic piece. The arc of the crescent adds an elegant charm to the calligraphic representation of Allah in this gold Muslim pendant design. The artistic Afoze Pendant is another single-stone design that is a stylish way of expressing your faith.

Multi-stone Gold Muslim Pendant Designs for Special Occasions

For those who want to try some dazzling gold Muslim pendant designs that are grand and majestic we have a fabulous range to choose from. Not only will you be spoilt for choices, but the ease of shopping from the convenience of your home and the discount offers we offer on select pieces will delight you for sure.

The Fidah Pendant is a dainty and delicate design that sticks to the adage of cute things arriving in small packages. Fadheela in Arabic stands for a refined and virtuous person. True to its name, the Fadheela Pendant is an outstanding solid gold Muslim pendant design with the Creator’s name inscribed inside.

Allah is the Being who comprises all the attributes of perfection. Express your reverence and gratitude to the perfect Master with the Shumayl Pendant, complete with a circle of diamonds that surround His name. In Islam, Al-Rabb is used to address Allah and it means the Lord, Sustainer of humanity. The Esma Pendant is a festive gold Muslim pendant design that is dedicated to the Rabb in a resplendent design that is adorned with over sixty diamonds.

One of the oldest icons in the human history, the moon and the star are known to lead and light the path of the seekers. The Roshini Pendant is a diamond-studded gold Muslim pendant design with the crescent and star bedecked with shimmering stones. Let the bright light lead your way as you embark on your spiritual journey. If you thought that art and affordability don’t go hand in hand then you are in for a surprise. Our gold Muslim pendants prices are economical and pocket-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Come explore our collection that beautifully recreates the old world charm of calligraphic designs.

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