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Gold Journey Earrings

Gold Journey Earring Designs: Make Every Moment Count with Precious Jewellery

Have you struggled to pair your travel clothes with earrings that aren’t too big or too small? Or is it going to be a year since you confessed your love? Whether you’re looking for the right earrings for all your travels or to celebrate important milestones in your everyday journey called life, BlueStone’s gold journey earring designs are here for you. The stunning designs carved on gold by expert artisans are nothing less than ingenious artwork; the sparkling diamonds studded on these designs add to their irresistible aesthetic appeal. Browse our assortment of gold journey earrings to make every special moment of your life count.

Invaluable Metal with Mystical Powers: Of Legends and Folklore

Gold has been one of the most popular precious metals since ages, and our ancestors had good reasons to make it their metal of choice for making jewellery. The beauty and power of the sunny yellow metal have lured many cultures, which has in turn left behind interesting stories of myths and legends about gold. While some cultures associate gold to godliness, there are some that attribute it to being the symbol of prestige and riches. Some cultures even associate gold with mystical powers. Among the many stories that have left their mark on history is the legendary story of El Dorado. Legend has it that El Dorado was a city of gold. Many explorers have gone on voyages to discover the lost city only to return empty handed, and many continue to believe in its existence.

Buy Gold Journey Earrings Online to Celebrate Your Life’s Milestones and Memories

Whether you believe that the golden city truly exits or not, there are some things that are better said with gold. The beautiful journey of life deserves a lustrous celebration every now and then. Add a touch of golden glamour to all your celebrations — from celebrating birthdays and milestones, such as your first or your fiftieth anniversary, to celebrating commitment, love, and togetherness. Your gold partner, BlueStone, has it all sorted out for you with a special collection from where you can buy gold journey earrings online from the comforts of your home. Each and every piece in this exquisite assortment of golden goodness is handmade to perfection with the highest quality gold and studded with gorgeous diamonds.

Are you looking for a pair of earrings to mark your wedding anniversary? What design will better capture the essence of your special bonding than the Beloved Bonding Earring? This beautiful pair of fusion earrings feature graduated diamonds to symbolise the journey you are on. The Melodic Journey Earrings are an epitome of grace. They are made of 18kt gold and studded with graduating diamonds. Graduated diamonds are a symbol of love and the growing strength of commitment as you evolve with the love of your life. The Angelic Bonding Earrings, the Ardent Journey Earrings, and the Mystique Journey Earrings are all magnificent earrings that feature graduated diamonds. They are embodiments of your growing love in the form of 18kt gold earrings. All these designs are simple, extremely elegant, and neutral enough so that you can wear them with your office outfits. Whether you are wearing a western outfit or Indian, the gold journey earrings in our collection will enhance your style quotient in a way few other ornaments can match.

Travel in Style with Gold Earrings Made for the Free-Spirited You

If you’re a gypsy at heart with a bohemian spirit that loves to go places, you will love what we have in store for you. The earrings in our journey jewellery collection are crafted keeping travellers such as you in mind. They are just the right size, have just the right sparkle, and pair well with all types of clothes in your suitcase or backpack. When you buy gold journey earrings at BlueStone, you can be sure that your investment will last a lifetime even if your travels take you on the craziest adventures anywhere on earth.

What’s more? When you buy earrings online from us, you can customise a design to make it better fit your budget. You can get a pair of earrings made in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold and this reduces the price of the design to a notable extent. Moreover, we also give you the freedom to choose the clarity of diamonds to be used on your earrings. And the result? You get a pair of earrings that match all your exact specifications.

An Exquisite Assortment of Sparkling Gold Journey Earrings

Our collection of earrings will have you hooked. The Wondrous Journey Earrings are stunning studs made of 18kt gold. Their design features a circular ring of gold overlapped by an open sweep of glittering diamonds. The Yours Truly Earrings are perfect gifts you can give yourself or to someone you care for. These studs are crafted from 18kt gold and studded with white diamonds. The vertical strip of diamonds accentuates the teardrop shape of these earrings. The New Beginnings Earrings make a great pair to start a new journey, just like its name suggests. These 18kt studs are encrusted with diamonds on their swirling design; it’s hard to take your eyes off these. The gold journey earrings price of the pieces in our collection makes them even more attractive to jewellery lovers.

Every journey – whether it is literal or metaphoric – is special; even more so when you mark it with a tiny gold trinket. So take a pick and make your journey a tad bit more beautiful with a lovely pair of journey earrings. Come and get besotted by the designs our craftsmen have handcrafted for you.

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