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Gold Jhumka Earrings

Women and jewellery: together since ages

Earrings are the most important jewellery to be worn. It may not be a tradition to wear any particular earring for occasions but more than often we find people wear it that way. Women might spend more than half their lives shopping and if permitted buy everything possible under the Sun. Well, even men will agree that without women the world would have been an insipid place to live. There is a mention of different types of jewellery in the epics, and history. So women down there need not feel offended when they are called names.

Earrings : Jhumkas

Jhumkas were usually worn by the classical dancers at one point of time. The dancers had to be seen from a distance and so had to wear loud jewellery. Amongst them were Jhumkas which would be big, bigger and biggest. Even though it is believed to be a part of temple jewellery, it has been adopted as mainstream jewellery. In South India, brides prefer to wear Jhumkas as they enhance and conceal the jaw line and so on.

Nothing less than fashion jewellery

This is probably one of those jewellery which hasn’t seen an extinction. Rather, it has been gaining popularity with the changing times. Women regard it as ancient yet contemporary, because whenever a traditional dress is worn, one needs Jhumkas as an accessory. The sizes and shapes of these Jhumkas has changed manifold with time. There are the smallest ones that kids can wear and the biggest that even some celebrities flaunt about.

No one can deny that a jhumka is class apart of all the other jewellery. Its beauty has been enhanced by embellishing with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones. Even the pearl studded earrings are a rage.

Jhumkas Bluestone style

At Bluestone you can find such jhumkas that you will convince yourself that this is not being spendthrift. There are gold jhumkas with gems and stones adding their grace to them. It is difficult to make a choice and buy gold jhumka earring designs. Well, it is because every kind of Jhumka has a different beauty in it. For instance, the dancing peacock jhumka is so stunning with two peacocks that will perch on your earlobe all studded with diamonds. Sounds irresistible, right! Take up tribal chitrali jhumka or ethnic meenakshi jhumka; both are exclusive yet simple. Many women prefer gold jhumka earring designs without any pearls, stones or gems.

Gold Jhumkas

Jhumkas such as the Artistic ragini Jhumka is awesome. You will fall in love with the shape that is slightly on geometric side but the fullness of gold is encouraging to buy. In mid 90s the rage of parrot cage jhumkas was at its peak. In most of the functions and ceremonies, this cage shaped jhumkas would dominate the jewellery world. The cage size and sometimes shape would vary but still every woman would feel that their cage is sure a bird catcher. Ruksana and Fatima are the types of jhumkas that resemble a minar or a dome whereas Kavini and Mitali depict Hindu culture.Bluestone offers even some discount to realize your dream of jhumkas.

Do buy gold jhumka earrings online and especially at Bluestone but keep an eye on gold jhumka earrings price. It may not have a competitive price but it sure has competitive jewellery, especially gold jhumkas.

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