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Gold God Pendants

Gold God Pendants: A Festive Collection

In this country of celebration, there’s a festival around every corner. Bright colours, sparkling jewellery, happy smiles and plenty of sweets are a norm. In the spirit of celebration, the designers at BlueStone bring to you a carefully crafted a collection of gold god pendant designs so you are well prepared for every event. Browse through our collection and find a piece that reflects your faith.

Carrying Ganesha with You, Always: Gold God Pendants

Most devotees have a soft spot for Lord Ganesh, from his love of modhaks to his reputation as the ‘remover of obstacles,’ this collection pays tribute to the elephant-headed God with a plethora of designs. The Shubhan Pendant and the Vinayaka Pendant take a traditional approach to design and outline his entire form in meticulous detail. Made from gold and accented with diamonds, these certainly make for a sparkling tribute. The Mahabala Pendant also pays attention to detailing but uses motifs to depict the Lord. Gold, diamonds, and white pearls come together to make an endearing pendant.

More concise designs of Lord Ganesha include the Kapil Pendant and the Promoda Pendant. Both depict the instantly-recognisable elephant-headed motif, formed by smooth lines of gold. An auspicious ‘Om’ is worked into the designs and the pendants are accented by diamonds to give them that final dazzle.

Buy Gold God Pendant Designs to Suit Every Event: Navrathna Collection

Besides being culturally significant to Hindus, the ‘Navrathna’ is important to Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism as well. The designs in this collection retain the essence of the auspicious ‘Navrathna’ but present it in modern designs. For example, the Mayura Priya Pendant has the nine gems set inside a graceful, yellow-gold peacock feather design. Smaller diamonds highlight the blades of the feather. The Omkareshwar Pendant has the navrathna arranged around a gold ‘Om’ and the Muktidaya Gaj pendant has a similar design. This pendant depicts the silhouette of Lord Ganesha and the nine gems are placed around the curve of his trunk.

More traditional approaches include the Manisha Pendant. This is styled as an eight-pointed star, one point for each gem. The ruby is always placed at the centre to represent the Sun- the source of all life. The Naveen Darpan Pendant has a similar arrangement with a large oval shaped ruby at the centre of a mellow, gold setting.

A Symbol for the Beginning: Om Pendants

Om, a sacred syllable, it is dear to not just Hinduism but also Buddhism. While there is some debate on the meaning of the syllable, many consider it to mean ‘the start or the beginning.’ Carefully designed pendants feature this syllable with ornate arrangements that combine precious metals and stones. The Daffodil Om Pendant has a diamond-encrusted Om placed at the centre of an intricately designed floral pattern in gold. The Divine Om Pendant is far more simplistic in its approach, with the Om made from simple gold.

Buy Gold God Pendant Designs: For the Love of Lord Krishna

The flute and an elegant peacock feather are synonymous with Lord Krishna. His irresistible charm and his playfulness are well-depicted in this creative collection. The Muralidhar Pendant is a minimalist design, with a gold swerve representing Krishna with the flute at his lips. The white gold line represents Radha and the two lines intertwine to symbolise their togetherness.

We have exquisitely crafted pieces which fall under our Mayura Collection. Yes, you guessed it right; the designs are inspired by the beauty of a peacock. The Punyah Pendant, with its flowing curves, depicts a beautiful peacock feather, studded with diamonds. The Manohara Manhar Pendant made of 18kt gold features a mayura feather made of diamonds. With a brilliant green emerald included in its design, the Nandgopala Pendant uses gold to make the intricate details of the peacock feather stand out. A slim gold flute sits across the feather, making it an unmistakable Krishna charm. On the other hand, the Shrinathji pendant does away with symbolism and uses gold and diamonds to create the image of Krishna, complete with a peacock feather.

Gold God Pendants for the Devotees of Lord Shiva 

For the devotees of Shiva, we present brilliant pieces made of gold. The passion and fieriness of the Lord are captured in these designs. For instance, take a look at the  Fiery Femme Pendant and the Fatal Femme Pendant. Both the pendants are designed after the Trishul theme. They are specially crafted for women and feature fiery red rubies. The Mahadeva Pendant in this collection features both the Damru and a Trishul and studded with diamonds. The Pushkara Pendant which belongs to the unisex collection is ideal for both men and women who don’t like to play by the book. The pendant has diamond embellishment and features a shivalinga.

When you are looking to buy gold god pendants online, BlueStone gives you tradition in contemporary designs. To ensure that a purchase here does not set you back, the gold god pendants prices remain affordable. Whether you are shopping for the next big festival or you are looking to find something beautiful for the next wedding you attend, this collection has a variety of religious designs to suit your tastes.

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