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The Glam Collection: Let Your Inner Fire Shine Through

Fearless and sassy, smart and well-dressed, you are a true diva indeed. You love taking problems by the horns and facing them head-on. You enjoy turning the table on your own terms. Your shine is skin-deep and impossible to ignore. A woman like you is pure as fire. A woman like you is rare to find.

And a woman like you should wear jewellery as glamourous as you. However, nothing ordinary pleases you. Only really striking designs can match your boldness. Wondering where to find such extraordinary jewellery?

We have got the perfect answer in our Glam Collection! Made of gold and studded with diamonds, the pieces in this collection will add to your charismatic persona quite effortlessly. After all, the jewellery you wear should be an extension of your personality, right?

Up Your Glam Quotient with Our Glam Collection

We know that you are fond of only a few particular things. We know that matching your standards is a tough job. That’s why BlueStone has created the Glam Collection just for you. It is a dazzling selection of stunning earrings made of gold and diamonds. Each piece of trendy Glam Collection jewellery online is a bold statement. They gleam with the confidence that you feel inside. They do not whisper. But, they dangle with hearty laughter as you sway in style.

The Glam Collection is crafted to impress you rather than onlookers. They radiate your aura. There are so many unique Glam Collection jewellery designs! Your heart is sure to want more than one. Go on and pick as many as you like! Give your style a new twist every day, all day.

What’s Special about the Glam Collection?

Gone are the days when ornaments were stored deep inside lockers. Sadly, they used to stay in such dungeons for years. There is no need for a special occasion to wear jewellery! After all, you are a special occasion yourself! But, a piece of simple, plain or old-fashioned jewellery won’t do. You need ornaments that tell your story. You need jewellery that is attractive. Our best Glam Collection jewellery is all of this and more.

Quirky defines this collection the best. The different shapes around us have inspired these stand-out designs. The Glam Collection combines geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares. What’s more, 3D polygons have taken form in the hands of our skilled craftsmen. The result of this is unforgettable pieces like the Groovy Glam Drop Earrings. Made of 18kt gold and studded 0.0900 Ct diamonds, this pair glimmer with an out of the box shape. Isn’t this the perfect accent for your beauty?

You may buy Glam Collection jewellery designs which also have a touch of nature’s creativity. Think of the patterns on wood logs or a bunch of fresh flowers. This collection presents such simple things with quirky elegance. The specialty of this collection is in its representation. It has added new meaning to shapes and patterns that we always see around.

What Makes the Glam Collection Ideal for You?

The modern independent woman loves to pay her bills. She has big ambitions. And, with each success her dreams grow bigger. She flaunts her flaws with pride. She is none other than you! Passionate in late 20s or glowing at matured 40s, the Glam Collection lets you carve your style. You take dressing seriously and so do we. Buy Glam Collection jewellery online to get noticed effortlessly. For example, the Peachy Glam Drop Earrings is a perfect match for the go-getter in you. Tiny diamonds glitter from their patterned triangle shape. Who said triangles should stay in geometry books? We, at BlueStone, make art out of such geometric shapes.

Are you a rebel at heart? Well, you never think twice before speaking your mind. People also admire you for having the funny bones. For a gutsy and fun loving woman like you, we have the perfect fashion accessory. How about some flower power? The Glitzy Glam Drop Earrings can be it. A ball of convex flowers dangling at the end of a gold chain, this pair is breathtaking. Airport trotting or attending house-warming party, it can accompany you anywhere.

Startling Studs for the Chic Deity

You like to be in vogue. You like to follow vogue, too. For a passionate follower of jewellery trends like you, we have peerless studs. The beauty of studs is that they catch attention without being over the top. And they will remain in fashion even a hundred years down the line. Our Glam Collection offers stud earrings that will bring you plenty of praise.

Have a look at our Mesmerizing Glam Stud Earrings for example. This oversized pair of earrings has four distinct layers of petals. What’s more, petal-shaped diamonds glitter from the centre, making it all the more attractive. Make heads turn by donning them whenever you need an extra dose of glam.

Unconventional Drops for the Fiery Damsel

A spunky damsel, you don’t need knights to save you. You can do that on your own. Usual is boring for you. You would rather sport something different. If that’s the case, why not the Glam Collection drop earrings!? One great example is the Ritzy Glam Drop Earrings. Each flower of this concave floral sphere has a diamond at its centre! What else can give your style statement a quick lift better!

You may also bewitch beholders by wearing the Bewitching Glam Drop Earrings. Patterned with a floral texture and sparkling diamonds, this pair is both feminine and feisty. The rule breaker in you may also enjoy a spectacular design like that of the Alluring Glam Drop Earrings. Its hypnotic design has the allure of streaks of diamonds. Do you know what’s more surprising? Despite being exclusive, the Glam Collection jewellery price is within easy reach.

Vibrant Long Drops for the Captivating Enchantress

You are a woman of many interests. You cultivate your hobbies. You guffaw wildly, party hard and work harder. You are the showstopper at every event. However, you never miss deadlines. For the woman who is a study in contrasts, we have some special offerings. Glam Collection’s long drop earrings are the ideal choice for you.

A brilliant instance is the Chimerical Glam Drop Earrings. Glowing with shimmery diamonds, this earring can match any outfit gracefully. For an edgier look, opt for the Intriguing Glam Drop Earrings. Diamond-bordered pearl and dangling 3D polygons help you steal the show with a wink. You may also prefer new designs in Glam Collection like the Enthralling Glam Drop Earrings. Asymmetrical chains dangling from textured globes, this pair is fit for the sorceress you are.

No need to waste time pondering how to buy Glam Collection jewellery. With trial at home facility at BlueStone, you can wear them before making payment!

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