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Get a Sparkling Gift for Brothers

It’s true. Brothers are the best friends a person could ask for. You may fight and call each other names but you can’t stay mad at your brother for too long. The relationship between a brother and a sister or two brothers is unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. That’s why it is important that you recognise your bond and cherish it. Do you want to tell your brother how much he means to you? Then, how about saying with a little twinkle?

At BlueStone, we have created a gift for brother collection just for that! This collection includes a fabulous range of earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets to make a special occasion even more memorable. Does your brother like classic designs? Or is he someone who likes to keep up with latest fashion trends? Our collection has just the right pieces for him no matter what is taste in jewellery is. 

For the Hero

Elder brothers are everyone’s first superhero. Even younger brothers will allow themselves to be taken care of for only so long before they take over the role of a protector. Your brother may tease you mercilessly but he will never let anyone else do so. Tell your superhero how much you admire him with our gift for brother jewellery designs. The Yara Always Together Pendant and the Gina Forever Yours Pendant are perfect for these superhero brothers. Else, you could gift him the Hera Ring for Him or the Euphoria Band. The solidity of these designs is a reminder of how your brother will always be there for you.

For the Good Example

Elder siblings are constantly being told to be a good example. No matter how much trouble your brother may have gotten into, there are probably a lot of good lessons you have learnt from him. Look back on your childhood. Do you recall all the times he helped you finish a school project or even did your homework for you? You might not have had a chance to thank him back then. How about doing it now?

The Style Sync Bracelet and the Maharaja Bracelet are beautiful gifts to thank your brother for everything he has taught you. If your brother is devout, you could also gift him a religious pendant. If your brother is a follower of Lord Ganesh, you could buy a gift for brother online like the Avighna Pendant or the Vinayaka Pendant. If he is more spiritual than religious, the Prosperity Pendant or the Aum Pendant may be better suited to him. For Sikh followers, you could also take a look at the Warrior Pendant.

For the Prankster

There are some people around whom there is never a dull moment. If you are lucky enough to call such a person your brother, you are sure to always be holding your sides and laughing. From cracking silly jokes to playing pranks on unsuspecting people, you have probably seen them do it all. And there indeed were times when you were at the receiving end of most of these pranks. However, instead of making you love him any less, they have probably brought you closer.

The best gift for brothers like this is the Ames Love Band for Him or the Avignon Love Band for Him. You could also gift him a pair of earrings that matches his playful persona. For example, take a look at the Suserrer Earring for Him and the Vivant Earring for Him. These will surely add a touch of panache to his accessory collection.

For the Secret Keeper

“Don’t tell mom and dad!” Can you count how many times you have said this to your brother? Brothers keep all sorts of secrets for their siblings. From hidden test results to the times you snuck out to meet your first crush, they held all your secrets. They probably blackmailed you several times, but you knew that they would never rat you out. Even today when you are both grownups, is there anyone you can count on more than your brother? Celebrate this unique bond with some of our new designs in gift for brother jewellery. Take your pick from rings like the Charnell Love Band for Him, the Demy Love Band for Him and many more. If he loves sporting earrings, you could also buy gift for brother jewellery designs like the Blanc Earring for Him or the Autre Earring for Him.

For the 4 AM Friend

Let’s admit it! You may fight like cats and dogs but at the end of the day, your brother is also your best friend. No matter what they may be doing, you can count on your brother to leave everything else aside and be by your side whenever you need him. Do you want to celebrate the trust you both share? Many of our designs like the Excellence Ring and the Destiny Ring are ideal for that. You could also buy a bracelet from our collection for that special friend you have in your life. The Neo Royale Bracelet or the Geometric Symphony Bracelet is our best pick if you are looking for a bracelet.

How to Buy Gift for Brother Jewellery?

There are many different qualities you may like in your brother and hence there are many different trinkets you can buy for him. At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of trendy gift for brother jewellery online. Earrings like the Melange Earring for Him or the Morde Earring for Him are ideal for ‘cool dude’ brothers. The ‘serious type’ brother may prefer the Marvel Ring or the Odyssey Band for Him. If your brother likes gadgets and technology, the Infinitum Band for Him would be the perfect gift. So, before you choose a gift, think about your brother’s nature, his fashion preferences, and of course what you love most about him. Our gift for brother prices will never stop you from buying the designs you like.

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