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When you think of blue gemstones, what is the first stone that comes to your mind? A blue sapphire, probably? Indeed, sapphires are beautiful and their deep blue shades never cease to charm us. It is no surprise that many jewellery buyers consider sapphires as synonymous with the colour blue. Do you also belong to that category?

We have got news for you!

All that is blue is not a sapphire. In fact, there is another blue stone which is often used as a popular alternative to the blue sapphire. This stone reminds one of lust blue velvet. It is exotic. It is beautiful. And above all, it is found in only one place on earth. Yes, we are talking about tanzanite, the blue and violet gem from the majestic Kilimanjaro.

So, are you planning to add a dash of blue to your jewellery collection? Give blue sapphires a miss and look for a piece of jewellery with a finely cut tanzanite. And at BlueStone, we have got just the right pieces for you. Our tanzanite jewellery collection will make you fall in love with colour blue, all over again. Explore and experience the magic yourself!

Everything You Should Know About Tanzanites

Let’s start with the name. Any guesses where it’s mined? Oh yes, from Tanzania! In fact, this is where this blue and violet stone gets its name from. It is a recent addition to the family of gemstones. It is believed to have been found only in the 1960s.

That’s not all.

Given that it is found only in one part of the world, tanzanite is a rare jewel. In fact, it is rarer than diamonds. In its chemical composition, this stone is a blue and purple variety of the mineral zoisite. The larger the stone, the deeper its colour will be.

Today, ornaments made of these blue beauties are rising in popularity. Many well-known figures like Beyoncé are often spotted flaunting tanzanite jewellery designs. You can too, when you have BlueStone as your trusted jewellery partner.

Give Yourself a Royal Blue Touch with Tanzanite Earrings

No other jewellery can give you a makeover the way a pair of earrings does. And when you want to look regal and elegant, what better choice than the colour blue? At BlueStone, we have created beautiful tanzanite earrings that will take your bling quotient from okay to wow.

Take a look at our Philasa Earrings. Made of 18kt gold, this pair features two heart-shaped tanzanites which are surrounded by several sparkling diamonds. A truly romantic design created for the hearts in love. Get this for yourself or for the ones you love. Let love rule! The Samorn Earrings are another pair featuring heart-shaped tanzanites.

That’s not all!

We have stunning designs in white gold as well. Neo Elegance Earrings feature a trendy and modern design. This 18kt white gold pair comes studded with princess cut tanzanites and round cut diamonds. Wear it with a black dress or a designer saree and you are all set to turn a few heads.

Make a Statement with Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite is considered the birthstone for women born in December. So, if someone you love celebrates her birthday in December, a tanzanite pendant would be the perfect gift. Since pendants are one-size-fits-all, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size. This blue stone considered the gem for those celebrating 24 years of marriage. So why wait till your silver wedding jubilee to gift your wife some jewellery?

When it comes to jewellery for loved ones, the heart motif is an eternal classic. When you buy tanzanite jewellery online from BlueStone, you get to choose from beautiful heart pendants like the Philasa Pendant and the Samorn Pendant. We also have earrings in these same designs, so you can even buy them as a set.

Think hearts have become a cliché?

Go for something unique as the Kamikaze Pendant. Made of 18kt white gold, this pendant features a dazzling emerald cut tanzanite with a halo of diamonds. The radiance of white gold, the twinkle of diamonds, and the blue charm of tanzanites create a stunning combination you can never say no to.

Dazzle Every Day and All Day with Tanzanite Ring Designs

Tanzanite is known for its pleochroic properties. This means that it has a different colour depending on the angle at which it is seen and the way it is cut. This makes tanzanite the perfect stone for women’s jewellery. After all, women have so many different facets and shades to their personas.

A tanzanite ring such as the Philasa Ring is the perfect accessory for your work wear. It is a heart-shaped ring, so men can choose it as a gift for the woman they love, especially on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

You could also buy tanzanite jewellery designs like the Samorn Ring. This is the ideal ring for a kitty party or a casual get-together. On the other hand, we also offer a number of designs that makes a bolder statement. For example, take a look at cocktail rings like the Pegu Ring. This ring features a round cut tanzanite gemstone encircled by 120 diamonds of varying carat weight. The grandeur and dazzle of this ring will sweep you off your feet in no time!

How to Buy Tanzanite Jewellery?

As with any other gemstone, the best tanzanite jewellery is defined by its cut, colour, clarity, and carat. At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of trendy tanzanite jewellery online. Each stone is cut with great attention to detail and set in 18kt gold. Apart from the classic round cut, our jewellery also features tanzanites cut in other ways. This includes the princess cut, heart cut and emerald cut.

This jewellery is an ideal gift for your mother, your wife, and other loved ones. In case, you have left it to the last minute, BlueStone can help you there too. Some of our new designs in tanzanite jewellery are available with Next Day Delivery. Thus, even if you forgot to buy a birthday present till the last minute, you don’t need to worry. With BlueStone, you won’t go home empty-handed. This service is available in select cities.

Your Favourites, Your Preferences, Your Comfort

Our tanzanite jewellery can also be tailored to a certain extent to make it suit your preferences. Though each of these pieces is crafted 18kt gold, you can also get them custom-made in 14kt gold. This helps reduce the tanzanite jewellery price without changing the look of your earrings or pendant. In addition, you may pick the colour and clarity of the diamonds used in a piece of jewellery. This can also affect the pricing of a piece.

And the best part?

Our home trial option! Do you like more than one piece in our tanzanite collection and want to try them all before you make a decision? Worry not. Your favorite designs will come to you at no additional cost. Your favourite pieces are custom made based on your preferences and delivered at your doorstep. Can jewellery shopping get any better?

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