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Sai Baba Jewellery

Sai Baba Jewellery Designs: Of Peace and Calm

Sai Baba is known as the reincarnation of God. May people think so and worship him. His devotees are often seen sprawling at the temples of Sai Baba and in large numbers too. With so many temples to worship him and people being so devoted, they often demand jewellery signifying the Sai Baba of Shirdi. Keeping this in minds, the designers at BlueStone have crafted a range of Sai Baba jewellery designs in the form of pendants, bracelets, and rings.

The Divine Image: Choose from Our Range of Sai Baba Jewellery

The facts surrounding Sai Baba’s birthplace and belonging seem rather blurry and are often debatable. He was known for his tough meditation under a neem tree. Also referred to as the Satguru, he is believed to offer blessings to those who believe in him. It is more like a movement with worshippers celebrating his teachings. Thus, the jewellery designs are all about inner peace and blessings or simply imagery representing Sai Baba. 

Sai Baba jewellery designs are incomplete without the range of Sai Baba images and prints themselves. Depicting the Satguru himself are two pieces at BlueStone. The Sai Nath Ring is a depiction of Sai Baba in two tone gold surrounded by a circle of diamonds. A perfect ring for men, it stands for peace, devotion and gives the subtle message of staying blessed and calm always. The Sri Sai Pendant which is set two-tone gold shows the Satguru blessing the souls with one hand up. A small diamond stud can be seen in his palm as he blesses all those who believe in him. The pendant is available at BlueStone along with the other pieces. Scan through the Sai Baba jewellery price and pick one that best suits you.

Feet of Gold: Buy Sai Baba Jewellery Online from BlueStone

The pendant that forms a part of this category is the Paduka Pendant. Pakuda refers to one of the oldest footwear of India that was commonly worn by saints, gurus and many others. It consists of a hard sole that has a post and a knob. The post goes between the great toe and second toe, while the knob secures the footwear in its place. It is still seen in a number of ashrams and handicraft centres. The Paduka Pendant at BlueStone is set in gold, with two dots of rubies. It is a solid piece that will help you flaunt your faith in style. To add to the design is an outer casing of pretty gold petals circle by a ring of white gold. These feet are sacred and so is the meaning they convey. Depicting the paduka of the holy saint, the pendant is the best bet to own as it basks in the glory of Sai Baba and its own sheen.

Inscriptions and Words: Magnificent Sai Baba Jewellery Collection

When words speak for themselves, there is no need to delve deeper into understanding them. Forming a divine connection between the worshipers and the Satguru are two unique pieces from our Sai Baba jewellery collection - The Sri Satguru Pendant and The Shraddha Pendant. The Sri Satguru Pendant has an inscription in golden surround by a rim of gold. Forming the petals are patterns of white gold, while a strip of diamonds twirls the centre between the inscriptions. This beautiful piece is anything but graceful. Set in a hollow sphere, it conveys more than meets the eye.

The Shraddha Pendant, on the other hand, has a solid block of gold with the words Shraddha Saburi imprinted in the centre. A circle of diamonds adorns the boundaries. Relatively chunky, thick and solid, this pendant made of gold is bound to dazzle in its golden charm.

Buy Sai Baba jewellery designs from our collection and flaunt your devotion to the saint.

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