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Revel in the Glory of Artistic Jewellery from BlueStone’s Pride Collection

What does jewellery mean to you? In the past, ornaments were seen as a symbol of social status and wealth. It was worn for just showoff. The modern generation believes in the purity of expression. For them, a piece of jewellery is an art form. They wear ornaments that reflect their souls. At BlueStone, we too believe in making jewellery that is artistic, expressive, and soul-stirring, all at the same time. Our Pride Collection is the fruit of this belief.

Take one look at this collection and you will know what we mean. Using gold and diamonds, our designers have created true works of art. And we have turned both art and jewellery into a celebration of creativity.

Show-stopper Jewellery that Steals the Show

Fashion trends come and go but a few things live on. Our trendy Pride Collection online is just like that. Each piece in this collection is a classic one to have. And you don’t have to wear multiple pieces jewellery to get that stunning look. You can outshine your peers by donning a single piece from this collection! It can be an oversized ring or a lovely dangler. Each piece of jewellery in this collection makes a beautiful statement that steals the show. And, why not! After all, this entire collection takes inspiration from our national birds! Yes, peacocks.

Is there anyone who is not surprised by the majestic beauty of their plume? Our designers have worked hard to create a collection that reminds you of this astounding beauty. These special trinkets are bold yet feminine to the core. Just like you, they are not shy about being admired. They are your best styling partner for grand events. A joy to wear, the Pride Collection designs add more fun to celebrations.

What Makes the Pride Collection Stand Out?

At the heart of the Pride Collection, there is a legendary theme- the mor or peacock it is. These birds look straight out of the pages of fairytales. There is hardly any match for their royal grace. It is such beauty that makes the imagination of an artist take flight. The same happened to us. We have given shape to this imagination with choicest materials like diamonds, white topaz, and 18Kt gold. You can buy Pride Collection online to make artistic jewellery like these your own.

Have you ever looked at a peacock and its beautiful wings and wondered how to capture that beauty in timeless art? Our designers have just that. Take, for instance, the Arete Stud Earrings. Oversized and elegant, these studs look like the folded wings of a peacock. It gives your look the sophistication of femininity.

From the way a peacock turns its neck to the way it dances, everything is wrapped in elegance. With the best Pride Collection Designs, we have tried to capture the presence of a peacock. It is our ode to the wilderness; it is our ode to beauty. To offer variety, this collection has several bangles, studs, cocktail rings, eternity bands, earrings, necklace sets and pendants. It is an elite selection of designs. Each is different from the other. You can pick something for a daily wear. Or, choose one for the memorable occasions of life.

Earrings of Resplendence for a Ravishing Look

The easiest way to add magnetism to your look is putting on a pair of earrings. This is one accessory you can never get enough of. If you too are a fan of earrings then the Pride Collection is for you. It has a number of awe-inspiring earring designs.

Have a look at the Chandraki Drop Earrings for example. You will have to take a second glance at it. As at the first glance you might mistake it for a real peacock resting from its dance. Diamonds glitter from the tiny pear shapes to make the train of feathers come alive. The eye-spotted feathers of peacocks stand for grace and flamboyance. The Jiana Drop Earrings offer you the same. Our craftsmen have carefully given gold the exact eye-shape seen on peacock feathers. Tiny diamonds add to their beauty. You may also like the Nyura Drop Earrings. Its intricate design is fit for the royalties.

Hoops are timeless and ageless at the same time. Our Pride Collection takes it to the next level of iconic. Take the Giliane Hoop Earrings, for example. It looks like the wings of a regal bird about to take flight. The feathers of this winged design are studded with diamonds. You may also buy Pride Collection designs like the Arwa Stud Earrings. Simple and elegant, this one can be worn to official parties and formal events with ease.

Rings of Excellence to Grace Your Beautiful Fingers

When it comes to making a statement with jewellery, rings are your best bet. The Pride Collection has an array of magnificent rings that are not just refreshingly different but completely out-of-the-box. There are few things as fascinating as a peacock’s train of feathers. The Mayilini ring embodies its charm. A glamourous piece like this alone can make you the centre of attraction at parties. The shine of diamonds makes it even more attractive.

Have a soft spot for oversized jewellery? Give the Kalpini Ring a try. It evokes the grandiose that the peacocks stand for. Huge yet classy, this ring is a bold statement of your feminine strengths. Eternity bands are one of the most craved styles of jewellery. The Pride Collection includes them too. Like the Krasna Eternity Ring. This beautiful ring features a circle of interlinked peacock feathers, highlighted with diamonds.

Worried that lovely jewellery like this must come with hefty price tags? The truth is that Pride Collection price is reasonably within reach. You can make one yours without breaking the bank!

Transcend Time with Bangles of Transcendence

Every fashionista dreams of leaving a legacy. Let the Pride Collection bangles help you in this. Exquisite in design and extraordinary in appeal, they are the perfect heirlooms you can pass on to the next generations. Bangles are associated with stories, laughter and nostalgia. The Pride Collection bangles are all these and more. They dazzle with a sense of self-worth.

One example is the Krasna Eternity Bangle. Now or ten years later, it will have the same appeal. Also, check out the Karika Flexible Bangle with a design that looks like the peacock plume in full spread. Looking for something outstanding? The Elin Bangle is the answer. This one reflects the plush details of the peacock feathers.

Necklaces of Magnificence

Necklaces are not everyday ornaments. They are special. You keep them in your jewellery box or lockers almost all year. Then comes a special occasion and you are certain that no ordinary ornament will suffice to create that ravishing look. You take your necklace out and it does the job quite instantly. Such is their grandeur. Such is their aesthetic appeal.

Give your persona a touch of grandness with the Pride Collection necklaces. Adorn your neck with the Karika Necklace for a queenly appearance. The peacock feather eye-spots have been recreated with this one with a sparkling twist. Another fantastic specimen of artistic jewellery is the Akila Necklace. Made of white topaz and diamonds, it is a sure head-turner. Trust us when we say you will have a difficult time choosing an outfit that matches the grandeur of these necklaces.

Pendants of Radiance

Pendants are the must-have jewellery for quickly lifting your everyday look. The new Pride Collection designs have pendants too. One such is the Kalapi Feather Pendant. It too has the striking panache of a peacock’s feathers. Delicate and charming, the Navil Pendant can also be your choice.

With BlueStone at your fingertips, how to buy Pride Collection is not a problem at all. Do you want to see how these exquisite pieces look on you before you make a decision? Opt for our home trial facility and try your favourite pieces in the comfort of your home. Whether you buy one piece of multiple pieces, one thing is for sure – that, it will remain a source of eternal pride to you.

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