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Enter an Ancient Realm through BlueStone’s Mystical Konark Collection

The fact that art influences art is common knowledge. This is quite evident from different types of architecture-inspired jewellery. It takes a creative mind to come up with breath-taking jewellery inspired by elements of architecture. At BlueStone, we have done it many times. Our Gumbaz collection was a celebration of the dome structure around the globe. The Yazd collection took inspiration from the Persian architecture.

And we have done it again with our Konark collection. And this time we take this inspiration to a whole new level thanks to the deep-rooted beauty of ancient Indian architecture. This isn’t just any architecture-inspired jewellery. It’s a special collection designed to cater to Indian women’s contemporary taste in fashion and jewellery. The pieces in this exquisite collection exude elegance. They don’t fall short of contemporary charm either. Do you want to take a trip to the Sun Temple through an array of stunning gold jewellery? All you need to do is to browse this collection.

What’s So Special about Konark?

The Konark Sun Temple doesn’t need an introduction. Every Indian has seen it in their history textbooks. This architectural marvel is a symbol of India’s rich cultural heritage. Its magnificence has got it a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list. The name Konark is a combination of the Sanskrit “kona”, which means corner, and “arka”, which means the sun. The two words combine to form the literal meaning of Konark, the Sun of the Corner.

The temple is dedicated to the sun god and designed in such a way that the first ray of light hits the principal entrance at sunrise. This precision is an attribute of the traditional Kalinga architecture. The temple’s design resembles a beautifully decorated chariot that is mounted on 24 wheels and drawn by seven horses. Every part of the Konark temple is gorgeously carved. Even in a state of ruins, it doesn’t cease to leave its visitors awestruck.

What’s So Special about our Konark Collection?

Everything about this collection is special. The meticulous architecture and grandeur of the Sun Temple inspire these ornaments through and through. Each piece of jewellery in the collection combines unique artwork with gold and sparkling diamonds. Together, they tell you a modern design story. The superior craftsmanship behind this collection celebrates the divinity and ornate beauty of the Sun Temple. We have derived inspiration from the details of the temple architecture, the pillars, and the chariot wheels. The layering, cross-sections, steps, and quatrefoils are all visibly evident in our jewellery design.

Take a look at the Aaditva Drop Earrings for instance. This pair is made of 18kt gold. The diamonds studded on its exquisite silhouette make it sparkle like the morning sun. The drop section of these earrings features a classic quatrefoil design. There is no mistaking the symmetrical shape made by the four lobes. A truly marvellous pair to wear on a special day, don’t you think?

Buy Konark Collection Online at BlueStone, Your Jewellery Partner

Only the highest quality gold and precious stones can reflect the grandeur of the Sun Temple. That is why we have kept a close watch on the purity and quality of gold used to make this special collection of jewellery. The choice of jewellery in our trendy Konark Collection online includes earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, and pendants.

Do you want to yourself to some bling? The pieces in this collection are perfect for that. They are also great options for gifting on special occasion or just because! Each of these pieces celebrates the beauty of the Konark Temple. Take, for instance, the Riyah Drop Earrings. They do absolute justice to the layering pattern on the Sun Temple. The same goes true for our Tranav Necklace and Shavi Pendant. These diamond-studded trinkets are a tribute to the glory of this architectural wonder. They are full of bling, too!

Experience the Free Flow of Design with Stunning Earrings  

The earrings in this collection are, for want of a better word, gorgeous. The Kirav Drop Earrings are made of 18kt gold and studded with glittering diamonds. Their design instills a feeling of free-flowing movement akin to the chariot wheels drawing the Sun Temple. The Adaavn Drop Earrings redefine subtle grandeur. They are a glamorous pair studded with diamonds. Their 18kt gold silhouette holds a flawless, white pearl in a warm embrace. The folded quatrefoil pattern gives this architectural design a lovely twist. The Arka Stud Earrings feature a similar design, sans the pearls.

The Sattva Drop Earrings are made of 18kt gold. Their diamond-studded silhouette sparkles like they are a gift from the sun. The Vartika Drop Earrings combine design elements from the ancient treasures of the temple. Their linear and quatrefoil design create a unique balance between the intricate components of the historical design. A pair to own and take delight in, you see!

Simple Jewellery with Extraordinary Design

The rings, pendants, and bangles in this collection are several cuts above the ordinary. The Dyuthi Ring is a fine case in point. It captures the beauty of the endless rotations of the chariot’s wheel. Wear this ring to the next party and you can be sure to start endless conversations about its charm. It’s also the only accessory you need to stand out in a crowd. The Aarish Ring and the Reyansh Ring are other hot-selling pieces in this collection.

So are our bangles. No woman can say no to their simple elegance. Take, for instance, the Adya Bangle. Its folded quatrefoil design is studded with the brightest diamonds. This open bangle features a smooth, round white pearl. Equally charming is our Ceylone Bracelet studded with nine sparkling diamonds.

There is a lot more in store for you. We are sure you will love them all as much as you will love the Konark Collection price. Explore this special collection now. Celebrate our rich heritage with a piece of jewellery.

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