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Say Your Vows with Engagement Halo Ring Designs

When it comes to diamonds, size always matters. It is no surprise then that many couples save for months to be able to buy an engagement ring. An engagement ring is unlike any other piece of jewellery.  After all, it marks the day when a man asks a woman to be his partner for the rest of their lives. Though every man wants to dazzle his to be bride with a solitaire, it is not always a budget-friendly option. Thankfully, there is a way to get the best look and sparkle out of diamonds without a hefty price tag. Yes, we are talking about the halo setting, which is one of the most popular diamond settings today. For the cost-conscious couples who want to say their vows in style, we offer you a fabulous engagement halo rings collection made of yellow and white gold.

The Origins and History of the Halo Setting

To begin with, a halo ring features a single diamond in the centre that is encircled by smaller diamonds. This setting was originated in Europe during the Georgian era. A typical halo ring of that period featured a round cut or cushion cut diamond as the central stone. This large diamond was encircled by smaller pearls or pave diamonds. In the Victorian period, however, jewellers started using colourful gemstones as the central stone to give the rings a floral appeal. The evolution of the halo setting didn’t stop there. During the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, designers started experimenting with the size, shape, and number of halos of these rings. Today, when you choose a halo ring for your engagement, remember that you are being part of a tradition that began several centuries ago.

Diamond Qualities to Look Out For

One of the chief factors to keep in mind when you buy an engagement ring is its price. It should be noted here that the engagement halo rings price is influenced not just by the diamond’s size. When you buy trendy engagement halo rings online, you should also pay attention to the cut, clarity, and colour of the stone. The cut of a stone refers to the shape it has been given. A round cut, emerald cut, square cut, teardrop cut, and marquise cut are some of the most popular ways to cut a diamond. The clarity of a diamond refers to the presence or exclusion of impurities in the stone. A flawless diamond is more expensive than others because the exclusion of impurities increases its shine. The colour of a diamond is also important. Contrary to popular belief, not all diamonds are transparent. Lower quality diamonds tend to appear more yellowish than others.

How to Buy Engagement Halo Rings Designs?          

The late Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring is probably one of the most famous engagement rings in a halo setting. This ring features a large oval cut blue sapphire in the centre and a number of smaller diamonds around it. When Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes, he also chose an engagement ring with a halo setting. In this case, the centre stone was a dazzling diamond. Halo engagement rings, thus, can have a diamond or any other stone in the centre. However, diamonds remain the most popular stone. This central stone is usually bigger than the other stones. Round cut centre stones are classics but you could also pick a square cut, oval cut or emerald cut centre stone. Apart from making a stone look bigger, a halo setting can also soften edges for square cut or emerald cut centre stones. When you buy engagement halo rings online, you will find rings with one, two or even three halos. As the number of halos increases, so does the apparent size and appeal of the central diamond. A single halo as seen in the Sylvia Ring is a classic setting.

Gold or White Gold?

With reference to diamonds, the clearer the stone is, the higher its value. However, when it comes to gold, colour does not influence the price or value of a piece of jewellery. Pure gold is yellow but this gold is too soft to hold a diamond in place. Hence, gold is alloyed with other metals to make it harder. The ratio of pure gold to other metals is known as the carat value of gold. Pure gold is known as 24kt gold. Our best engagement halo rings are crafted in 18kt gold. This implies that it has 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of another metal. When gold is mixed with copper to zinc, it has a soft, yellow lustre. When it is mixed with nickel or palladium, it has a whiter sheen and is known as white gold. The Beleca Ring is a stylish example of the halo setting in white gold. Both gold and white gold have the same value but look very different.

How to Buy Engagement Halo Rings  ?

Why walk through crowded markets when you can shop for an engagement ring online? We have a number of new designs in engagement halo rings to suit different tastes and budgets. Apart from an expansive range of designs we also offer you a chance to customise designs to make them fit your budget. This can be done by lowering the gold carat value from 18kt to 14kt. To ensure that your ring sparkles just the way you want it to, you can also customise the diamond’s clarity and colour. Most people buy an engagement ring only once. For this reason, many men choose to shop for an engagement ring with their fiancé. One of the important aspects of buying a ring is to ensure that it suits the lady’s hand. Hence, in all major cities, we offer our customers the chance to try on a ring before they buy it. So, are you ready to say your vows in style?

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