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Gold Krishna Flute Pendants

The Rhythm in the Flute: Stunning Gold Krishna Flute Pendant Designs

Every piece of jewellery represents something unique. It forms an emotional connection with most people and that is the reason many of them gift jewellery to their loved ones. Whether you buy it for yourselves or for someone close to you, a set of jewellery is an authentic piece of expression. It not only reflects love and compassion but sometimes depicts the spiritual connection to a higher state of being as well. Think Lord Krishna, think a happy, carefree soul who is free-spirited and ready to mingle and celebrate the small joys of life. His tales are many, as are the names he is known by. Staying true to this dedication is a series of gold Krishna flute pendant designs that depict devotion to the lord in different forms. For those of you who worship him and like to say it out loud, this collection is the ideal one for you. Forming carefree patterns of melodious tunes are the prettiest hues and gemstones studded in the pendants dedicated to Lord Krishna. Explore BlueStone’s range of gold Krishna flute pendant designs.

The Magic of Nine Stones: Buy Gold Krishna Flute Pendant Designs

The nine famous gemstones come together once again to form the navratna collection. These precious gemstones form a blissful union, namely ruby, emerald, pearl, coral, diamond, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite. These stones are believed to be very auspicious and stand for being bountiful, bringing luck and prosperity. Different sects have different beliefs. While some of them purchase them for their spiritual values, the others buy them for their combinations and sparkle. Either way, the game of nine is quite strong in this one as the stones are studded so beautifully in a linear fashion. Forming the most striking pattern in terms of colours and shimmer, the Murli Manohar Pendant is set to rule the collection. Murli literally means flute. That is where the pendant derives its name and that is the favourite musical instrument of Lord Krishna. The piece is studded with these nine precious stones. Buy gold Krishna flute pendant designs from the comfort of your home from BlueStone.

The Red Dots of Difference: Buy Gold Krishna Flute Pendants Online

Four red dots in a row! Yes, this is quite possible and is the case with the Gopalpriya Pendant. If you love your rubies and diamonds and need them in every piece of jewellery, then make no compromise. Try out this pendant with a flute brilliantly studded with linear specs of rubies and diamond on either side. To add to the valour of the design, this flute is embossed on a chunky 18kt gold background. This brilliantly designed pendant is ideal for any religious and festive occasion. Be it this or any other design, take your pick and conveniently buy gold Krishna flute pendants online from the BlueStone store.

The Feather and the Flute

There are a variety of gold Krishna flute pendant designs, but the feather on the cap is this fresh and vibrant design, quite literally. Lord Krishna is believed to have a feather on his crown at all occasions. Believed to be the feather of the most beautiful bird, the peacock, this design revolves around not just one but two key elements – the flute and the feather. With this being said, we present to you the Nandgopala Pendant. It sports the perfect blend of gold and emerald in the most intricate and delicate form. This design is meant for those who love to pay attention to detail and cannot make do without their green gemstone, namely the emerald. The flute, set against the peacock feather backdrop is bound to woo onlookers as well. Have you ever seen something so delicate and perfect?

If you are thinking of buying any one piece from the collection, make sure you compare the gold Krishna flute pendants price of the entire range and choose the one closest to your heart and faith. We also run exclusive deals on selected pieces. Watch out for the deals too.

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