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Garner Your Love for Garnet Pendant Designs

More often than not, even the most informed gemstone lovers associate the colour red with rubies. Of course, rubies are the best-known and widely used red stone in the jewellery industry. However, when you look for red gemstone jewellery, you need not limit your options to rubies alone. There is another red gemstone that exudes the crimson charm as brilliantly as rubies. Yes, we are talking about garnets. Its lovely rich colour is perfectly showcased when light passes through the stone, which makes it ideal for making rings, pendants, earrings, and other types of jewellery. At BlueStone, our designers have created a contemporary collection of garnet pendant designs and paired them with a range of contrasting precious stones and metals to bring out the best of this resilient, versatile stone.

All You Should Know About Garnets

The word garnet translates to ‘deep red’ which describes the best quality of this stone. It comes from granatus, a Latin word that refers to pomegranates. Can’t find the connection between garnets and pomegranates? Take a look at the garnet pendants in our collection and these red beauties look much like the bright red seeds of a pomegranate. Due to its colour and scintillation, garnets were a popular gemstone throughout history.

History has it that Plato, the great Greek philosopher, commissioned an artist to engrave his portrait on a garnet stone. This red gemstone exploded in popularity in Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Garnets enjoyed their heyday during the Victorian era and designers of the period used it to make stunning brooches and other jewellery. Many of the garnets used in olden days came from Bohemia and unsurprisingly, they were called Bohemian garnets. Besides being able to pair well with a number of occasions, precious stones, and metals, the garnet is more than just a pretty face. It is even used as an abrasive material in industries!

Buy Garnet Pendant Designs to Celebrate the Eternal Combination of Red and White

Garnets can be used on any precious metals and in combination with all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones. However, when you set them against white gold and accent them with sparkling diamonds, you get an absolute stunner like the Razberi Pendant. Made of 18kt white gold, it features a large, emerald-cut garnet as the central stone which is set amidst a bed of glittering diamonds. The deep red hue of garnet and the white radiance of diamonds come together to make it a drool worthy trinket. It is perfect for a special occasion and it may even inspire you to put together an outfit to match the pendant rather than the other way around! A true statement piece, this is sure to draw admiring glances.

Another stunning piece in white gold is the Folia Pendant. This fabulous design from our Aurora Collection has a pear-shaped garnet studded in the floral setting. No matter when you wear it and what you pair it with, this red beauty will amp up your style quite effortlessly.

Garnets for Love: Buy Garnet Pendants Online

Garnet is said to inspire commitment and considered be an appropriate second anniversary gift. Many believe that this stone even aids you in finding your true love! Some of our pieces pay tribute to this quality of the garnet by invoking the quintessential motif of love – hearts.

The Veidah Pendant showcases a heart within a heart; the larger heart-shaped outline is filled with twinkling diamonds and at the very base is a red garnet shaped as a smaller heart. Strung on a delicate chain, this piece can be worn with an array of outfits. For a heart with a contemporary twist (literally), the Hearty Love Pendant uses gold to form the word ‘love’, embellished with diamonds. A heart-shaped garnet sits brightly on this design, catching your attention and appealing to your hearts. 

The Just Say Love Pendant is another romantic design with a red, heart-shaped garnet placed within a gold circle. Minimalist yet refined, this pendant is equally versatile and can be worn with Indian and Western ensembles just as easily.

Drown in Red with Garnet Pendant Designs

Red is the primary colour associated with root chakra our designers have crafted fine pieces of root chakra jewellery with garnets. Our Root Chakra Pendant is made of gold in a beautiful floral design. A princess cut garnet sits at the centre of a gold rose, weaving together intricacy and beauty in a single, delicate piece.

Garnets and diamonds are made for each other; when you add radiant white pearls to this combination, you get a knockout piece like the Fire and Ice Pendant. Made of 18kt gold, the pendant is designed in the classic halo setting. It features an oval-shaped garnet as the central stone which is encircled with a halo of diamonds. Our designers have added a bit of modern flair to this classic setting by adding a radiant white pearl. Team up this stunner with the Fire and Ice Earrings and the Fire and Ice Bangle and you are all set to receive glances of admiration.

Our designers have put together this lovely collection of pendants to charm you. With great designs and an even better garnet pendants price, you can discover the charisma for these crimson gems from the comfort of your home. Come, explore our collection, and drown yourself in red.

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