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Elysian Collection Jewellery: A Saga of Glorious Designs

If there is a single period in the history of jewellery that can be said to be the golden age, the Victorian era rightly deserves the title. The grand period was all about imperial motifs and ornate designs befitting royalty. To this day, jewellery collections draw inspiration from the designs of this influential era. But it needs creative geniuses to bring alive the exquisite beauty of that era through magnificent designs that can flatter the fashion sense of the modern divas. At BlueStone, we have achieved this feat with our Elysian collection jewellery designs. Conceived with the fashionistas in mind, this range is an artistic interpretation of the golden era designs. It’s a splendid collection, high in brilliance and charm. Explore this trendy Elysian collection jewellery online range to get a taste of imperial jewellery that is elegance personified.

Inspired By Victorian Opulence: A Jewelled Collection!

This rich collection is inspired by the themes and motifs that owe alliance to the Victorian era. Our designers have drawn influence from a wide spectrum of artistic things belonging to that period. It was one of the most exciting periods that gave birth to new fashion trends. From extravagant gowns to intricate laces and collars, everything had an ornate touch to it. Such exquisiteness continues to inspire us even today. Take a look at our Rayne Ring. See how the strands of rose gold and diamonds are merged together to create a Victorian lace inspired design. Mirrors are another recurrent theme of the Victorian age. We took inspiration from this artefact and recreated the theme with the help of diamonds set in gold. Check out our Eleanor Hoop Earrings. One of our best Elysian collection jewellery designs, this pair is a contemporary representation of the same theme. Each design is inspired by the layered and intricate beauty of that era but has a modern touch to it at the same time.

What Makes This Collection So Special?

Let’s just say everything! The grandeur of the Victorian era is weaved into this collection to make this a one-of-its-kind range. There is a fine balance of imposing designs and stylish touches that add to the allure of this collection. The best part is that you can find ample lightweight designs that can complement your modern ensembles. You can say that this collection is an ode to the fashionable woman who loves to adorn herself with statement jewellery. In other words, this is for you! 

Among the items of this collection are gorgeous rings and earrings. We also have spectacular pendants and necklaces for you. Not to forget our lovely bangles! Our designs are crafted in gold of different colours to make them more enticing. Diamonds lend this range extra appeal. This collection screams luxury. But our Elysian collection jewellery price tag tells a different story altogether. We have kept our designs affordable so that you don’t have to worry about the prices when taking your style quotient to the next level.

Buy Elysian Collection Jewellery Designs in Rose Gold

Rose gold is the new mantra of the jewellery industry. And why not! The pink glow of this gold tone can add a delicate colour to your look without going over the top. Our rose gold designs are among the best that you have ever seen. Take a look at our Florence Ring. This 3-dimensional design is overlapped with patterns encrusted with diamonds. Oodles of oomph exuded by this design will make onlookers go green with envy. The Adelaide Bangle is a sleek design of rose gold patterns highlighted with diamonds. This sparkling trinket is a beauty to behold!

That’s not all!

We have got fabulous pendants, pretty bangles, and splendid necklaces too for you. The Adelia Necklace featuring 120 sparkling diamonds is a showstopper in every sense. The charm of rose gold and the unlimited appeal of the Victorian mirror inspired design come together in this piece, making it a must-have in every fashionista’s jewellery collection. Pair it up with our Adelia Drop Earrings. The design is so pretty that you will hate to take off these trinkets. The Florence Pendant, the Florence Bangle, and the Esther Choker Necklace are also some of the trending pieces in this collection.

Make a Classy Choice with Our White Gold Designs

White gold is all about being classy and elegant. Among our white gold items are incredible rings. Check out our Della Ring. The intricate weaving of shiny white diamonds on the white band takes this design to another level. The Violla Ring can lend a dramatic effect to your look with its gorgeous design. The edgy motif of the design makes it all the more unique. If you love to be a trend-setter, you can’t give this ring a miss!

How About Adding a Floral Touch to Your Look?

The modern woman loves to flaunt her feminine side with delicate designs. Floral motifs are a great way to achieve this means. Our designers have created some of the finest floral designs within this range. Consider our Clementine Pendant as an example. This design is inspired by the frills that became so popular in the Victorian era. At the core of this design is a diamond and rose gold overlapped floral design. Bringing up the end of the design is the ornate frill that makes it a stunner all the way. Check out our Lydia Frill Ring. The folds and frills of the Victorian era collar have inspired our designers to create this wonderful design. A band of diamonds running through the middle of this design gives it a classic touch.

Buy Elysian Collection Jewellery Online at BlueStone

Why miss out on such a fine collection when you can buy the designs right from the comfort of your home? Just explore this range and make your selection. You can even try our designs at home before buying them and at no extra cost at all. So, why wait any longer? Go ahead and add a Victorian touch to your jewellery box!

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