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Stand Out and Look Gorgeous with Ear Cuff Jewellery

For a woman of any age, earrings take up the largest section of her jewellery box. It goes without saying that ear ornaments have been a popular form of jewellery since ancient times. While you can wear a ring or a necklace without making any modification to your body, you need to pierce your ears to wear most of the earrings available today. Some women even have multiple piercings that travel the entire outer length of the ear. However, with the advent of trendy ear cuff jewellery online, you no longer have to pierce your ears repeatedly to get the look of wearing multiple earrings. You can, in other words, catch two birds with a single stone.

What are ear cuff jewellery designs?

First things first! What are ear cuffs and how are they different from a pair of traditional stud or hoop? To begin with, ear cuffs are not something new. They are an evolved form of the earrites as designed by Marcel Boucher in the 1920s. They were also known as ‘kaffa’. These were designed to wrap themselves around the ear and could be worn even if the wearer had not pierced her ears. The designs and trends in ear cuffs have changed over past few decades. Today’s designs range from delicate designs that ornament the earlobe to large designs that cover almost the whole ear. At BlueStone, we offer you a fabulous range made of different carats and colours of gold, all studded with sparkling diamonds.

Up Your Style Quotient with Trendy Ear Cuffs

Like any other piece of jewellery we offer, our ear cuff collection is also crafted to perfection. Our designers make sure that you are spoilt for choice when you shop with us. Take, for instance, the Ara Ear Cuff. This pair is a favourite amongst women who like floral designs. Amongst our new designs in ear cuff jewellery, the Madhura Ear Cuff is a close second. However, not all women like delicate floral designs. If you’re looking for a pair of earrings that make you feel like you have the wings of an eagle, try on the Aroop Ear Cuff. And, if you’re looking for something ultra-modern, there’s the Anush Ear Cuff.

Yellow, White or Pink?

Who said gold is synonymous with yellow? Though gold in its natural form does have a yellow hue, when used to make jewellery, it can be yellow, white or even pink! The colour of gold used for jewellery is dependent on the metals used to stabilise it. This brings up the question- why must we add another metal to gold? In its natural form, gold is a soft metal. That is, even though 24kt is the highest caratage of gold, it cannot be used to make durable pieces of jewellery. Thus, to harden it, it must be alloyed with other metals. When gold is mixed with copper or zinc, it gets its characteristic yellow hue. The Abishta Ear Cuffs are an example of gold ear cuff designs. When nickel or palladium is added to gold, the result is known as white gold as seen in the Sassy Femme Ear Cuff. Rose gold or pink gold is one of the trendiest hues available in the jewellery market today. This is formed by mixing gold with copper. If you want to buy ear cuff jewellery designs in rose gold, the Avery Ear Cuffs is your best pick.

How to Buy Ear cuff Jewellery to Complement Your Style?

Ear cuff earrings can complement any type of outfit. Whether you are most comfortable in an anarkali or a pair of trousers, these earrings can complete your look. If you’re wearing something ethnic, the Adriana Ear Cuffs could be just what you need. Alternatively, you could consider the Mihika Ear Cuffs that will complement any colour. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best ear cuff jewellery to pair with a dress, the Viveka Ear Cuffs could be what you need. With our ear cuff jewellery collection, you’re sure to find a pair of earrings for every outfit and every occasion.

Buy Ear cuff Jewellery Online

Today, almost anything you need in your day-to-day life can be bought online. This includes gold jewellery too. BlueStone offers you a wide range of gold jewellery ranging from earrings and pendants to rings and mangalsutras. While some designs celebrate the luster of plain gold, others are studded with diamonds and other colourful gem stones. BlueStone not only offers you an expansive range of designs but also gives you all the benefits of traditional jewellery shopping. For example, did you know that when you shop with us, you can try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it? You can choose to try on a pair of ear cuffs if you can’t make up your mind between designs or even if you just want to see how they suit your face before you buy them.

Customise Your Ear Cuff Jewellery

That’s not all. Like the local jewellers your grandmother bought her jewellery from, we give you the option to customise the pieces you choose. Take the Abhiri Ear Cuffs, for example. Imagine that you love the design, but you feel that the price is a little beyond your budget. The solution is pretty simple. You could get these earrings made in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold. Lowering the gold carat value does not affect the look of your earrings in any way; it reduces the price of the piece by a few thousand rupees. We also give you the opportunity to customise the colour of gold being used. For example, the Sassy Femme Ear Cuffs can be made in white gold or gold.

Each pair of earrings in this collection is the perfect recipe for a stunning look. When BlueStone gives you trendy designs in highly competitive ear cuff jewellery prices, can anyone ever say no to them?

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