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What Women Want: Diamond Hoop Earrings

What’s not to love about hoop earrings? Nothing. No wonder they never went out of style since their first appearance back in the disco era of the 60s and 70s. But that is still recent. Hoops first became an accessory in Rome or Egypt, the exact place is unknown. While they no longer resemble their original form or shape, they continue to remain a hot favourite among women.

For all the fuss, the hoop earrings are as simple as they come. Circle or semi-circular and likened to a ring, it comes in all types of material and styles. At BlueStone, we want to make you feel fabulous with the choicest of designs in hoop earrings. We also want to make sure these are priceless. So we are introducing our grand new diamond hoop earrings! Browse through our range and buy a pair of diamond hoops earring designs today.

Go Classic and Buy Diamond Hoops Earrings Online

If you are new to the world of hoops, you should begin with a classic one. The Isara Earrings are the perfect foray then. Set in a traditional 18kt gold band are diamonds that add radiance to an otherwise plain gold hoop. Wear them on any given day and turn a few heads. For a muted day or sombre event, it brings oodles of grace and elegance. Go for it. The Arva Earrings are a nice break from the gold band. Using 18kt white gold as a base and pear shaped, these earrings can be thrown on effortlessly with any western outfit like pants, trousers, suits, etc. Perfect choice for a day full of official meetings.

Double Up or Triple Up with Our Diamond Hoops Earring Designs

Let’s push the limit with two or even three hoops. We have come up with designs that are two or three in number for each ear! There is no mistaking the bold statement that these diamond hoop earrings create. The Anaya Hoop Earrings are a hot pick in this category. If you are looking for something outstanding, then go with this design. With a smart, little clasp and two braids of 18kt gold hoops with diamonds, you are ready to bring your A-game today. The Charvi Hoop Earrings take it a level up with three bands! Three small hoops bound together at the top in 18kt gold and diamonds. If you want to maintain the balance of even numbers, check out the Jayanti Hoop Earrings.

Away From the Beaten Track

Our all-time favourites are the Sirah Earrings and the Ishtar Earrings. Both styles are significantly different from the traditional hoop earrings. Don’t miss the diamonds encased on 18kt white gold, placed to look like flower buds. The Sirah Earrings come with a bent locking system, cradling your ear lobe in a tasteful design. There are many more such stunningly designed pieces in this range. Don’t believe us? Go have a look at the diamond hoop earring collection online.

Buy Diamond Hoops Earring Designs from BlueStone

Playing around with hoop earring design is always fun and we’ve come up with never-seen-before looks! Allow us to introduce the Lady in Black Earrings. Two circles looped together in 18kt gold and diamonds can be rather perfect for you on a special day. Husbands out there do take a note. If you are looking to spring a surprise, then this one can sure do the trick. If you don’t want the gold feel and look, choose the Ceeran Hoop Detachable Earrings. Using only white gold and diamonds, this design has a lock and hoop come together in a perfect blend. Perfect for parties, if we may suggest! Another lasting design that will surely steal hearts is the Cordial Leaves Hoop Earrings. Adorable and intricate diamond leaves are set in a single 18kt gold hoop which hangs off a gold locking system. It cannot get more elegant than this one.

Our diamond hoops earrings prices are as irresistible as the designs. Pieces that fall under different price brackets are coupled with exclusive offers in order to offer you the deals of your dreams. Opt for our home try-on facility, if you wish to try the piece before you pay for it. So go grab your choices from our e-store and buy a pair that steals your heart today.

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