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Women's Diamond Anniversary Rings

Women’s Diamond Anniversary Ring Designs: Make New Memories with a Ring

Are you and your spouse celebrating a wedding anniversary in the next few days? Or did you forget that your anniversary is just around the corner and have not bought anything to commemorate the event? Your busy schedule does not allow you to go out shopping? Buy exclusive and stunning women’s diamond anniversary rings online from BlueStone sitting at your home or office. What’s more, you can include your significant other in the painless shopping process if you are not planning for a surprise.

Our women’s diamond anniversary rings are the best way to celebrate your special day. The designs on offer are alluring, majestic, and refreshingly different from your run-of-the-mill diamond jewellery. However, for those with a taste for tradition, BlueStone does offer women’s diamond anniversary rings set in customary patterns.

Gifting Anniversary Rings: Etiquette

Originally the idea of the anniversary ring was to gift your loved one with a diamond ring or band on the 10th, 20th, or 25th year-old anniversary. However, this is not a really set rule and you can gift one to show your love and appreciation on any anniversary. Traditionally, diamond anniversary rings were set with a diamond solitaire. Be that as it may, in recent years these have evolved into rings embedded with precious stone all the way through to signify the idea of eternity. A popular style for the anniversary ring is a three stone ring to symbolise the past, present and future. You could also choose a ring with the same number of diamonds denoting the years you have been together with your spouse.

Anniversary rings are usually worn with the wedding or engagement ring. Some people prefer to replace the engagement ring with the anniversary ring and wear the latter in its place. If you are reluctant to part with your engagement ring, you can wear the anniversary ring on your right hand and engagement ring on your left hand.

Buy Women's Diamond Anniversary Ring Designs from the Best

Are you celebrating your first wedding anniversary? Why not choose the Kierre Ring with its single diamond set in 18kt white gold? It is elegant and classy without being old-fashioned. If you want to symbolise your past, present, and future with your significant other this anniversary, the Felisa Ring with its three diamonds set in 18kt gold is the perfect women’s diamond anniversary ring you could select.

Do you want to splash a bit more for the anniversary? Then the Sublime Ring would be the ideal choice to proclaim your commitment to the relationship with its preset solitaire in 18kt white gold. Four strands embedded with tiny diamonds moving away from the solitaire to fuse into the rest of the band that makes up the ring adds an aura of richness to the sparkling solitaire. The Niamh Ring for Her looks like a number of intertwined pretzels in 18kt gold and has a single diamond in a square casing on the top. Another elaborate design that might catch your fancy from the BlueStone collection is the Red Carpet Glamour Ring. It is made in 18kt white gold with four diamond flowers in the traditional 7-stone diamond setting each.

The Wonderful Beauty Ring is a simple solitaire ring with a ring of smaller diamonds around it set in 18kt white gold. The Clover Ring is a simple design of four diamonds forming a square set in 18kt gold. If you are looking for a slightly unusual design then one of the choices offered by BlueStone is the Dutiful Hibiscus Ring. Set in 18kt gold in a disc pattern, there is a cut-out of a hibiscus in the disc, with stamens ending in tiny diamonds extending horizontally towards the edge of the petals.

Buy Women's Diamond Anniversary Rings Online from BlueStone

Whatever design you choose, it should have a special meaning to you and your spouse. At BlueStone, we give you the option of choosing from a number of patterns and even customising the ring to fit your particular need or occasion. Our women's diamond anniversary rings prices vary according to the size and number of diamonds and weight of gold used in the ring. So go ahead and buy a ring that would commemorate this special occasion for eternity.

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