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Damru Jewellery: The Blend of Tradition and Style

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is a cosmic dancer and a musician who produces the cosmic sound with his damru. Shiva’s damru also symbolises the universe which is always in a mode of expansion and collapse. The damru is an hourglass shaped two-sided drum. It is one of the most recognised symbols of Hindu religion, one that is primarily associated with Lord Shiva. It holds a special significance not just in Hinduism and but in Tibetan Buddhism as well. Interestingly, this musical instrument also finds prominence in religious jewellery. BlueStone’s damru jewellery is one such collection that highlights the beauty of damru.

Damru Jewellery Collection by BlueStone: An Exquisite Presentation

Religious symbols and fashion are often considered to be mutually exclusive to each other. BlueStone’s damru jewellery collection refutes this notion by blending them in a beautiful and meaningful manner. In other words, our damru jewellery designs are meant to cater not just to the religious minded but to the fashion conscious individuals as well.

At BlueStone, the damru jewellery designs are available in various forms and shapes to satisfy the style preferences of the modern men and women. You will find designs featuring damru in rings and pendants. You can make your pick from the items studded with multiple diamonds or go for the single diamond eye-catchers. Our damru jewellery designs are flawlessly created with gold. This exclusive collection has items designed for both men and women.

The Charm of BlueStone’s Damru Jewellery Designs

The damru jewellery collection by BlueStone is a commitment to beauty and creativity. That is why our designs are not just unique, but also simply irresistible. Each item in this collection speaks for itself and is capable of attracting immediate attention.

Among the signature pieces in our damru collection is the Divine Trishool Ring for Her. Made of 18kt gold, the ring has a cute damru sitting against a bright and beautiful diamond. There is a trishool sitting on the other side of the diamond, giving the ring an exceptional look.

For those who are looking for couple rings to flaunt together, the Divine Trishool Ring for Him is just what you need to make the perfect pair. Designed for the modern man, this ring will help you make a style statement wherever you go.

If you are someone who loves fashionable but lightweight jewellery, then the Damru Pendant will make you go weak in the knees. True to its name, this exquisite pendant is designed as a gorgeous golden damru meant for the modern woman. It has a band of sixteen diamonds encircling its middle portion, lending it a lovely sparkle. It will make any woman look brighter when she sports it. BlueStone’s damru jewellery designs can also make great gifts for your loved ones.

Buy Damru Jewellery Online at BlueStone

Now you can buy damru jewellery designs online at BlueStone. As a leading name in the business of online jewellery, BlueStone brings forth jewellery items that are highly trusted for their quality. Our objective is to offer our customers the best value for their money. That is why our damru jewellery price range is highly competitive and affordable. Explore our online store today to experience the beauty of our damru jewellery.

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