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Cocktail Jewellery: For Designs That Make Your Heart Sing!

Jewellery makes you feel valued like the gift you are, pampered like the princess you are and happy, like you deserve to be! We look for jewellery that spells ease and wraps us in its casual charm. We already imagine ourselves adorning them and attending events, gatherings, parties and after-parties. Something that stays fresh and memorable, even after having been under so much public scrutiny. BlueStone brings you such a dream range in our cocktail jewellery. Remember the relaxation you feel going back to your favourite drink at the end of a long day, when you know nothing else will work. In the same vein, we bring you jewellery that you would go back to again and again when you nothing else would click! Such eternal designs would never fade into oblivion and our Cocktail jewellery designs come as a marker of happiness. This is a peppy, light-hearted collection that embeds the casualness of party wear with the elegance of gold, gemstones and diamonds.

Cocktail Nights: Own the Show with these Earrings

At BlueStone we know that our customers aren’t made to be second best. They have to be the centre of attraction wherever they set foot. That’s why we carve out jewellery that sets you apart from the crowd. Style that enflames your personality and makes you the life of any party. Our Cocktail Collection entails the exclusive Cocktail Nights for the party animal in you! Come explore the range and buy cocktail jewellery designs online from us at affordable rates.

Gift your ears with one of the finest pieces in the collection the Creamsicle Earrings, made of white gold and diamonds, the pieces is sure to help you steal the show.The Moonwalk Earrings embedded with yellow sapphire, the Royce Earrings with fine citrine, the Marnier Earrings and the Martini Earrings with with rhodolite are some of the trending pieces in this collection. We have representatives of all possible stones like green tourmaline in the Farnell Earrings and the Matador Earrings, blue topaz set in the Paloma Earrings and pink tourmaline embedded in the Mauresque Earrings and the Manzana Earrings. Well, the list goes on.

The hoops in our earring range will get your hearts in a loop. Try the Ashli Hoops, the Kyra Hoops, and the Caylie Hoops to add some mischief to the party.Go Classic and chic in icy blue aquamarine with our the Cosmopolitan Earrings. Made of white gold the Colada Earrings and the Sangria Earings feature intricate work and shining diamonds.

The Reins of the Party in Your Hands: Cocktail Ring Collection

Hold a fancy to rings, fret not! BlueStone offers cocktail jewellery designs for all your whims and fancies. Steering your parties for social mileage is now literally in your hands! This exquisite collection is marked especially for its use of beautiful gemstones. Ruby offers you the Flirtini Ring, the Candied Ring with two small emeralds on the side too and the Daiquiri Ring with its beautiful multi-band design. The Flirtini Ring and Daiquiri Ring are ideal for individuals who do not to carry gender tags wherever they go. The topaz offers stiff competition too ladies, with the Paloma Ring, the Quentao Ring, and the icy blue Kurant Ring. Emeralds come in lovely designs like the Chimayo Ring and the Michelada Ring. Your fingers would be indebted for life and your party would be graced by the designs. Parties are the one place where flaunting is the norm. If you have it, you flaunt it! Hence go for the classic diamond rings such as the Amaretto Ring, the Bellini Ring, the Mojito Ring and the Sangria Ring.

Neck Held High: Cocktail Pendant Collection

For all those who love to pair the dazzle of the party with the shimmer of pendants, BlueStone brings a suave collection of cocktail pendant designs. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder and pendants from Bluestone are rarely missed by any beholder! The Citrine collection brings the Noilly Pendant and the Royce Pendant while the ruby pendants like the Blenheim Pendant and the Paradise Pendant enamour one and all. The Blenheim Pendant also features an emerald.

For those who love to return to the Classics, check out the Sia Pendant and the Mojito Pendant. They exude a sheer thrill that people just can’t resist. In Fusion, don’t miss the Shirley Pendant, in floral the Bailey’s Pendant and the Chambord Pendant. The Spritzer Pendant with its demarcated different detailing, the Colada Pendant with its spiral theme and the Campari Pendant with its central diamond emanating into a floral style will surely leave you content.

Cocktail jewellery prices have never been so alluring! Come buy cocktail jewellery designs exclusively on our website and avail offers like the home try-on, where you can view you party avatar beforehand and if dissatisfied use the 30-days money back or the Lifetime Exchange and Buy Back Offer. BlueStone’s Cocktail Collection is just like a party for your wardrobe! We have extended the invitation. Hope you accept. Let the Party begin!

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