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Cluster Bangles: Let Your Wrists Talk

When accessorising yourself, it’s not always easy to get the right look for your wrists. But with cluster bangles, you can never go wrong! Yes, we are talking about the unique stand-alone wrist ornament that can add a punch to your look. Whether you love the minimalistic style or tend to lean towards the bling, a cluster bangle can up your game like no other ornament can. Is it any surprise then that the cluster bangle designs are scripting a new tale in the world of jewellery?

Cluster Setting: A Rising Trend

Before you buy cluster bangles from us, it is important that you know what exactly they are. Cluster setting is a popularly used method of setting diamonds or gemstones in ornaments. As the name suggests, it uses a cluster of small diamonds or gemstone instead of a large stone. These small diamonds are placed in such a way that, together, they look like a large diamond. Also, these stones reflect light from multiple directions thereby creating a mega sparkle. This kind of setting is commonly used in rings, but they can also be used for bangles, pendants, and other jewellery.

Different Types of Cluster Setting

Typically, a cluster ornament features several small and equally sized stones; they don’t use a large central stone. The Baheera Bangle in our collection is an excellent example of this setting. Made of 18kt white gold, this bangle features a cluster of 29 diamonds. These diamonds placed tightly against each other to create the look and sparkle of a large diamond.

However, some cluster settings use large central stones. Such designs feature a round, oval, pear shaped central stone, which is surrounded by a circle of small diamonds. This setting is also known as the halo setting. Take, for instance, the Unnati Flexible Bangle in our collection. This gold bangle features two round cut rubies, each of which are surrounded by a halo of small diamonds.

Discover New Designs in Cluster Bangles at BlueStone

BlueStone brings to you a contemporary collection of the best cluster bangles to adorn your wrists. Our bangles are designed to suit the taste of the modern women and our collection contains bangles crafted in yellow and white gold.

BlueStone’s cluster bangles exemplify creativity and imagination. Take a look at our Atryn Bangle or the Kalysa Bangle to understand why we say so. While both are designer bangles crafted in 18kt gold, each has a distinct style of its own. Signature pieces like the Shyamal Bangle also speak a lot about the uniqueness of our designs. This pretty bangle has a diamond-studded floral design etched against a patterned gold body. If you believe in the concept of less is more, we have classy pieces like the Chaya Bangle for you. This tasteful cluster bangle is a head turner in itself. When you buy cluster bangle designs from BlueStone, you will come across many such designs that will leave you spellbound.

BlueStone’s Cluster Bangles Are for Every Occasion

We have cluster bangles for every season and for every reason. For example, our Sonam Bangle and the Nipuna Bangle can rock your party look. The Loriet Bangle can be the perfect accessory for you to flaunt at a weekend get-together. If there’s a wedding reception around the corner, our wedding cluster bangles like the Amna Bangle can make all heads turn towards you. 

This collection also has some great pieces that a man can gift his beloved. May we suggest the men that you present the love of your life with something exotic like our Starrylight Bangle on your anniversary? We are sure you will love the smile on her face even as you slip the bangle on to her wrist. If it’s a festive occasion, you can surprise her with the elegant Fosyah Bangle or the fashionable Juhi Bangle from our collection.

Now, we are not saying that women can’t pamper themselves with gifts. Whatever be the occasion, you can always gift yourself a sparkle from this collection. Check out our items like the Vilaan Bangle or the Simrit Bangle. They can glam up your look for any special occasion. Well, you don’t really need an occasion to buy these bangles, do you?

Shine with Diamond Cluster Bangles

Diamonds are forever. But so is the attraction for fashionable cluster bangles. That is why BlueStone’s collection has some of the most beautiful cluster bangles studded with sparkling white diamonds. Take, for instance, our Naija Flexible Bangle and the Ojasvi Flexible Bangle. You can flaunt these bangles with all kinds of attire. The Arya Bangle has a charm of its own. When you are exploring our diamond cluster bangles, do not miss pieces like the Manya Flexible Bangle or the Manorama Flexible Bangle. Sleek and sophisticated, each piece can spice up your look.

Make a Style Statement with White Gold Cluster Bangles

If you love the irresistible charm of white gold, our collection will make you jump up with joy. When you buy cluster bangles online from BlueStone, you can get pieces like the Arzo Bangle. Crafted in 18kt white gold, both the pieces have diamonds studded in them. Our Dazzling Floria Bangle dazzles with an off-white pearl set amongst shiny diamonds. These white gold beauties can complement your look at any special occasion. 

Highlight Your Look with Gem-Studded Cluster Bangles

Celebrate the diva in you with our gemstone-studded cluster bangles. Our Shiuli Bangle is an emerald and diamond stunner. For the ruby lovers, we have pieces like the Misty Hue Bangle. The Casyan Bangle has diamonds and blue sapphires set in white gold. If you are bothered about the gemstone-studded cluster bangle prices, we have the perfect solution for you. Our items like the Ritvika Flexible Bangle are studded with diamonds and synthetic gemstones. While they are high on the looks, they are low in price. So, why wait any longer? Make your pick and buy cluster bangles from BlueStone today.

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