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Diamond Chand Bali Earrings

Diamond Chand Bali Earring Designs: A Royal Feast for the Royal You

What is the go-to ornament of Bollywood actresses for red carpet events, weddings, parties, and other special occasions? Flip through the pages of a film magazine and you will know the answer. A pair of chand bali earrings. Rani Mukherjee is a great fan of this quintessentially Indian design and she never shies away from flaunting her collection at any and every event. The oversized chand bali earrings worn by Deepika Padukone in her Ramleela took the jewellery industry by storm. Just do a search online and you are sure to find hundreds of Ramleela inspired designs in different sizes, colours, and metals. That’s not all, Bollywood divas including Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma are among the fans of this authentic Indian design. Many celebrities even swear by it!

Well, you don’t have to be a Bollywood star or a celebrity to own a pair of beautifully designed chand balis. We at BlueStone bring to you a fabulous range of these earrings. The diamond chand bali designs in our collection are handcrafted for modern Indian divas who wouldn’t mind some additional sparkle on these traditional favourites.

Chand Bali Designs: The Royal Indian Saga

The chand bali design, which is named for its unique crescent moon shape, has a rich and regal history to boast of. The origins of this flamboyant pattern can be traced back to the bygone Nizam era in Hyderabad. History has it that they were the personal favourite of Noor Jahan and many Mughal queens and princesses, who were fond of spectacular and heavy designs, adorned their ears with these earrings. The design underwent many changes as time passed but it continues to fascinate Indian women even today.

In its most authentic and traditional form, the chand bali style features a full or a half moon made of gold. The glittering gold body of the earrings is accented with several white pearl droplets hanging from it. Though these earrings come in different design variations and metals, heavily designed and oversize pieces embellished with pearls and other gemstones have become a fashion statement these days. They, needless to say, have gained an indisputable position in the bridal collections of many online and offline jewellers.

Buy Diamond Chand Bali Earring Designs to Celebrate Bridal Charm

Chad balis are fabulous. Diamonds are delightful. And what do we get when we combine these two? Absolute bliss in the form of diamond chand bali earrings. Designs that use sparkling diamonds instead of pearls (sometimes along with pearls) have been a recent design innovation and they became an instant hit with fashion-conscious women. Now you can buy diamond chand bali designs online from BlueStone to add a bit of traditional charm to your jewellery collection.

With the Naila Earrings and the Dilkash Earrings, our designers have given a modern flair to this ethnic design. Made of 18kt gold in the ever-enchanting floral pattern, these earrings are accented with sparkling diamonds. Elegant and feminine, these exquisite earrings radiate an antique charm. We have set our diamond chand bali earrings prices at a highly competitive range, so you don’t have to think twice to make these beauties a part of your bridal ensemble or party jewellery collection.

A Feast of Designs: Buy Diamond Chand Bali Earrings Online

Are you a hardcore lover of antique and vintage designs? Does your heart skip a beat when you see traditional ornaments that radiate regal allure? We give you a reason to rejoice. Our collection comprises of stunning pieces of chand bali earrings. These diamond-studded and crescent-shaped beauties are sure to mesmerise you with their old-world charm. What’s more? The pieces displayed on our site are part of our bridal collection. So if you are planning to buy a perfect wedding jewellery gift for your daughter, niece, or even a friend, now is the time and BlueStone is the place to buy diamond chand bali earrings online.

Take, for instance, the Afroza Earrings in our collection. Can any bride say no to these ethnic beauties? Designed in the traditional chand bali pattern, these earrings will make you look as radiant as a full moon whether you wear them with designer sarees, gowns, or anarkalis. The Khoobsoorat Earrings are just what their name suggest – beautiful. Stunningly beautiful, to be precise! A timeless design made in 18kt gold, this pair is crafted to perfection with 100 diamonds. A truly grand and sparkling affair, you see!

Talking of sparkle and grandeur, have you taken a look at our Asfoorah Earrings yet? If not, do that now and we are sure that the magnificence of this piece will sweep you off your feet. These majestic earrings speak volumes of the beauty of traditional Indian designs. Made in 18kt gold and studded with glittery diamonds, these earrings feature a beautiful peacock as part of the design. You don’t need the backing of any other accessories to look stunning when you have this pair.

Whether it is a big fat Indian wedding or a dressy event, diamond chand bali designs are your best bet to look traditional and stunning. Why wait? Take home a pair of wonderfully designed earrings from our collection that will transport you to the olden and golden times of queens and princesses.

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