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A Spin and a Turn: Buy Gold Chakra Pendant Designs

As many Indians believe, the chakras are the focal points of energy in the body. They are also supposed to be connected with spiritual powers. Seven known chakras of the body channelise energy and keep the system going in full swing, thereby preventing illnesses and lapses in the normal functioning of the body. Gold chakra pendant designs can be interpreted in two ways. One is literally based on the energy and spiritual reason, while the other could be purely because of the shape. A close look at the shape will tell you that the chakra is wheel shaped or circular in nature. It is the universal spherical shape that makes it a common go to design.

If you are thinking of chakras, think of them in gold. Let them adorn your neck and depict all the happiness and good energy that centres in your body. The focal point of the pendant is a beautiful gem stone right at the centre of the gold ring. Owing to its increasing popularity, a variety of gold chakra pendant designs are available at stores these days.

Gold Chakra Pendant Designs: Of Spheres and Circles

The hype around chakras continues to galore. The shape is just perfect. Convenience and ease of wearing them anytime are the two main advantages of the gold chakra pendants. This is because they do not need any special occasion, but can be worn at any given time. Retaining a regular circular shape in the traditional format, they do not have hearts or any other extra attachments or stones to make them look heavy, festive or occasion specific. Flaunt them at any point of time, or make them your daily dose. Resembling the sun from every angle, these chakra pendants are set in 18kt gold. Radiating brilliantly and emitting the sheen of the stone as well, these pendants are worth possessing. Feel free to buy gold chakra pendant designs for any and every occasion.

Pendants for Everyone: Buy Gold Chakra Pendants Online

Choose from the exquisite five varieties of chakras at BlueStone. These are available in different coloured gemstones as well as in different shapes. Keeping the concept of the circle central, they are moulded into shapes that resemble flowers, the sun, petals and spokes. The colours of the beautiful pendants include purple in the amethyst, yellow in the citrine pendant, red in garnet, a subtle blue in the aquamarine pendant and mauve in the pink tourmaline stone. Considering the design and craftsmanship gone into making them, and the type of metal and stone used, the gold chakra pendants price has been devised keeping the concept of value for money in mind. This goes without compromising on the quality and design. Set in these beautiful precious gem stones are the five exotic pieces, namely the Crown Chakra Pendant, the Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant, the Root Chakra Pendant, the Throat Chakra Pendant and the Heart Chakra Pendant. Scan through the ornate range and buy gold chakra pendants online.

All that Glitters is Gold

In this case ‘all that glitters is gold’ holds true. Gold complements the precious gem stones beautifully. The chakra shapes aid in adding additional fissures and spokes, thereby enhancing the shine of the pendant. Buying a pendant for a reason or for someone special are not the only two factors for investing in something so precious. Sometimes, you make choices for yourself, you invest in yourself and you buy them yourself. Staying true to the quality and pattern, the range is phenomenal. It offers not just good designs, but durability as well. Order and get them delivered to your doorstep. The world has gone digital and so has the art of buying jewellery. Simply check the various gold chakra pendants price and add them to your cart. If you want to try them on before you make a purchase, opt for the home try-on facility. We will bring the pieces you choose at your door step. Remember, trying is always free. You need to buy and pay for the piece only if you like it.

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