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Blue Gemstone Rings

Blue Gemstone Rings: Oh So Blue

Blue is such a soothing colour, especially in the context of finger rings. Any other bright or bold colour could hurt the eye. However, blue begs to differ. Its stones offer a glimmer like no other, be it blue topaz or blue sapphire. Check the blue gemstone ring designs at BlueStone and try them yourself. Watch a flower blossom out of a beautiful bud. Relive this story with a ring that depicts it so beautifully – the Eppie Ring. This piece in blue topaz and gold conveys a story at a glance.

Looking for a darker shade of blue instilled in gold? Imagine the ring having a compartment of semi-circles, each ending with a blue stone point. Yes, we are talking about the Pienna Ring here. The colour contrast and sparkle of six blue stones takes the shimmer to another level altogether. 

Ringed for Life: Buy Blue Gemstone Ring Designs

Let the subtle blue reflect the hues of the stone and metal. Buy blue gemstone ring designs from the exhaustive range online. The Regalia Ring and the Modern Royalty Ring are the two simple white gold bands, containing a single blue stone, the iolite, and blue sapphire respectively. Simplicity and elegance rule these pieces. There are fancy and intricate ones as well. Twin butterflies fluttering towards each other is depicted in a beautifully colour contrasted ring, yes, we are talking about the Skylyn Ring. It contains pink sapphire and blue topaz set in gold. Calling all butterfly lovers, for this ring is designed especially for you. Each blue gemstone ring at BlueStone narrates a story. Interpret it in your own way and tell tales of the new found version, or simply yet, let the ring talk for itself.

Rain Drops and the Endless Sky

These subtle coloured stones of blue have so much in common with nature. Moreover, they are pieces that make a statement by adding just the right pop of colour. Blue is the colour of water, as is the colour of the endless sky. Get drowned in this pool of cool blues this season with BlueStone’s blue gemstone ring designs. Read the story in depth and take a pick. The Ayusha Ring with multiple blue sapphire stones set atop a white gold base is the perfect slim stone studded band a woman could ask for. Watch people follow your hand as the stones make sharp, shimmery movements. Talking of a clash of patterns, the Dreama Ring pretty much does it. Oval blue topaz complements a chunk of gold square to provide an edgy and bold statement to the on-lookers. Each of these pieces is crafted to stay true to the worth of the stone. We realize you are investing in a stone so precious. Why not do it in a stylish and narrative way? And why not buy it from BlueStone, India’s leading online Jeweller?

Precious Blue: Buy Blue Gemstone Rings Online

Buy blue gemstone rings online to imbibe the feel of the ocean so wide and sky so high. Gift it to someone you care for or buy and stock it to gift it in installments all year round. With so many varieties and designs available, making a choice won’t be very easy. Here are some examples for you. Gold embossed in floral arrangements are depicted by the Princess Blossom Ring and the Throat Chakra Ring, with a speck of blue topaz right at the centre. As if one blue topaz stone wasn’t enough, we give you three of them, next to each other in the Regal Trinity. Sitting pretty in casings of gold, are these three musketeers that amplify the shimmer quotient three-fold. The Dream Date Ring and the Divinity Ring are the most subtle and simple versions of the blue topaz you can find. Moreover, they contain three stones each and are set in white gold. While the former has pearls supporting the topaz piece, the latter has topaz multiplications.

The best part of the deal is our blue gemstone rings prices that are as appealing as the designs. So what are you waiting for? Pick a ring that is destined to adorn your finger and wear it with pride. To make sure that you choose the right ring, opt for our home try-on facility. Our executives will bring the ring of your choice at your doorstep and you can try them without feeling obliged to buy.

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