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Blue Bracelets

Blue Bracelet Designs for the Royal and Loyal You

Blue, the hue of the mighty ocean and the vast sky, is the warmest colour. Being one of the most used colours across the globe, blue radiates elegance and charm that no other colour can match. Inspired by the universal appeal and vivacity of the colour, the designer at BlueStone brings to you bracelets embellished with stunning stones that come in different shades of blue.

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Our blue bracelet collection comes in various hues of blue and is created for the regal men and women of today who rule the roost. Wear these uniquely designed bracelets that speak volumes about your sense of fashion. Sapphires, aquamarines, and blue topaz are set in intricate as well as minimalist patterns. We have used the bezel setting that ensures that your precious stones are safe and are resistant to scratch. We also give the option of customising these bracelets. We invite you to try our exclusive blue bracelet collection at the convenience of your home. Take a look at our exclusive collection and be mesmerised by the warmth of blue.

The Neo Royale Bracelet

It is an elegantly designed piece and what other imperial stone than blue sapphire can one use to embellish this bracelet in gold? Sapphire is the second strongest natural gemstone and can be scratched only by a diamond. Princess Diana’s engagement ring consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds but the much talked about stone was the oval blue sapphire in the ring. In Europe, until the late seventeenth century, sapphires were strictly worn by the royalty and high priests. At BlueStone, we have crafted the Neo Royale Bracelet using 10 sapphires that are set in a bezel setting with the elevated and complete metal edging. The bracelet that comes with three geometric lines clasping the interlinked bold blue stones is a master design for the blue blood.

The Young Blossoms Bracelet

Legend has it that aquamarine was the treasure of the mermaids and was considered as a stone of eternal youth and happiness. In Latin, the word means ‘water of the sea’ referring to the ocean and it was used by sailors for centuries to guarantee a safe journey. Wearing this stone also enhances knowledge of the self and enables one to articulate clearly. Our Young Blossoms Bracelet is made of 10 aquamarines and 40 diamonds. The flowery and fluid design comes in white and gold options. Watching the wave like aquamarines chasing the timeless diamonds in this artistic bracelet is an experience to cherish. 

The Eligible Bachelor Bracelet

There are blue topaz stones and diamonds – 20 each, aesthetically set in this eye-catching bracelet. Don’t blame us if the bracelet does not let your relationship status stay true to its name given all the attention you will receive wearing this! The brilliant blue amplified by the colourless diamonds and white gold is a clear winner. Watch the symmetric and neat design add power to your persona.

The Style Icon Bracelet

Eighteen sapphires and 36 diamonds are securely clasped in this chic blue bracelet. Three sapphires in a circular setting are accentuated with six diamonds closely placed in straight lines. We dedicate the Style Icon Bracelet to the valuable, victorious, versatile, and vivacious women of today. 

Our blue bracelets’ prices are affordable. So go ahead and buy something that catches your attention from our mesmerising blue bracelets collection. There will never be any more dull moments!

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