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Redefine Fashion with Our Gold Earrings Below 10000

How often do you change your earrings? Every day? Once a week? Or only on special occasions? You need a pair of simple studs or hoops to go with your office outfit. A pair of gemstone beauties will spruce up your ethnic wear instantly. And what better way to shine at an evening party than with your diamond-studded earrings? Or what better brightens up your face than a pair of danglers or drops?

Trust us!

No woman can have enough earrings. That’s why we bring to you our most popular range of earrings which are priced below INR 10000. Whether you like small studs or long danglers, we have a wide range of designs for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite below 10000 gold earrings designs.

Let Your Little Princess Shine

You can buy below 10000 gold earrings online for girls of all ages. Whether your little one is graduating from preschool or celebrating the beginning of her teenage years, earrings are the perfect gift.

Are you looking for the first pair of earrings for your little one? Why don’t you choose a pair of hoops like the Whisker Rabbit Kids Detachable Huggies? They are beautiful, colourful, cute, and above all light in weight. The White Floral Kids Detachable Huggies are also the perfect pair of earrings for a girl to begin her collection with. When you shop with us, you could also pick studs like the Favourite Dolphin Earrings for Kids for your young, school-going girl.

Designers often use enamels, not gemstones, to add a splash of colour to kids’ earrings. This way, they remain colourful without being too heavy. Take a look at the Bumble Bee Earrings for Kids in our collection. It goes perfectly well with a yellow or black outfit. The Brave Ladybird Earrings for Kids complement a red dress quite well.

That’s not all!

As your little one grows to become a teenager, her tastes in jewellery too change. But worry not! We have just the right designs for your teenage fashionista. Look at designs like the Wishing Star Earrings for Kids, which she will never outgrow.

If you want something playful for your teenager, pick the Reggina Earrings for Kids. These are mismatch designs, one earring featuring a diamond-studded star and the other a diamond-studded crescent. What a stunning pair for a fashionista to flaunt her unique style!

Shine Every Day with Every Day Earrings

You may not wear a bracelet or a necklace every day but earrings are a must. Since, you don’t want to wear the same earrings every day, finding a beautiful design within a budget is important. For this reason, we offer a wide range of designs in our below 10000 gold earrings collection.

Studs are the perfect type of earrings for everyday wear. Designs like the Lambent Calypso Earrings and the Mariposa Earrings are understated yet stylish. Nature is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for jewellery designers. This can be seen in designs like the Anvita Earrings and the Prakriti Earrings.

Heart motifs as seen in the Rujula Earrings and the Camryn Earrings are also very popular. They also serve as ideal gifts a man can choose for the woman he loves. If you prefer abstract geometric designs, take a look at the Luna Earrings and the Rowena Stud Earrings.

Dazzle Like A Diva with Dainty Danglers

Studs are not the only type you find when you look for the best below 10000 gold earrings in our collection. We also offer a range of delicate danglers within this budget. Danglers can be big or small and you can choose a pair that best suits you based on your preferences.

The Amathea Small Drop Earrings are ideal for casual get-togethers. This pearl-studded pair will also complement your office outfit. For a party, the Vedika Drop Earrings or the Livana Drop Earrings may be the perfect accessories to your outfit.

Unique Designs for the Unique You

Studs, danglers, and hoops - these are some of the most common types of earrings you can find in any earring collection. However, not all our trendy below 10000 gold earrings online fit neatly into these categories.

For example, the Quity Front Back Earrings are worn like a pair of studs but aren’t what you would imagine studs to look like. Similarly, the Odelle Wire Earrings are worn like danglers but the back of the earrings contributes to the design as much as the front.

Why Should Women Have All Earrings?

When it comes to gifting jewellery, men don’t always have to be only on the giving side. For men who like sporting jewellery, our new designs in below 10000 gold earrings could be the perfect gift. Unlike earrings for women, men’s earrings are typically sold as single pieces.

For men who like the look of solid gold, the Vikrant Earring for Him and the Braylon Stud for Him are perfect designs. On the other hand, there are some men who like the sparkle of diamonds. Solitaire earrings are favoured by both men and women. Some of our most popular solitaire designs for men include the Deneb Stud for Him and the Cachet earring for Him. Just because you wear a single earring does not mean that it should have only a single diamond. The Deonte Stud for Him and the Entente Stud for Him both feature multiple diamonds that will make a man wearing them stand out in the crowd.

How to Buy Below 10000 Gold Earrings?

Just because you are shopping on a budget does not mean that you should compromise on anything. When you buy below 10000 gold earrings designs at Bluestone, you are not only guaranteed pure gold and certified gemstones but also designs that match your personality.

Our plain gold earrings without stones are made in 22kt gold while those with gemstones are crafted in 18kt gold. However, we give you the option to customise the design you choose. If you fall I love with a particular design but it is slightly beyond your budget, you can further lower the price of these below 10000 gold earrings by lowering the carat value up to 14kt. Some of our designs can also be delivered in 24 hours in select cities.

And the best part?

You don’t have to buy these earrings just by looking at the pictures. Our home trial option will allow you to try your favourite pieces before you make the purchase. And this facility doesn’t attract any cost. Isn’t that wonderful?

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