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Be In Touch with Nature, Be In Touch with Yourself

As you grow up, you may stop believing in Santa Claus or magic lands. But there are certain things you are never too old for. The beauty in nature is one such thing. Little girls and old women alike share a love for beautiful flowers and vibrant butterflies. This love for nature is naturally reflected in the world of fashion and jewellery. The Amour collection by BlueStone takes inspiration from these natural wonders. How better to bring nature closer to you than in the form of a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings or even a ring? The Amour collection is stylish, yet casual; fashionable yet elegant and above all graceful. Are you ready to give your jewellery collection a ‘natural’ makeover?

A Brief History of Nature-inspired Designs

The relation with nature and jewellery is nothing new. In fact, the very first ornaments our ancestors wore were taken from nature. They plucked flowers, made a garland, and wore it around their neck or wrist. When they went fishing or hunting, they found how useful shells and animal teeth. And they made jewellery out of such beautiful things they found around them. Nature was not just a source of inspiration for our ancestors. Nature, on the other hand, gave them beautiful things to adorn.

As time passed, jewellers started taking inspiration from the flora and fauna. This gave rise to a wide range of floral, foliage, and animal motifs. For instance, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore scarab beetle pendants. In India, designs that feature elephants and peacocks were part of royal jewellery collections. The same goes true for flowers too. From Victorian age to the twenty-first century, floral designs continue to charm people. The Amour collection is a tribute to this powerful appeal of nature. The everlasting and never-ending appeal of nature!

What Defines the Amour Collection?

To showcase the femininity of women, our designers have incorporated some of the most popular feminine motifs; flowers, birds, butterflies and the heart in this collection. Though many of our designs may look cute, each of them has a sophisticated edge that makes them glamourous in their own way.

The Amour Collection isn’t for everyone. Women who buy Amour collection designs are in touch with their feminine side. They are in touch with nature. This does not imply that she needs to be dressed up in flirty floral skirts all the time. All you need is a beautiful trinket like the Autumn Love Drop Earrings to express your femininity. These plain gold earrings made of 22kt gold feature beautifully designed golden leaves.

Diamonds add beauty to almost everything. Our collection has stunning nature-inspired pieces studded with diamonds. The Soaring Love Necklace can be worn to work or for a party and brings out the delicate nature of a woman. Take a look at this design. Which is more beautiful, diamonds or butterflies? Hard to say, isn’t it?

Amour Collection Earrings You Will Fall in Love With

A stylish woman will never leave her house without earrings. The Amour collection designs contain earrings that celebrate femininity. Earrings like the Love Swing Drop Earrings are the perfect way to dress up a simple T shirt and jeans. The Fragrant Love Drop Earrings is another pair you can consider from this range.

Jewellery from this collection is perfect for women who like to flaunt their style. Take, for instance, the Throbbing Love Drop Earrings. These earrings make a style statement every time they are worn. The Playful Love Drop Earrings speak of innocence and show off the softer side of a woman. Both these are plain gold earrings made of 22kt gold. Do you prefer the sparkle of diamonds? Go for the Soaring Love Drop Earrings. Crafted in 18kt gold, this pair features a total of 28 sparkling diamonds. A truly sparkling affair!

Necklaces that Take the Ordinary to Extraordinary

The new designs in Amour collection necklaces can transform a simple outfit into something stunning. Designs like the Autumn Love Necklace and the Fragrant Love Necklace are understated and elegant. This makes them the perfect accessory for a simple shift dress or a classic white shirt and trousers. By simply snapping one of these necklaces in place, a casual look is changed into a flirtatious evening look. That’s not all. Some of the best Amour collection pieces like the Love Swing Necklace or the Playful Love Necklace can also help sober down a loud outfit. For example, if you were a wearing a colourful and bright dress, these delicate gold chains could soften your look.

By now, you must have understood one thing. Most of these necklaces have matching designs in rings and earrings. For instance, if you like our Throbbing Love Necklace, you can buy the same design in earrings and rings to complete the set. Worry not! Our Amour collection price tag is quite competitive. So, buy and celebrate the beauty of nature.

The Genteel Amour Rings

Rings are essential for a woman who likes dressing up and experimenting with styles. Hence, our trendy Amour collection online would be incomplete without rings. The Throbbing Love Ring and the Soaring Love Ring are two of our favourite designs. The Autumn Love Ring is the perfect example of understated elegance. And then there is the Fragrant Love Ring. This delicate ring exudes grace and is ideally suited for a woman who likes simple and classic designs.

How to Buy the Amour Collection?

Are you shopping for yourself? Or are you looking for a gift for a loved one? Either way, this collection is something you shouldn’t miss. You can buy Amour collection jewellery online without the trouble of stepping out of your home. These designs are pictured in gold but many of them can also be made in white gold. Jewellery from the Amour Collection is the perfect gift for a special occasion and is sure to be treasured forever.

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