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    14k Gold Rings

    14k Gold Ring Designs: For the Stylish Gentleman

    Of all the varied types of jewellery available, gold rings are the most popular one with men. While many men may not be too comfortable wearing earrings or a pendant, a ring is easy to sport. Men wear different types of gold ring designs for a number of reasons - wedding bands to symbolise marital status, religious rings to display faith, fashion and everyday rings to enhance their look, and so on. More often than not, he rarely takes this ring off his finger nor does he change it frequently. This means that durability and strength of the metal are two prime features you should look for when you buy men’s rings. This is where 14k gold ring designs come to your aid. Though less purer than its 22k and 18k counterparts, a ring made of 14k gold beats them flat in durability and strength. Men who love to sport finely crafted, uniquely designed, and highly durable rings can buy 14k gold rings online from BlueStone, India’s most reputed online jeweller.

    What are 14k Gold Rings?

    Knowing the basic facts about 14k rings before you make the purchase will help you make an informed decision. In its purest form, which is 24k, gold is extremely malleable and will not be able to hold its form for very long. Hence, when being used to craft jewellery, the yellow metal often is mixed with other metals to form a hard alloy. The percentage of gold in these alloys is measured in terms of carats or ‘k’, with 24k being equated to the purest form of gold. The next best purity is 22k which refers to a gold alloy made of 22 parts gold and 2 parts of other metals. Similarly, 14k gold refers to 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of another metal. Due to the reduced amount of pure gold, 14k gold rings prices are considerably lower than those with higher carat value. However, low carat gold is as important as high carat gold as this holds shape better and offers a fine balance between beauty and durability.

    How to Buy 14k Gold Ring Designs?

    When it comes to choosing a ring, the intricacy of the design is as important as the person’s personality. Designs like the Enduring Bond Ring are ideal for men who like simple yet elegant designs while the Everlasting Bond Ring suits men who like to make a bolder style statement. Your lifestyle also needs to be taken into account when selecting a ring, especially if you would like to wear this on a daily basis. Men with an active, outdoor lifestyle are likely to prefer designs like the Unfading Bond Ring while those with a more corporate lifestyle can opt for the Divine Bond Ring. All these rings come studded with sparkling diamonds that will take care of your style quotient effortlessly.

    Choosing the Right Size Ring

    Unlike earrings or pendants, you need to know your ring size before buying one. This ensures that the ring is not too tight to cut off blood supply to your fingers and neither is it loose enough to fall off from your fingers. To calculate your ring size, wrap a strip of paper or thread snugly around the base of your ring finger. Using a pen, mark the spot where the two ends meet and measure this length. This is the circumference of your ring. Correlate this circumference measurement with a ring size chart to find your size. If your ring size seems to be between two sizes, it is advisable to pick the larger size. When you buy 14k ring designs from us, you can choose from a size range between 6 and 30. If you are not sure about your ring size, we will send you a ring sizer at no additional cost. All you need to do is to share your address with us.

    Buy 14k Gold Rings Online at BlueStone

    At BlueStone, we understand how special each piece of jewellery is to a person. For this reason, our designers pay a lot of attention to details on 14k gold ring designs. To bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, we also offer you the opportunity to customise your designs. Thus, if you want to buy a ring with a higher carat value, you could increase the caratage from 14k to 18k without any change in the design. You can also customise the cut, clarity, and colour of the diamonds being used in your rings. The customisations you make will impact the 14k gold ring prices slightly.

    Simply seeing a photograph of a beautiful ring may not always be enough to make you believe that this is the design meant for you. For example, you may not be able to make up your mind between the Timeless Bond Ring and the Forever Bond Ring just by looking at their photographs. To make your decision easier, BlueStone gives you the opportunity to try them on at home before you buy one. What more could you ask for?

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