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Weekend Nose Pins: Be Party Ready with Exquisite Jewellery

Nose pins are a rage amongst fashionistas around the world. What used to be traditional jewellery worn by Indians, a few African tribes, and Middle Eastern civilisations, have now become essential pieces of jewellery that make a style statement. Nose pins, especially weekend nose pins are the range of jewellery that you would want to add to your jewellery trousseau to flaunt your personal style at every weekend party. Our collection of weekend nose pin designs will make you want to get your nose pierced if you haven’t done it already!

How Did Nose Pins Come to Be?

Nose pins, nose rings, and nose piercings find a mention in ancient, 6000-year-old Vedic manuscripts when nose pins were believed to be associated with fertility. Hippies visiting India in the ’70s learnt about the culture of nose piercing, embraced it, and took the practice back home with them. Nose piercing history in other parts of the world dates back centuries too. The Berber and the Beja tribes of South Africa wore nose jewels as a display of their wealth. They believed that the larger the nose jewels were, the richer the family of the wearer was. Apparently, husbands gifted nose rings to their new brides in the Middle East and Africa to signify security. Nose-jewels have come a long way since them and have become the ultimate symbol of bohemian chic and beauty. At BlueStone, you can buy weekend nose pin designs that suit your personality and unique style and make a statement every time you step out.

Create the Perfect Look with Stunning Nose Pins

Amongst the many types of nose piercings, the most common is nostril piercing, which has the most potential for adorning nose jewels. The nose pins in our collection are created diligently featuring designs that you can wear and remove with complete ease. They are also crafted to suit all types of clothes in your wardrobe. You will find a wide range of designs in our exclusive collection of nose pins handcrafted especially for your weekend dressing needs. Whether you are dressing up for a special festive occasion or for any party, you can get a complete look by wearing one of the nose pins in our collection.

The Calla Nose Pin is the simplest of all nose pins and a perfect complement to your weekend jewellery collection. It has a circular design with a round diamond studded on a rhodium-plated base. Its simple design makes it a versatile adornment that can be paired with other light or statement jewellery to take your overall look to the next level. The Daphne Nose Pin is crafted from 18kt gold and features an elegant design that will sit beautifully on your nostril. It is studded with three shimmering diamonds that give it an exquisite triangular sparkle. It is a perfect nose pin to be paired with both casual and formal clothes and would look equally stunning with a party top and jeans or skirt and also with a dress.

If you want to buy weekend nose pins online, especially for your ethnic attire, you will find just the right pieces at BlueStone. Take a look at the Mafaz Nose Pin and the Wahida Nose Pin. They are both made of 18kt gold and carry a touch of colour that you can either coordinate or contrast with what you are planning to wear. While the Mafaz Nose Pin has a unique design with segments of green and blue and a diamond encrusted on it, the Wahida Nose Pin has a diamond studded on a beautiful background featuring a shade of blue. You can pair these nose pins with kurtas, salwar kameez, saris, and lehengas. What’s more, you can make a statement at every weekend event with our pieces as our weekend nose pins price is as attractive as the nose pins themselves

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