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Yellow Pearl Earrings

Yellow Pearl Earrings: Adorn the Ocean’s Gem with Exquisite Jewellery

Pearls radiate an unmatched elegance and radiance that tell the story of their formation in the depths of seas and oceans. The queen of gems, pearls are gems of queens and associated with everything royalty. The flawless allure of pearls is accentuated when they are set in gold and accompanied by citrine. The additional splash of yellow that citrine brings with it lends pearls a warm yellow glow. Browse our collection of yellow pearl earring designs to witness royalty and opulence in the form of jewellery.

Our expert craftsmen create masterpieces using these little wonders. In our collection, we have featured some of the most mesmerising earrings that are studded with pearls in different shapes and sizes. Pearls and citrine set in gold provide such a versatile combination of gemstones and precious metal that goes flawlessly well with almost all types of attires. Our collection is curated to suit your style and personality perfectly.

Luminous and One of the Oldest of All Gemstones

Pearls are nature’s miracles that have been coveted throughout the ages. One of the oldest known gemstones, their name conjures up mental images of luxurious gems nestled in oysters deep beneath the surface of seas and oceans found only by a few who brave the waves. The luminous iridescence and the warm glow of these precious gems have made them one of the most sought-after gems for jewellery. Royalty far and wide, from the Romans and the Persians to the Asians and the Egyptians, have used pearls as adornments although limited only to the ruling class. The reference to pearls can be evidently found in cultures and religious around the world.

Pearls were such prized possessions for ancient Egyptians that they buried their dead with pearls. These gems were the ultimate sign of wealth in ancient Rome. The Greeks regarded pearls as highly special for their unmatched beauty and associated them with love and wedding. It was believed that pearls protected their wearers from harm, which was the reason why knights and soldiers wore them to battle. Because pearls were highly revered, there were laws in many European countries allowing only nobility to adorn them. Times have changed, and now you don’t have to be royalty to wear pearls. Our attractive yellow pearl earrings price will let you indulge in the finesse that these precious gems offer and make you feel like royalty.

Pearls Offer Endless Possibilities in the World of Fine Jewellery

Pearls are not just any jewels. They are magical gems that have been adored by noble maidens and contemporary women alike. Nowadays, pearls are at the very foundation of women's jewellery trousseau as they are feminine and fashionable and offer a rich look with their smooth white silhouette. White pearls, combined with gold and citrine provide a lustrous look not only to the earrings in our collection but they will also elevate your look no matter what attire you wear. When you choose BlueStone to buy yellow pearl earrings online, you can sure that you will get only the best in the world of jewellery.

Amongst our stunning collection of yellow pearl earrings made with gold and studded with one or more pearl and citrine include the Pihu Sui Dhaga Earrings. They are a gorgeous pair of earrings designed to make a statement with their 18kt gold body studded with the multiple sparkling white diamonds, a flawless pearl hanging from a beautiful, golden sunflower silhouette, and a pear-shaped citrine dangling from a sleek gold chain. Similarly, the Blazing Flare Earrings will mesmerise you with their slender 18kt gold design. They are studded with tiny white diamonds, two small rounded white pearls, and two sparkling teardrop citrine stones. There’s a lot more royal pearly charm spread out only for you at BlueStone.

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