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Of Twinkles and Sparkles: The Best Gift for Sisters

There is something special about the bond you have with your sister, isn’t there? You often wonder whether you both came from the same parents but at the same time, you cannot do without her either. You two may fight like cats and dogs but at the end of the day, your sister will always be the person you can depend upon. She is the one person you can count on to always be honest with you. She may get you into trouble at times but at others, she will be the one to pull you out of a tough spot. It’s easy to take this relationship for granted and so from time to time, it is necessary to show your sister how much she means to you. One of the ways to do this is to buy gift for sister jewellery designs.

And the trinket you buy for your sister should be as unique and special as the bond you share with her, right? At BlueStone, we know how to make jewellery that nurtures relationships. Here is a collection everyone who loves their sister should explore.

The Reliable Elder Sister

Elder sisters are like a second mom. She will scold you just so much that you start wondering whether you have two mothers at home. But when it comes to protecting you from your parent’s scolding, you know she will be there for you. The Serena Pendant and the Samara Pendant with a single diamond are ideal gifts for an elder sister. Else, you could buy gifts for sisters online like the Tridan Earrings or the Modus Earrings. These are the perfect earrings for occasions like your sister’s promotion or a milestone birthday.

The Peacemaker

Remember all the fights you had with your sister? No matter whose fault it might have been, chances are she made the first move to make up after your fight. Tell your sister how much you admire for this unmatchable quality with the Arianna Ring or the Amaara Ring. To make peace, on many occasions, your sister would have had to be not only fair but flexible as well. Remember the time she spent the evening playing with you instead of going out with her friends? Gift for sister jewellery designs like the Flana Earrings and the Astarte Earrings are the perfect way to thank your sister for being so supportive while you grew up.

Celebrate Life Together

It’s impossible to imagine a family celebration without your sister. Whether she is older than you or younger, she has probably organised and helped organise a number of birthday parties for you as you grew up. From planning games to getting the dance floor started, she adds a spark wherever she goes. To make your sister’s life sparkle a little more, how about gifting her Auste Pendant or the Origa Earrings on her next birthday? You could also check out hoop earrings like the Delkash Earrings and the Inelia Earrings from our gift for sister jewellery collection.

The Innocent Younger Sister

Ah, the incredible joy of having a younger sister! No matter how old she gets, you will always see her as your cutie. Initial pendants like the Italia P Pendant are a great gift for younger sisters. A younger sister, like a blooming flower, makes your life beautiful and aromatic. It is no surprise, then, that floral jewellery is a very popular theme used in many of our new designs in gift for sister jewellery. Pendants like the Themis Pendant and the Rhytes Pendant are ideal for sisters of all ages. You could also gift them a ring like the Halle Ring or the Terra Ring.

Your Best Friend for Life

Last, but not the least, your sister is the best friend you could ask for. No matter how many other friends you have, she is the one you can tell everything without the fear of being judged. You may lose touch with friends and make new ones to replace them over the years but no one will ever be able to take the place of your sister. Some of the best gift for sister jewellery designs with which you show her how much you value this bond are the Bluhen Pendant and the Amaara Pendant. You could also think of gifting her rings, like the Moonlight Kiss Band or the Anina Ring.

Finding Trendy Gift for Sister Jewellery Online

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift for your sister. When you gift your sister a piece of jewellery, it should not only look good but also symbolise something special in your relationship. For example, floral designs often symbolise happiness. Hence, if you were to gift your sister the Geltrude Ring or the Ambra Ring, you would be telling her that she brings cheer to your life.

We often talk of flowers but rarely of leaves. However, can you imagine flowers without leaves? If you want to thank your sister for being supportive of your endeavours, the Gold Leaf Earrings are the perfect gift for her. Similarly, the circular form of the Dewy Irene Pendant tells your sister that you value the bond between you and her and want this bond to last for eternity.

How to Buy Gift for Sister Jewellery?

At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of designs that you can gift your sister. From earrings and pendants to rings, each design is beautiful in its own way. These pieces of jewellery are ideal gifts for birthdays, graduations, festivals and other special occasions. Our jewellery designs can also be customised according to your preferences. When you buy from us, we allow you to choose not just the karat value of gold but the colour and clarity of diamonds too. This is our way of trying to ensure that our gift for sister prices do not keep you from giving your sister the perfect gift. Sisters are priceless, didn’t we say?

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