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    Third Eye Jewellery

    Third Eye Jewellery Designs: Have You Opened Your Third Eye Yet?

    School textbooks taught us that we have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. What then is the third eye? Is it a physical anomaly? No! The third eye refers to a mystical concept that allows us to see beyond our immediate visible surroundings. This is considered to be an extension of our subconscious perception. To the followers of Hinduism, however, the third eye is not an alien concept. Lord Shiva is known for his Third Eye or the Eye of Wisdom. His third eye appears on his forehead above and between the two eyes. Unlike normal human eyes, this third eye is also usually denoted as a vertical eye. Many Hindus who believe in the power of Shiva’s third eye choose to wear third eye jewellery designs as a constant reminder of their faith. These jewellery designs usually take the form of pendants that can be worn on a slim gold chain or a bracelet.

    Third Eye Jewellery Designs that Symbolises Power

    There are many legends associated with Shiva’s third eye. One such legend says that after Sati’s death, Lord Shiva went into a state of deep meditation. At the same time, Sati was reborn as Parvati. When all the efforts of the Gods failed to bring Lord Shiva out of his trance, Kama, the God of Love was assigned the task of waking up Shiva. When Kama shot Lord Shiva with his arrow, Lord’s Shiva’s third eye opened and burnt Kama to ashes. The Third Eye Pendant with a marquise-cut ruby is representative of the immense power of the third eye.

    Many of the designs in this collection feature marquise-cut rubies. Wondering why? Well, what if we tell you that the marquise-cut is also known as the eye-shaped cut? Bingo! What better way of expressing the third eye than with an eye-shaped stone? This unique cut, together with the fire and brilliance of rubies, give these designs a spectacularly divine look and feel.

    Why Buy Third Eye Jewellery Designs from BlueStone?

    While religious jewellery is an integral part of many online and offline jewellers’ collection, a unique spiritual motif like the third eye is hard to find among traditional collections. With BlueStone offering a select range of designs handcrafted in this motif, you can now buy third eye jewellery online and save yourself the trouble of going from one shop to another.

    Our designers have come up with eye-catchy third eye jewellery designs made of gold and studded with diamonds and gemstones. Take, for instance, the Divinity Eye Pendant. Made of 18kt gold, the pendant feature a marquise-cut ruby and two sparkling diamonds. If you are more comfortable wearing something around your wrist rather than around your neck, take a look at the delicate Divinity Eye Bracelet. This features the same design as in the Divinity Eye Pendant and together they form a truly divine set to own and wear.

    The third eye isn’t the only symbol associated with Shiva. Other symbols include the trident, the Nandi Bull, the crescent moon, rudraksha beads and the snake. The Augadh Pendant combines two characteristic symbols often associated with Lord Shiva; the third eye and the shivlinga. This unisex pendant made of 18kt gold come studded with 15 twinkling diamonds that add to its divine charm.

    The carat value of the gold and the cut and clarity of the diamonds can influence third eye jewellery prices. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the carat value, the lower the jewellery price. BlueStone also offers you the unique opportunity to try on jewellery at home. This means, if you can’t make up your mind between two pieces in our collection you can try them on at home before buying them. So what are you waiting for? Browse through the BlueStone collection and pick your favourite today!

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