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The Fen Collection: Of Traditional Jalis and Trendy Tassels

Unless you have been living in a cave, there is no way you could have missed the tassels ruling our runways. From clothes to bags and shoes, tassels are making their presence noted. Tassels are feminine, flirty, and playful. So, why leave out jewellery? At BlueStone, our designers have created a trendy range of jewellery that focuses on tassels. It is called the Fen Collection.

In this creative display of fusion jewellery, our designers have paired these whimsical tassels with traditional jali designs. Our collection includes earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, and rings. When the traditional jalis meet the trendy tassels, you get absolute stunners. Do you like to stay on top of trends? Yet, do you want to hold on to your roots? You will find what you are looking for right here.

Do You Wanna Fall in Love with Pink?

Fashionistas are divided in their opinion about the colour pink. There are women who do not like anything remotely pink. Yet, there are others who love soft shades of baby pink or swear by hot pink. This makes pink gemstones a popular choice for making jewellery. In addition to jali and tassels, a defining feature of our Fen collection is the use of pink tourmalines.

As if the charm of these pink beauties is not enough, we have also used sparkling diamonds for a dramatic effect. The best Fen collection jewellery pieces are symbolic of many things. This includes romance, tenderness, softness, friendship and much more. This is what makes designs like the Splendid Floret Hoop Earrings such a great gift.

Pink Tourmaline: The Gem of Poets

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that can be found on every continent. It is considered one of the most colourful gemstones available. The colour of a tourmaline stone depends largely on the minerals within it. Traces of iron can make a tourmaline stone appear green and blue. On the other hand, red and pink tourmaline is developed under the influence of manganese. Pink tourmaline is believed to represent love, humanity, and friendship. This makes our Fen Collection designs an ideal gift for a friend or family member. Tourmaline is also considered to be the birthstone for October. So, if you have a sister celebrating her birthday in this month, how about gifting them the Dual Orange Peel Stud Earrings? Are you born in October? Get yourself the Resplendent Cocktail Ring.

Earrings that Moves Your Heart

One of the things that set tassels apart is their constant movement. This is what gives them their lively appeal. The Plume Tassel Earrings reflect this quality and move with every step you take. Imagine how graceful they would look when you are on the dancefloor. The Casket Tassel Earrings is another pair you can consider from this range.

Are you looking for something even more vibrant? Take a look at the Twin Tassel Earrings. These earrings are ideal for cocktail parties but may be a little too much for work or a kitty party. For such occasions, you could buy Fen Collection designs like the Ornate Oblong Drop Earrings and the Zeal Hook Earrings. These designs blend the dangling look of tassels with traditional Indian jali work. You may also prefer designs that focus more on the jali motifs. In such cases, the Finery Hoop Earrings or the Gorgeos Floret Hoop Earrings may the perfect designs for you.

Necklaces and Pendants Just for You

A pendant or a necklace can instantly uplift an outfit. Slipping on something like the Twin Tassel Necklace can transform a simple white shirt and jeans from ordinary to stylish. Our trendy Fen Collection online has a number of necklaces and pendants ideal for office as well as for a party. The Ornate Oblong Pendant and the Gusto Pendant are perfect for office wear. Else you could consider the Marvellous Tassel Pendant or the Zest Pendant.

Jewellery for the boardroom needs to be subtle, agreed. But, how about parties? There, you need something to make a strong statement. The Incredible Tassel Necklace and the Triplet Tassel Necklace do just that. These necklaces complement ethnic wear as well as western wear. If you are looking for something that celebrates the delicate jali work India is known for, don’t miss the Ornate Oblong Necklace.

Jewellery for Your Wrists

An Indian woman will be rarely seen with bare wrists. Bangles are considered one of the solah shringaar that a woman adorns. Typically, bangles were designed as a single and unbroken circular band. However, today, the line between bangles and bracelets has been blurred to a great extent. Designs like the Zest Twister Bangle maintain the circular shape of a bangle but can be twisted and snapped into place. Similarly, the Gusto Twister Bangle need not be slipped over the hand when worn. Such designs are ideal for women with large hands and small wrists.

Other new designs in Fen collection jewellery include the Glee Twister Bangle. In keeping with current fashion trends, this bangle is open ended. As compared to bangles, bracelets are considered delicate. The Charm Tassel Bracelet is one such example. As the name suggest, this designs has tassels as charms hanging from it.

How to Buy Fen Collection Online?

Each design in this collection is crafted with the highest attention to detail. However, not every design can suit every person. When you buy jewellery, you must consider what suits your body. For example, the Zing Hook Earrings and the Zest Hook Earrings may look similar. However, the former is better suited to a woman with a long face while the latter would complement a woman with a round face. So, take your time and pick the piece that suits you the most.

And the best part of all this is our Fen collection price tag. Our range is highly competitive. By the way, the word Fen means ‘pink’ in the Mandarin language. A fitting name for this beautiful collection, don’t you think?

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