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Chakra Pendants: Uplift Your Energy Points

The love for pendants runs deep among jewellery enthusiasts and why not! Pendants are one accessory of adornment that is widely available in varied forms, shapes, and designs. From the conventional designs to quirky styles, there is always one that will perfectly suit your whim and taste. But what if we tell you that a pendant can be much more than just a fashion accessory? A pendant can be a means to awaken the energy vortex in your body and uplift you in various ways. Yes, that’s true but not every pendant can do this. For that, you need to adorn a chakra pendant. But first, let us know a bit about chakras.

Chakras: The Vortex of Life

Chakra means energy point or vortex. The human body contains thousands of chakras or energy vortexes that enable the life force to move freely through our body. Among these, there are seven major chakras, namely the Muladhara, the Swadhisthana, the Manipura, the Anahata, the Vishuddhi, the Chakra Ajna, and the Sahasrara. These seven chakras are located at the base of the tailbone, the sacrum, lumbar spine behind the navel, the dorsal spine behind the heart, the cervical spine behind the throat, between the eyes, and at the very top of the head respectively. Each of these chakras corresponds to certain emotions and feelings spreading from the crown to the base.

Initially, the chakras gained popularity in the Hindu culture. Later the concept of chakra spread to other cultures and religions such as Jainism, Buddhism, and certain sects of Christianity as well.

Stabilise your Energy Vortex with BlueStone’s Chakra Pendants

The chakras in your body are influenced by the energy surrounding you. By wearing certain stones in close contact with your body you can raise your sensations and experience the healing properties of the chakras. A chakra pendant enables you to do exactly that. It enables you to clear and stabilise the chakras in your body. This, in turn, helps to balance and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit energy.

If you are wondering where to buy a high-quality chakra pendant then keep your worries aside. Now you can buy chakra pendants online from BlueStone, a leading jewellery store exemplifying quality and craftsmanship. BlueStone brings to you a rare collection of chakra pendant designs. Our chakra pendants allow you to draw the benefit of varied stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, garnet, topaz, and tourmaline. Our designers have worked on each chakra pendant design to make them unique and corresponding to the taste of the modern user.

Select your Chakra Pendant Design from BlueStone

At BlueStone, we walk the extra mile to satisfy our customers with the very best jewellery designs. That is why we create our chakra pendant designs as exceptional pieces of jewellery that anybody would love to wear and flaunt.

Take our Crown Chakra Pendant for instance. Designed in the shape of the sun, this amethyst pendant in gold is a beauty to reckon with. The Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant is shaped as a sunflower and has a citrine shinning in the middle of it. Our Root Chakra Pendant sparkles brightly with a garnet at the centre. Just take a look at the Throat Chakra Pendant and tell us if you can resist the charm of this gold piece flaunting an aquamarine stone? But that’s not all. We have lots more.

We believe that when you buy chakra pendant designs, you must get the best value for money. So, we have kept our chakra pendant prices very reasonable. Isn’t that the icing on the cake? Now go through our online collection and make your choice today.

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