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    Below 30000 Pendants to Make You Feel Gorgeous

    If your heart skips a beat at the sight of dazzling pendants, then you are not alone. This trinket has an enigmatic appeal about it. After all, pendants have been the object of human fascination since the Stone Age. Yes, our affair with pendants dates back to that primitive era and it’s still going strong. Just an indication of the everlasting popularity of this trinket! What’s more? They are a favoured piece of jewellery for both men and women.

    So, what’s so special about pendants?

    With the right pendant, you can tune up your glam quotient in an effortless manner. And when that pendant is a brilliant piece from our below 30000 pendant designs, you can be sure of making a unique style statement. Resplendent and radiant, each pendant from this fashionable collection by BlueStone is crafted to add charisma to your personality. Come, explore, and fall in love with our range of trendy below 30000 pendants online.

    Pendant: One Trinket, Many Styles!

    When it comes to pendant designs, the sky is the limit. You can find a pendant in any imaginable shape and motif. Cool, funky, chic, contemporary, traditional, whimsical or casual, you name it and you can find one corresponding to that style in this eclectic display of pendants.

    Among the popular styles are the single diamond pendants, bejewelled pendants, locket pendants, religious pendants, zodiac pendants, and fashion pendants. Wondering where you can get to see and explore so many styles together? Well, our best below 30000 pendants collection brings to you all such styles and more.

    Want to Know More about the Various Pendant Styles?

    Single diamond pendants, as the name says, is fashioned around one diamond. A classic example of this style is our Yulia Pendant. Crafted in 18k yellow gold, this design exemplifies that beauty lies in simplicity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find elaborate designs in this style. Take a look at our Mangaikari Pendant. Designed around a single diamond, it highlights an intricate floral motif crafted in 18k gold.

    If one diamond can do magic, how much charm can a cluster of diamonds produce? Our Ashyah Pendant has the answer to this question. Made of 18kt gold and studded with 61 sparkling diamonds, this piece has an unlimited charm and twinkle. A multi-diamond stunner made of white gold, like the Anulya Pendant, can add more zing and radiance to your look.

    Bejewelled pendants are those that come decorated with diamonds and colourful gemstones. Do you have a thing for rubies and diamonds? Go for our diamond-studded Devarya Pendant that comes with four princess cut rubies. If emeralds are your favourites, you can make your pick from a fascinating range including the Nurla Pendant and the Xenia Pendant. Pendants with multi-coloured gemstones are also trending these days. Our Jamini Pendant, which is a navaratna pendant, makes a fine example of such style. These designs add a classic touch to most outfits. We have designs studded with almost every member of the gemstone family. Explore and see these wonders yourself!

    Locket Pendants and Religious Pendants

    When you want to wear a pendant that is unique yet with a rich history, a locket pendant is what you need. Such pendants are designed to open and reveal a space that can be used to store a precious photograph or lock of hair. For instance, our Quest of Love Openable Pendant is a heart-shaped design that has a small space to carry your lover’s photograph close to your heart. Such designs also make exceptional gifts to your loved ones. What better way to express your feelings than with a pendant as special and beautiful as this?

    Speaking of expressing yourself, how about expressing your faiths and beliefs through a finely crafted religious pendant? Typically, such pieces feature a symbol or a motif that is most commonly associated with a religion. Consider our Annot Cross Pendant as an example. The fuss-free design of cross can be a statement of your faith in a fashionable manner. And it uses one of the most recognisable symbols of Christianity – the cross. Among our bestselling religious pendants are the Durga Pendant, the Warrior Pendant, and the Al Malik Pendant, each representing a different faith.

    Zodiac Pendants and Fashion Pendants

    Imagine that you want to buy a pendant for a loved one, but you are not very sure about their tastes and preferences. You want the gift to be special and personalised too. What’s the option you have? A zodiac pendant, of course! Such pendants enable the wearer to sport their zodiac sign. The Scorpius Pendant from our new designs in below 30000 pendants is an example of this category. If you know their month and date of birth, you can also go for pendant studded with their birthstone.

    Another category popular with our customers is the fashion pendant. A fashion pendant is a distinctive piece that can be a fashion statement in itself. An example is our Prima Pendant. Designed as a five-point star, this pendant can draw the spotlight on you at any gathering. So are you ready to make a unique and bold fashion statement with one of the designs in this collection?

    What’s Special about the below 30000 Pendant Collection from BlueStone?

    BlueStone’s below 30000 pendants collection is unlike any other range of pendants you may come across online. For one, this is a collection that speaks the language of creativity and innovation. Check out our Swaying Feather Pendant to know what we mean. Our designers have used the traditional peacock theme to create this trendy design. Then there is the price of this range. At below 30000 pendants price, this is a highly affordable collection.

    So, when you buy below 30000 pendants designs from us, you get impeccable designs at competitive prices. You can even get solitaire pendants under this collection. Don’t trust us? Take a look at our Evergreen Classic Pendant. This classy pendant comes with a preset solitaire diamond. But that’s not all. This collection also offers you variety of gold.

    While there is no dearth of yellow gold designs, you can make your pick from white and rose gold designs as well. Consider our Charming Tulip Pendant as an example of our rose gold designs. The subtle shine of rose gold is finely complemented with a string of diamonds. Our Adil Heart Pendant is an example of our white gold designs. In this design, the classic heart motif comes alive in a stunning manner. With our wide variety at offer, you won’t be short of choices in this collection.

    Be at Your Fashionable Best at Every Occasion

    You wouldn’t wear the same dress to your office and to the weekend party, will you? Then why compromise on your trinkets? Now you can easily buy below 30000 pendants online from us and flaunt your distinct style at every occasion. For instance, our Lavinia Pendant can make a great choice for officewear. This is a design that will complement all kinds of outfit.

    When you want to rock the party scene, our Espria Pendant can be your saviour. Don’t you think the cool design is an instant eye-catcher? If it’s a special occasion, why not go for our Isis Pendant? This gem of a pendant can add a touch of glamour to your look. At BlueStone, you are sure to get pendant designs that match your personal style and your occasions.

    Women, Men, and Kids - There’s Something for Everyone

    Pendants are one of those accessories that even men love to flaunt with enthusiasm. This is a collection that caters to the fashion sense of not just women but men as well. So, we have pendants for men, women, and kids. There are a few unisex designs too, which can be worn by men and women alike. An example of our unisex pendant is the Lion Pendant. This zodiac pendant represents Leo zodiac. The Akal Purakh Pendant is designed for use by both men and women. Even the Messiah Pendant is designed for use by both genders.

    We know what your kids like – colours, flowers, vehicles, animals, and what not! That’s why our eclectic collection has pieces like the Childlike Flower Pendant and the Zip Zap Zoom Pendant for Kids. The former has a floral motif while the latter is shaped like a car. There are more colourful pieces in our kids’ pendant collection. Check it out and choose one for your little fashionista, today.

    The list of our pendants in this collection is long and exciting. So, take out a little time and explore our designs to get hold of the one that matches your style perfectly.

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