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    Immortalise Your Love with Below 30000 Mangalsutras

    Marriage is a promise of lifelong friendship, companionship, and love between couples. When the groom ties a mangalsutra around his bride’s neck, it signifies the union of two souls in an eternal bond. For the bride, the mangalsutra is a priceless ornament. It signifies her marital status and bliss. In keeping with the longstanding customs, most women even today continue to wear the mangalsutra after their marriage.

    While the custom holds as much value as ever, what has evolved are the mangalsutra designs. Today the new age brides prefer to wear mangalsutras that are not just symbolic of their marital bond but reflect their fashion sense as well. Catering to this evolving trend are our below 30000 mangalsutra designs. This is a collection by BlueStone that celebrates the union of style and tradition.

    The Rise of the Trendy Mangalsutras

    In its plain form, a mangalsutra is a sacred thread. It is believed that this thread binds a married couple in the threads of love and protects them from the evil eye. With time, the sacred thread took the form of a gold and black beaded chain with a simple gold pendant attached to it. The mangalsutra pendant varied in shape, form, and size from one culture to another.

    Then elaborate gold and diamond pendants came into the picture. In the recent times, the demand has been for trendy pendants that complement the lifestyle and wardrobe of the modern woman. Designs like our Nakeya Mangalsutra are in much demand these days. Made of 18kt gold and studded with 66 sparkling diamonds, this mangalsutra epitomizes everything stylish and trendy. Striking and beautiful, such designs go well with both western and traditional outfits. At BlueStone, you can buy below 30000 mangalsutras online that flatter the fashion sense of the modern woman.

    Why Opt for the Best Below 30000 Mangalsutras by BlueStone?

    There was a time when mangalsutras didn’t seem to go well with western or modern outfits. The reason was the elaborate designs and styles this ornament came in. But all that is a thing of the past now. Our trendy below 30000 mangalsutras online range opens up a world of fashionable designs for you. What’s more, with below 30000 mangalsutras prices being reasonable, this is a collection that is quite light on the pocket.

    In Indian culture, gold is associated with everything auspicious. This is a collection where you can buy below 30000 mangalsutra designs in plain gold. Consider our Varini Mangalsutra as an example. Crafted with 22k gold, this plain gold mangalsutra is simple yet stylish. And it can be worn every day and on special occasions too. If you love the glitter of diamonds, you won’t be short of choices either. Take a look at our Takshaka Mangalsutra. Don’t you think that the stunning design of this piece is further enhanced by the presence of the diamonds? For those of you who love ethnic designs, we have quite a few stunners. Check out our Jyothsana Mangalsutra. This design is a modern take on a traditional motif. Explore this range to discover a variety of styles and designs.

    Mangalsutras with the Heart Motif

    The heart motif is known as the symbol of love the world over. Our heart motif mangalsutras are a great way to express your love for your partner. A classic example of this is the Rujula Mangalsutra. Made of 22kt gold and without any stone embellishments, this design features the heart motif in a beautiful way. Twin heart designs like our Ashna Mangalsutra celebrates the union of two hearts.

    The Kama Mangalsutra also has two hearts, but they are entwined hearts. When you want a design to symbolise infinite love, go for this one. The Bawri Mangalsutra has a cluster of hearts. It represents the ever-growing bond of love between couples. Don’t forget to check our other designs under this category.

    Make an Eternal Style Statement with Floral Mangalsutras

    The floral motif is always in demand. They have entered the world of jewellery several centuries ago and continue to rule it in every way creative way imaginable. You can find simple as well as elaborate designs based on the floral motif in this exquisite collection curated by our ingenious designers. These pieces celebrate the eternal charm of flowers in the form of finely crafted jewellery.

    Our Yashodhara Mangalsutra is a fine example of the same. The ethnic motif gets a unique makeover in this design. The Avanti Mangalsutra from this collection is a cool item representing this motif. Pair it with your dresses or wear it with a saree, the choice is yours. If you have the floral motif in your mind, we are sure you will love our designs.

    Go for the Cluster Setting for that Mega Sparkle

    Some designs have a charm of their own. Our cluster mangalsutra belongs to this category. In such designs, a cluster of diamonds is set beautifully against a base of gold. Our Aadhaya Mangalsutra is a case in point. The cluster of diamonds – 13 of them - at the centre of this design is hard to miss. The Artham Mangalsutra is another piece highlighting this design. Made of 18kt gold, this features a stunning floral structure complete with 15 sparkling diamonds set in a cluster.

    Want more bling and sparkle?

    Go for the Drahokam Mangalsutra with 22 diamonds. Simple yet stylish, this piece will sure be a sparkling addition to your everyday jewellery collection. Explore this collection today and find many more pieces that exude the jumbo sparkle of diamond clusters.

    Love Knot Mangalsutras to Symbolise Your Love Knot

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way! If your heart is knotted with your partner’s, our love knot mangalsutras provide you the chance to express the same symbolically. The love knot allegedly has its origins in the bygone days when sailors used to tie such knots using ropes in memory of their wives or lovers. Later this symbol was widely used in jewellery to symbolise love and companionship. Today, you can see many mangalsutra designs featuring these motifs and why not!

    What can be a better representation of your love than our Uphar Mangalsutra? The design is stunning and elegant at the same time. The Pavi Mangalsutra is another beauty to consider from this category. The chic design can leave anyone mesmerised.

    Go Classic with Our Classic and Everyday mangalsutras

    If you love classic designs, we have a number of choices for you. Take a look at our Rebha Mangalsutra. The elegant design impresses without being too loud. Want some sparkle? Our Dhwani Mangalsutra can be the perfect answer to your search. This graceful design can complement your look at all times.

    Love doesn’t need a reason or a season to be expressed. With our everyday mangalsutras, you can flaunt your love in a romantic way. Consider our Gauhar Mangalsutra as an example. The lovely design lends you a stylish look day-in and day-out. With our Aluha Mangalsutra, you can be at your graceful best. The Kavya Mangalsutra highlights the beauty of plain gold in a striking manner. If simplicity is your style, we suggest you go for this one.

    Mangalsutra Bracelets

    What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you hear the word mangalsutra? A chain and a pendant, right? Well, you cannot be blamed because for hundreds of years that has been the traditional form of mangalsutras. Not anymore! Today, you can find mangalsutra designs which you can wear around your wrist – yes, we are talking about mangalsutra bracelets. Such designs are exploding in popularity these days.

    Take a look at our Harmya Bracelet. Made of 18kt gold, this trendy piece features the traditional black and gold bead design of mangalsutras but with a twist – you wear it as a wrist ornament. It also has a pendant-like central piece which is a ruby and 20 tiny diamonds. The Holika Bracelet is another piece you can consider from this range.

    Our list of designs does not end here. We have many wonderful styles and designs waiting for you. All you need to do is explore our collection. Men, if you are looking for designs to gift your wife, look no further. The designs from this collection will make great gifts for her. So, go ahead and celebrate your love with our beautiful below 30000 mangalsutras.

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