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    Below 30000 Bangles: Enhance Your Feminine Grace

    Jingling bangles have been adorning the wrists of Indian women for centuries now. This ornament also forms an integral part of a bride’s jewellery box. Traditionally, bangles have been worn for more reasons than mere ornamentation. They have been the bearer of traditional and cultural values. Due to the changing jewellery trends, the design and style of bangles have undergone much change in the recent times. But what has remained constant all throughout is the popularity of this wrist ornament.

    Why, you may ask!

    Bangles are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your wrists and make them look graceful. Whether you are wearing a simply embroidered kurta or a heavily designed silk saree, the right kind of bangle will give it a matchless enhancement. And when your bangles are exceptional pieces from our below 30000 bangle designs, you can be sure of making heads turn with your wrist jewellery. Explore this special collection by BlueStone to lend your wrists a gorgeous look. 

    The Evolution of Bangles as a Fashion Accessory

    At one point in time, bangles were primarily worn with traditional outfits. But the changing trends in the fashion industry have widened the reach of bangles. Over time, this ornament has become much trendier than before. The contemporary styles and designs in bangles have made them suitable to be worn with all types of modern outfits.

    Not just that!

    Earlier women used to wear many bangles on one wrist. That practice is also giving way to newer trends where they sport only one bangle – something unique and with a stand-out appeal. Consider our Akira Oval Bangle as an example. Sleek and simple, this piece has a small heart motif as a decoration. You can easily flaunt this design with an evening party dress. What’s more? You don’t need to stack half a dozen of them- just one piece will do to give your wrists that much needed enhancement.

    With newer styles and trends hitting the jewellery market every season, this ornament has rightly earned its place as a fashion accessory. At BlueStone, you can buy below 30000 bangles online that are designed to complement your stylish persona.

    Be Unconventional, Be Yourself: Buy Below 30000 Bangle Designs from BlueStone

    Bangles can make your wrists look pretty - there is no doubt about that. But not every bangle has the magic to do so. The trick lies in selecting bangles that speak the language of style and exquisiteness. Our trendy below 30000 bangles online collection caters to this need of yours. Check out our Palakshi Flexible Bangle as an example. The unique open-end design of this piece reflects the expert craftsmanship of our designers. Made of 18kt gold and studded with nine sparkling diamonds, this piece speaks the language of style quite fluently. Adding more zing to this fashion bangle is its heart motif which is enamelled in deep red. Festivals or weekend get-togethers, sport this exquisite piece will spruce up your look instantly.

    Bangles are one of those ornaments you can experiment a lot with. From sporting a single piece to wearing a dozen or more pieces, you can always create your own unique look. When you want a standalone piece, the Iona Bangle can be a great choice. Designed in 18k gold, this bangle has a stunning central piece featuring a diamond-studded floral motif. Be it a festive occasion or a casual weekend party, you can never go wrong with this piece. Also, this stylish piece comes with adjustable links – quite like a bracelet – which makes it an ideal pick for your kids too.

    Bangles in White Gold

    When you buy below 30000 bangle designs from this collection, you can select your designs in yellow or white gold. Among our popular white gold designs is the Aimee Oval Bangle. The band of white gold in this design is accented with a diamond-studded heart-motif. Considering the popularity white gold jewellery has gained these days, it’s certainly the perfect piece to flaunt at parties and get-togethers!

    Whether you love plain gold pieces or diamond-studded beauties, you are sure to find your match at this collection. This is a range where you won’t be short of designs for various occasions either.

    Festive Bangles to Add to Your Festive Look

    When you are up for a festive look, you would definitely want something special to adorn your wrists, wouldn’t you? A simple or ordinary bangle cannot create that celebratory mood.; only an extraordinary design can do that. You can find some of our best below 30000 bangles under our festive category.

    Take a look at our Kathlyn Oval Bangle. This yellow gold piece is designed around the heart motif. Don’t you think it’s the ideal piece to complement any festive attire? When you want a design that can add to your overall look without being too loud, our Trim Shear Bangles may come to your rescue. Designed in 22k gold, it displays a rich dual-tone look. Wear it as a single piece or stack two or three of them together – you will look gorgeous either way. A plain gold bangle like this is ideal for gifting on occasions like Akshaya Tritiya.

    Rock Parties with Our Party Bangles

    The right bangle can accentuate your party look in a jiffy. Our Bespoke Twister Bangle is a case in point. High on style, this pearl and gold beauty can draw the spotlight towards you effortlessly.

    If you love to make distinct style statements with your ornaments, our Pushti Flexible Bangle can be a great choice. The minute detailing in this design makes it a show-stopper in itself. Each of our party bangles is a stunner in their own right. All you need to do is select the ones that meet your personal style and need. 

    Make Your Pick from Our Workwear Bangles

    Selecting bangles for workwear is often a challenge for most women. You need to opt for designs that do not hinder workflow in any way. At the same time, it should go well with your office outfits too. At BlueStone, we have workwear bangle designs that are elegant and classy. Check out our Vivid Winsome Bangles as an example. With its sleek and trendy look, this 22k gold bangle can be a perfect pick. Designs like our Drina Bangle can add a touch of flair and panache to your look without going over the edge. Go ahead and make your choice from our impressive workwear bangles.

    Shine with Our Plain Gold Bangles

    Gold jewellery has a unique appeal of its own. If you are smitten by the look of plain gold, we have you covered. This collection brings to you a number of striking plain gold designs. What’s more, our below 30000 bangles price makes them light on the pocket as well. Among our popular plain gold designs is the Sleek Flaxed Bangle. This modern design has a minimalistic look to it. You can either wear it as a single piece or go for multiple pieces. If you love lightweight jewellery, designs like our Flaxen Oblong Bangles can serve you well. Though they are light in weight, they are no less in flair and panache. 

    Now that you have an idea about our new designs in below 30000 bangles, why not browse through them to make your choice? Go ahead and adorn your wrists with timeless grace and beauty.

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