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    Nose Pins

    Up Your Fashion Quotient with Below 25000 Nose Pins

    A piece of jewellery should be judged not based on its size but on the impact, it makes, on the wearer as well as the onlooker. Sometimes the smallest of trinkets can create the biggest of impressions. A nose pin is a glaring example of this. Tiny or large, it never fails to attract attention and lends a matchless charm to almost any face that adorns it. In fact, it is one of the first things people notice on your face.

    Now, if such a trinket comes from our exclusive collection of below 25000 nose pin designs, the effect gets increased manifold. High on craftsmanship and style, this collection we offer at BlueStone has gorgeous nose pins, screws, and rings designed for the diva in you. Explore our range today to make your pick from our scintillating designs.

    Nose Pins: A Cool Fashion Trend

    Gone are the days when nose pins were considered to be a thing for the married women in India. Today, this trinket has earned its place as a cool fashion accessory. With celebrities like Sania Mirza and Lady Gaga sporting it, it has caught the attention of the fashionistas in a big way. Being available in a number of styles and designs, nose pins scores high on fashion quotient as well as popularity. The fact that it goes well with all kinds of attire further adds to its appeal and earns it brownie points with everyone, right from college goers to professionals and homemakers. Transcending the barriers of age and style, nose pins are quickly creating inroads into the jewellery box of women of all ages.

    When everyone is caught on to this accessory, you would definitely not want to be left behind, would you? Why not be distinct in your choice? At our trendy below 25000 nose pins online collection, you are sure to discover the right nose pin that will resonate with your personal style.

    What Style of Nose Trinket Do You Prefer?

    So you thought that a nose trinket is all about piercing your nose and wearing a shiny piece? Well, there is actually more to that. For starters, nose ornaments are not limited to being a nose pin alone. They come in varied forms, such as nose pins, nose screws, nose rings, etc. Let us elaborate them a bit for you.

    A nose pin is a wiry trinket that has a decoration at one end. This decorated end sits pretty on the nose while the other open end passes through the nostril to keep the designer part securely in place. An example of this is the Melek Nose Pin from our new designs in below 25000 nose pins. This piece is made of 18kt gold and comes with a round cut ruby, which adds to its charm. Such style of nose trinkets is a rage these days.

    A nose ring, as you can guess from its very name, is a type of ring that passes through the piercing on the nostril or the septum. These small rings can make big fashion statements effortlessly. Our Kosara Nose Ring is an example of the same. Made of 22t gold, this plain gold nose ring has a traditional charm, yet it goes well with all kinds of outfits, whether it is a designer saree or a black party dress.

    Nose screws as the most traditional and popular form of nose ornaments. And they are making a big comeback these days. True to its name, a nose screw has a screw-like piece that helps to keep the decorated part of the trinket exposed on the nostril. Our Holly Nose Screw is a fine example of this style. Shaped like a tiny star, this 18kt piece has a sparkling round cut diamond sitting right in the centre. Now that you know the different kinds of nose ornaments there are, choose one that best fits your face and personal style.

    Buy Below 25000 Nose Pins Online from BlueStone: A Magnificent Range

    Vivid designs and styles are what mark this exclusive collection by BlueStone. Our wide range of nose pins have designs crafted out of various types of gold and studded with precious gems and diamonds.

    Our traditional designs like the Pansy Nose Pin are crafted with 18k yellow gold. The shimmer of the single diamond in this design can effortlessly augment your beauty. In the recent times, white gold designs are making all the news as the hot favourite of fashionistas. If you are looking for a design in white gold, our Peony Nose Screw is ideal for you. This classic piece has a pink sapphire top to give it a distinct look.

    Looking for an out-of-the-box design? Take a look at our Roos Nose Pin. Crafted in 18k rose gold, this nose pin resembles a delicate rose. The impeccable design is a far cry from the conventional designs you will find at other jewellers.

    Opt For a Vibrant Look with Our Gleaming Designs

    When you buy below 25000 nose pin designs from this collection, you can select your dainty sparkle in various hues. Yes, our designs are studded with colourful gemstones that can add spunk to your look. Consider our Tien Nose Pin as an example. The glow of emerald complements the yellow gold base in a perfect manner. Our Jasmine Nose Pin has a blue sapphire shining against the white gold base design. Just what you need to make a fashion statement without being loud!

    Is red your colour? Check out our Tansy Nose Pin. This ruby-studded nose pin is sure to enhance your glam quotient. While we are talking about gemstones, how can we miss the most precious of the lot- diamonds? We have some of the most exotic designs set with diamonds. The Larkspur Nose Screw is a case in point. The floral design has a cluster of diamonds to add to its sparkle. When elegance is your style, the Cosmos Nose Pin can be your mate. The single diamond lined by gold is subtle yet eye-catching. You won’t be short of such brilliant choices at this collection.

    Unique Designs for a Unique Appeal – Enamelled Nose Pins and Paisleys

    Many people think there cannot be many design innovations in nose ornaments. That, a nose pin will always be a simple piece studded with a round cut or square cut gemstone or a cluster of diamonds. Well, our designers at BlueStone didn’t think so and that’s why they have come up with a unique range of enamelled nose pins. Take our Wahida Nose Pin, for instance. Made of 18kt gold, this piece has a decorative end with deep blue enamel. It also has a small round cut diamond to add to its charm. The Mafaze Nose Pin is another enamelled piece we offer for our fashion-conscious customers.

    Speaking of fashion, one of the designs that have always ranked top in the world of fashion is the paisley. And at BlueStone, we have recreated this design in some of our finely crafted nose pins. The Heli Paisley Nose Pin and Arvi Paisley Nose Pin are two such stunners. Sport them on an ordinary day and they will change your look from simple to magnificent in no time.

    Get the Best below 25000 Nose Pins for Every Occasion

    Who says you have to wear the same nose pin for every occasion? With our exotic designs and below 25000 nose pins price, you can experiment with your look with gusto. Whether it is a special occasion or a mundane day at work, we have a piece dedicated to each look of yours.

    For instance, our Primrose Nose Pin can draw the spotlight on you when you flaunt it at any special occasion. It has a yellow sapphire set in yellow gold. A design like our Thistle Nose Pin can be perfect for your vacation look. This design has an amethyst sitting prettily on the yellow gold base.

    Explore our collection today to make your choice. And we have items that start from as low as INR 3000 or below. With home the trial option, free shipping, and easy return policies we offer, you will have a wonderful time shopping with us.

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