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    Below 25,000 Bracelets to Adorn You with Panache

    As time changes, your wardrobe has to change too. Without some refreshing additions, how will you keep up with the trends? There is one sure fire way to give your look a lovely makeover. You can try some new pieces of jewellery. But, which ones are apt? Among many others, there is one type of jewellery that never falls out of style. Bracelets! They are the must-have items for any modern fashionista.

    Unlike other wrist-ornaments, bracelets are lightweight, so they do not feel heavy on the hands. Yet, these simple trinkets get enough attention due to their unparalleled urban glamour. Needless to say, they can be the chic add-ons for daily dressing. That’s why we at BlueStone have come up with an exclusive range of below 25000 bracelet designs for modern day fashionistas.

    What Makes Our Below 25000 Bracelets Special?

    At BlueStone you will find a number of trendy below 25000 bracelets online – a complete selection of unique bracelets, each of the designs is different than the rest. You can easily pick bracelets that will give your office wears a stylish flair. For instance, our Desirous Charm Bracelet is a classic piece made of plain gold and features the good old link design. It’s an ideal pick for those who prefer classic and traditional designs? The Chrisanta Bracelet, on the other hand, exudes a contemporary charm with its white gold body and a diamond-studded eternity symbol as the central piece.

    Looking for something that redefines tradition with a modern twist?

    Go for our mangalsutra bracelets such as the Gayanthika Bracelet or the Kalika Bracelet. These pieces follow the traditional design of a mangalsutra chain, with black and golden beads. But we have given each a modern touch too. These days, such bracelets are becoming a hot trend popularized by celebrities such as Shilpa Shetty. There’s something cool about wearing your mangalsutra on your wrist, isn’t there?

    There are also several pieces fit for a festive makeover. With such jewellery in your jewellery collection, your days will never be boring. What’s more, the below 25000 bracelets price is not expensive or out of reach. They are fit for your budget so much so that you would enjoy shopping for more than one piece. Have a look around to find out what’s in stock.

    Look Cool with Gorgeous Weekend Bracelets

    Weekends are the time when you visit pubs, clubs, and parties. It is also the relaxing time for fun and dressing up. Our weekend bracelets are made to complement your style. Radiant and arty, they can match your western outfits with élan. For example, you can try below 25000 bracelets designs like the Julianna Bracelet. The three gold hearts dangling from it have the words

    Weekends are meant for spending lazy and laid back moments, especially if you have had a busy work week. You may also not feel like putting in too much time or energy to dress up. The Tortoise Bracelet is the perfect pick to give your casuals a trendier look. Made of 18kt gold, this simple piece has a diamond-studded tortoise as its central piece for an added oomph.

    For that carefully careless look, the Glorious Sun Bracelet can be your best option. Diamonds glitter from the middle of its sun-like design. The flower and foliage motif ranks high in glamour meter. The Prevailing Flowerets Bracelet can be your pick for this. Tiny leaf and bud design will take your dressing style to the next level.

    Spot that Dazzling Look with Awe-Inspiring Festive Bracelets

    Indian festivals are full of colours. These are the times when your best ethnic dresses come out of the closet. Only vibrant bracelet designs can match them. Thankfully, there are a number of festive bracelets available at BlueStone. Whether you are celebrating a religious festival or a cultural one, these pieces will add colours and zing to your festive look.

    Speaking of religious festivals, we have a number of bracelets that feature religious motifs. Wear something rooted in Hindu culture like the Om Ganesha Bracelet. It has the elephant head and tusk design of Lord Ganesha. The ruby and diamond give it the right dose of opulence. The Siddhivinayak Bracelet with an intricate design is a radiant one for the devotees of Ganesha. The Abigail Cross Bracelet and the Chloe Cross Bracelet are some of the other popular religious bracelets in this collection.

    Festivals are not just about religions and customs. They are also about celebrations, feasts, and get-togethers. Something feminine and delicate like the Elonna Bracelet goes well with your saris or anarkalis. When you shop with us, you can buy below 25000 bracelet designs which are fashionable and timeless at the same time. Geometric shapes are making waves in the fashion world. Our answer to that is the Squared in Appeal Bracelet. Just like the name suggests, it has a linked square design to give your wrist a wholesome dazzling appearance.

    Rock the Boardroom with Tasteful Workwear Bracelets

    Your workplace demands sophisticated dressing. Even fashion trend predictions have started including office wear. To match the formal ambience of offices, we have a collection of workwear bracelets. Each of them has a subtle dignity. Made of 22kt plain gold, the Eternity Bracelet is a bright example. It has a no-nonsense look that makes a grand impression. The Carisha Bracelet is another stunning piece to own. Made of rose gold and black enamel work, this one has a cosmopolitan look. The glimmer of diamond from the centre adds to its beauty.

    When it comes to office wear jewellery, one gemstone you can never go wrong with is a pearl. Pearls are beautiful, classic, and office appropriate. Give your corporate look a touch of chicness with the Traci Bracelet. Its infinity shape holds a big, round shaped pearl. This classic piece comes with diamonds for added glitz. The Agnessa Bracelet with its ribbon design is also a fantastic pick. Pearls dangle on its both sides. Buy below 25,000 bracelets online and pair with your boring formals for a refreshing change. Your peers will not just notice but even envy such transformation.

    Pay Tribute to Nature with Dainty Floral Bracelets

    Floral designs are the chartbusters of fashion trends. Many ace designers are busy in making the most of it. Get your share of fashion ramp glamour with our floral bracelets. Have a look at the Purity Lily Bracelet for example. Its ring shape has a lily design with gleaming diamonds. Another lovely specimen is the Caressing Flora Bracelet. Five blossoms are spread on its length. Something so beautiful and rare will surely help you stand out from the rest.

    Is rose your favourite flower? The Loving Rose Bracelet is then meant for you. A ruby shines from its rosy design. There are many others among the best below 25,000 bracelets we offer, like the Nayah Bracelet. Its pearl accent has an ageless appeal. You may even prefer the Vasillia Bracelet with a diamond at its centre. Each floral bracelet in this collection is as beautiful as a freshly bloomed flower. And these ‘flowers’ we create in gold and gemstones stand the test of time too!

    Look Trendy with Contemporary Fusion Bracelets

    A modern woman is a fusion of worlds, the old and the new. Naturally, her jewellery also has to be a blending of both. Fusion jewellery is all about presentation. It has a persona of its own. Check out the fusion bracelets at BlueStone such as the Elizabeth Bracelet that features a leafy design. Something so sleek can be paired easily with daily dresses. There are other new designs in below 25,000 bracelets such as the Matilda Bracelet. Made of 18kt rose gold, this chic piece has an ornate floral design with diamonds as well as a pearl. It sure makes you stand out from among the crowd.

    Cool and Stylish Bracelets for Men

    We have got some cool pieces for men too in our below 25000 bracelets collection. Take, for instance, the Abheek Bracelet with the word ‘bhai’ etched on it. An ideal piece to gift your brother on this Rakshabandhan day, isn’t it? The Beloved Bhai Bracelet is yet another stylish piece you can pick for your fashion-conscious brother.

    When at BlueStone, you don’t need to worry about how to buy below 25,000 bracelets. Take advantage of our home trial and free shipping options to get yours home delivered.

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