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Below 20,000 Rings: Make Everyone Admire Your Style

You blush when someone calls you

Wondering what can that be?

We say, why not a lovely ring? Yes! Rings are the best choice for staying on top of the fashion game. What’s more! A stylish ring makes people take notice at the first glance. At BlueStone, we have an amazing collection of below 20,000 rings waiting for you. There are rings that you can wear every day. You will also find a number of trendy below 20,000 rings online for special functions and occasions. Yet again, there are some designs which, by their sheer beauty, can make even the most ordinary day a special one.

Slip one on your finger to look like a glamorous diva. There is no need to worry about the budget at all. The below 20,000 rings price is well within your reach. These pocket-friendly rings are also ideal for gifting. You will surely find something suitable for every style and budget without having to compromise on quality and bling quotient.

Everyday Rings for Everyday Styling

We know that you multitask often. We know that in taking care of others you forget yourself. But, you too deserve a touch of glam. The everyday rings at BlueStone are made for you. They give your everyday looks a fashionable flair.

For example, there is the Ayusha Ring for the lovers of sapphires. This white gold band is studded with blue sapphires of elegant glow. The white and blue combination of the ring is too hard to resist. Sapphires are not always blue though we often tend to associate the stone with the colour blue. We have mind-blowing everyday rings studded with yellow sapphires. For instance, the Smiraan Ring with a fiery yellow sapphire will match the warmth of your nature.

That’s not all!

Our below 20,000 ring designs like the Ilaria Ring is apt for everyday dressing. Its leafy design sparkles with tiny diamonds and rubies. Your gentle persona will brighten up if you wear the Hint of Blush Ring. With a sparkling diamond set in 18kt gold, this ring is twinkling with charm.

Workwear Rings for Looking Elegant on Duty

You are a busy professional with many dreams in your eyes. Your focus is always on work. We know you want to be praised for your work. But, why compromise on style when you are at work! We have the perfect workwear rings to keep you gorgeous even during your office hours. While you do the hard work, we do our bit to boost your glam points.

One good example of this is the Cygnus Ring. The gleaming diamonds of this ring makes it really look like a cluster of stars. Want something out of the box? Why not! We have plenty of them too. Buy below 20,000 ring designs like the Orida Ring made of 18Kt rose gold. The diamond teardrop at its middle makes it a standout piece.

Subtlety is the key to office-wear jewellery. The Druti Ring can do justice to the quality of being subtle. Its flowing lines and diamond triplets will add radiance to the fingers. Want to be the talking point of peers? Simply put on the Lavishi Floral Ring. Its gold and diamond petals will stun the onlookers. There are many such wonderful pieces that will spruce up your professional look in a jiffy. Why not explore and find one that suits you?

Festive Rings for Adding to the Glory of Celebrations

From Dussehra to Diwali to Christmas and Ramadan, life is full of festive moments. Add to the happiness of such memorable times by donning something grand. Our festive rings can be the perfect choice. Have a look at the Paravi Ring with a diamond flower for example. Won’t it look great with your new shimmering lahenga?

Maybe you are looking for something that no one can forget! The Amy Ring can be a superb choice for that. Diamonds glisten attractively from its tiny white gold hearts. Red and green are two of the most favourite colours of festive wear among Indian women. Our Elma Ring is made to complement your colourful outfits. A single diamond shines from this 18Kt gold artistic ring.

For your parents you are their crowned princess. Why not for the world too? The Jonet Crown Ring will announce your regal persona boldly to the world around. One of the best below 20,000 Rings, it dazzles with the rubies and diamonds.

Party Rings for Having Fun in Style

Parties offer the opportunity to show your flair for fashion. To dress up better than everyone else, you need something extra special. Our party rings can be it. For instance, you can buy below 20,000 rings online like the Carya Ring. It can be the apt accessory for the next gala event. This statement piece in rose gold has a unique design. Its curved diamond row has a hypnotic oomph.

Have a soft corner for pearls? The Maise Ring with three white and golden pearls can be an ideal buy. Diamonds also shine from between the pearls set in this rose gold ring. Want everyone to stare at your hands in awe and admiration? The Aamara Ring with ruby rosebuds will be the finest pick. Shaped just like a leafy twig, the Rangan Ring can make you the envy of peers at the party. Diamonds glitter from its entire length. On top of that emeralds add colour to its leaves. When you have rings like this at your disposal, parties are never going to the same again.

Valentine’s Day Rings for Endless Bonding

Sadly it comes only once a year. But, Valentine Day offers memories that last a lifetime. To make those moments even more special we have a number of Valentine’s Day Rings in stock. Looking for a gift that your lady love will never get bored of? The Philasa Ring can be the solution. The brightness of its heart-shaped tanzanite and diamonds will titillate her senses.

She makes butterflies flutter in your tummy. Give her the Regina Butterfly Ring with a note confessing the same on V-day. Her smile will make your day. One of the new designs in below 20,000 rings such as the Adored Togetherness Ring may also please your lover. This white gold heart-shaped ring has sparkly diamonds running through its middle.

Fusion Rings for Becoming the Trendsetter

You are rooted in culture and traditions. At the same time, you lead a completely urban lifestyle. The fusion rings at BlueStone combines both sides of your persona. The Carlin Ring with an infinity design is a good example. Just like you, this ring is timelessly elegant.

Another specimen of sophisticated fusion glamour is the Loving Rose Ring. Skilled craftsmen have given gold the delicate shape of a bloomed rose. Diamonds and rubies add to its magnificence. The Flora Allure Ring with rubies and pearl at the centre is a stunning option as well. These are only some of the designs in this collection. We have a wide range consisting of hundreds of designs, each better than the other.

Rings may be small in size when compared to other types of jewellery. But their power to add oomph and elegance to our look cannot be stressed enough. That’s exactly why we believe every jewellery lover should an exciting collection of rings. If you haven’t started building your ring collection, now is the time. And BlueStone, certainly, is the place!

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