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Flaunt Your Style With Below 20000 Mangalsutras

Getting married is a wonderful feeling. When two people come together in marriage, it calls for a lot of celebrations. Along with celebrations come a whole set of rituals and customs. The tying of mangalsutra in a Hindu marriage is one such custom. For a Hindu bride, this ornament often becomes her lifelong companion.

Though tying of the mangalsutra is a long-standing custom, it doesn’t mean you have to wear age-old designs. In fact, it is a piece of jewellery that can showcase your fashion quotient and style preferences.

At BlueStone, you can buy below 20000 mangalsutra designs that are meant for the fashionistas of today. Trendy and elegant, our designs are high in style and low on budget. With this collection, you can flaunt your style while remaining true to your roots. In other words, our designs combine tradition and contemporary fashion sensibilities quite effortlessly. Explore this collection and find one that best suits your tastes and budget.

Why is Mangalsutra Considered to Be Significant?

The word Mangalsutra comprises of two words - Mangal (which in Sanskrit means holy) and sutra (meaning thread). This means it is a holy thread. During a Hindu wedding, the groom ties this thread around his bride’s neck. The bride wears it for the long life and well-being of her husband. She is expected to wear this ornament till her husband is alive.

Traditionally, a mangalsutra takes the form of a gold pendant. This pendant is worn on a chain made of black and gold beads. With time, the design of this ornament is changing. The availability of mangalsutras in varied styles across online jewellery stores stands proof of this fact. You can even find mangalsutra bracelets these days!

Discover Exclusive below 20000 Mangalsutra Designs at BlueStone

Life is too short to wear boring mangalsutras all through your life. Our trendy below 20000 mangalsutras online collection has an array of designs to suit your stylish persona. Whether you are looking for elaborate designs or sleek pieces, you are sure to find many favourites in our collection.

Take a look at our Yashodhara Mangalsutra. The ornate floral design in 22k gold has a traditional touch to it. Isn’t it the perfect piece to flaunt on special occasions? Looking for something simple yet elegant? Check out our Krithika Mangalsutra. Crafted with 22k gold, it features the dual-tone look. A great piece to be worn with even western outfits!

This collection draws inspiration from traditional motifs and gives them a contemporary twist. Consider our Anusha Mangalsutra as a case in point. The intricate work of gold and diamond in it is what makes it a true eye-catcher. When you want your ornament to be an expressive piece, we suggest go for our Mangalsutra. The highlight of this gold and diamond piece is its paisley design, an eternal favourite of all jewellery lovers.

Why Not Wear Symbols of Love to Celebrate Your Unique Bond?

When it comes to creating jewellery that celebrates romantic love and relationships, almost all designers across the world are fond of one symbol – the heart. The designers at BlueStone also followed suit and have come up with a fabulous range of heart-shaped mangalsutras.

Made of 18kt gold, the Kama Mangalsutra features two intertwined hearts studded with diamonds. Just like your and your partner’s hearts, isn’t it? Even our Rujula Mangalsutra expresses the same idea but in a different style. The Bawri Mangalsutra with multiple hearts is also a favourite of our customers.

Want to give the heart motif a miss?

Go for something unique yet symbolic of love, like the love knot symbol. The Thakshara Mangalsutra comes with a beautifully designed love knot made of 18kt gold. This piece also has 22 diamonds, which add to its lustre and beauty. Go through our collection and you will find more pieces that appeal to your heart.

Want to Bask in the Shine of Diamonds?

It’s a known fact that diamonds are a favourite with women. When you buy below 20000 mangalsutras online from us, you can indulge your diamond desires. What’s more, priced at INR 20000 and below, our designs are highly affordable.

Among our popular designs is the Hiya Mangalsutra. This statement piece highlights the idea that less is more. For those of you who love floral motifs, we have designs like the Avanti Mangalsutra. It is made of 18k gold and features a diamond-studded flower. If you prefer to wear elegant pieces, take a look at our Falguni Mangalsutra. The whimsical design is a stunner, to begin with. Our collection is full of such sparklers.

Who Said Plain Gold is Out of Vogue?

The yellow metal has always been the traditional favourite of many as far as jewellery is concerned. If you too are smitten by the shine of yellow gold, our plain gold designs are sure to capture your heart. For example, our Wondrous Wow Mangalsutra is a trendsetter in its own right. Made of 18k gold, the dual-tone design speaks of the superior craftsmanship of our designers.

Our Pratiti Mangalsutra is another case in point. Based on the floral theme, it features three pretty flowers. For those of you who want to flaunt unique designs, may we suggest our Samali Mangalsutra? The chic design in dual tone will make you stand out in a crowd.

How About Sprucing Up Your Look for Every Occasion?

You don’t need a reason or a season to flaunt your distinct style. Whether you are going to the office or attending weddings or celebrating special occasions, we have a design to suit your every look. For instance, our Indrani Mangalsutra is crafted for the modern woman who handles her personal and professional life with equal ease. The contemporary design in gold and diamond is ideal to be worn to work every day.

Fancy a showstopper?

The Sarika Mangalsutra can make all heads turn towards you. Pair it up with danglers and pretty bangles for a gorgeous look at weddings and parties. Our designs also make amazing gifts. Men looking for a unique gift for your wife can go for our Pavi Mangalsutra. Pretty and graceful, you can never go wrong with it. 

How to Set a Trend with Our Mangalsutra Bracelets?

In the recent times, the mangalsutra has attracted much attention from the fashionistas. The emerging trend in fashion circles is to sport the ornament in a unique way. This led to the concept of mangalsutra bracelets. Such bracelets are mangalsutras designed to be worn on the wrist. It is a trend that is picking up fast.

We bring to you some of the best below 20000 mangalsutras designed as bracelets. Our Harmya Bracelet is an example of the same. Set with diamond and rubies, this delicate bracelet is sure to attract instant attention. The Holika Bracelet from this collection is yet another design that you mustn’t miss out. The string of gold and black beads comes alive with five rubies circled in gold.

The list of designs and styles in this collection is long and impressive. Why not explore them today to pick the design of your choice? Given that our below 20000 mangalsutras prices are set within an affordable range, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to own our designs. So, happy shopping!

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