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Shine Out With Below 20000 Earrings

Who can deny the fact that a pair of earrings is a style statement in itself? As a fashion accessory, earrings are simply matchless. It’s not without reason that this staple accessory finds its place in the jewellery box of every woman. A pair of earrings has the power to make or break your look. Perhaps that’s why Jennifer Lopez once said,

But sometimes even when you want to own and wear a particular pair of earrings, you let go of the opportunity to buy it. More often than not, the reason is the price factor. Well, now you can forget about such situations. BlueStone brings to you a stunning collection of below 20000 earring designs. Priced under INR 20000, each design is incredibly beautiful and affordable. Explore this range to add to your earring collection today.

Earrings: An Ornament for both Men and Women

So you thought its only women who love to flaunt earrings? Well, that’s not the case really. In fact, in the ancient times, earrings were worn by men and women alike. Often, this piece of jewellery was symbolic of one’s wealth and social status. It’s interesting to note that earrings have always been responsive to the changes occurring in fashion. Just as hairstyles, necklines, hats, etc. changed with the times, the size and style of earrings too underwent massive changes. It can be said that earrings have been instrumental in holding together many popular fashion styles.

Buy Below 20000 Earring Designs from BlueStone: A Collection to Celebrate

It goes without saying that earrings are a great way to show off your fashionable persona. All you need to do is pick the right earrings and you can be ready to draw all eyes towards you! When you buy below 20000 earrings online from BlueStone, you won’t be short of choices.

The designs we offer in this collection celebrate the fashionista in you. Take a look at our Nicci Drop Earrings. Crafted for the modern woman, this contemporary design in 22k gold is a piece of art in itself. The Splendid Floret Hoop Earrings is a tasteful creation that is a show stealer, to begin with. It is designed with diamonds and pink tourmaline set against an 18k yellow gold base.

Talking of gold, this collection has pieces crafted in not just yellow gold but rose and white gold as well. From exotic designs in white gold like the Jubilant Heart Earrings to stunning designs in rose gold like the Pearly Drop Earrings, this range is full of such wonders. You won’t be short of double or triple tone designs either. Our Ganika Stud Earrings is a case in point. This design has three pretty roses, one each in yellow, white, and rose colour. The Moment of Love Earrings comes in the dual tone of yellow and white. So, if you want to give the classic yellow glitter a miss and try something cool and contemporary, our white gold and rose gold earrings in this range are the best bet.

Diamond or Gold: What Do You Prefer?

Are you smitten by the shine of diamonds or does your heart beat for plain gold? Or is it a mix and match of diamonds and other gemstones that you prefer? Whatever be your choice, we have you covered! In this collection, you will get designs made in plain gold, diamonds, and a variety of gemstones.

Among our popular plain gold beauties is the Fragrant Love Drop Earrings. The floral motif gets highlighted in this delicate design of 22k gold. The butterfly is another popular motif that comes alive in our Lindsey Butterfly Earrings. Made of 18k gold, it features diamond-studded butterflies.

If gemstones are what you desire, our Pushpanjali Earrings can be ideal for you. It features nine different gemstones set as a flower. The Lada Stud Earrings is another gemstone-studded design. The floral motif in this 18k gold design is set with ruby and emerald. There are many such designs waiting for you at this collection.

Be Spoilt for Choice of Styles

Why are earrings such a favourite thing with women? One reason is their diversity – the very fact that they are available in a number of styles. Our collection of best below 20000 earrings comprise of varied styles. Drops, hoops, studs, danglers, you name it and we have it.

When you select the earring style, remember that they must complement the shape of your face. For instance, drops like the Spherical Wonder Earrings are great for a round face. Studs like the Peacock Vivacity Stud Earrings work well for a long face. If you have a square shape face, hoops like the Ihaan Earrings will be ideal for you. Tear-drop earrings like the Foliage Lattice Earrings can complement a heart-shaped face well. An oval face can pull off all kinds of styles nicely.

Go for Mismatch Earrings

Are you bored of wearing the same kinds of studs and drops and hoops all the time? Are you looking to make a style statement that is as unique and original as you? When you want to make a distinct style statement, our mismatch earrings can help you out. Consider our Leaves Mismatch Earrings as an example. This pair, featuring a tear-drop design, has leaves made of diamond and ruby. The Horizon Mismatch Earrings comes with a star and a moon designed for either ear.

The Romantic Mismatch Earrings is a stunning pair where one earring is shaped like a diamond-set heart and the other shaped like the letter U. Men, don’t you think it will make a fine gift for the woman you love? There are more such quirky pieces in this collection. Explore and fall in love with the creativity each piece exudes.

Some Bling and Shine for the Menfolk

Earrings for men are a big thing these days. Many urban men are seen sporting earrings and quite fashionable at that. That is precisely why our trendy below 20000 earrings online collection has designs for the stylish men of today. The Merlin Stud for Him is an example of the same. This single diamond stud is elegance redefined.

Want more bling and shine? Our Savoir Earring for Him may be the one you seek. The Etinceler Earring for Him and the Cirque Earring for Him are for men who prefer hoops over studs. Those who have a thing for colourful gemstones can go for one studded with rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. The Iyer Stud for Him (ruby), the Belmont Stud for Him (blue sapphire), and the Alicio Stud for Him (emerald) are some of the favourites of our customers. This collection of earrings can also make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Brighten Up the Face Your Little Ones with Kids’ Earrings

A pair of earrings for your little daughter should be as beautiful as her, right? That’s not all. It should be simple yet appealing in design and light in weight too. Our kids’ earrings collection priced under INR 20000 has designs that tick all the right boxes.

How about something cute, like the Bear World Earrings for Kids? These 18kt gold earrings are shaped like a bear with diamond-studded eyes. If you daughter loves animals, she is sure to fall in love with this design. You can also go for a pair made using the fruit or floral motifs, like the Mango Mist Earrings for Kids or the Flower of Innocence Earrings for Kids. Simple hoops like the Arabelle Kids Huggies and studs like the Twinkle Star Earrings for Kids are your best bet as your daughter’s first pair of earrings.

How to Buy Below 20000 Earrings from BlueStone?

As a trusted online jeweller in India, we at BlueStone excel in offering you jewellery of superior quality. This doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune to buy a piece of jewellery from us. The below 20000 earrings price range speaks of our efforts to keep our designs affordable for all. We also assure prompt delivery.

Above all, we give you the freedom not only to customise a design but also to try it in the comfort of your home. In other words, it is quite simple to buy jewellery designs from our online store.

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