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    Affordable yet Stylish: Below 15000 Rings

    A woman can never have too many rings. Rings have many different forms and symbolise different things. Class rings and signet rings signify that the wearer is part of a particular class or family. Engagement rings and wedding rings are of course the most popular type of ring and symbolise the wearer’s marital status. Cocktail rings are worn to make a style statement. And then there are the everyday rings that need no occasion and are worn simply to accentuate the wearer’s beauty. These rings are available in a wide range of designs and prices. There are a number of such designs that fall into our below 15000 ring collection.

    Why Buy Below 15000 Rings?

    Rings may be the tiniest in a woman’s jewellery collection. That doesn’t mean she cherishes it any less. In fact, it is an ornament you can change as frequently as you like, based on your outfit or occasion. So, it is in your best interests you invest in a number of moderately priced rings rather than an exorbitantly priced ring. This is where our below 15000 rings come into play. You don’t’ have to think twice or save up for months to make these beauties your own. Moreover, the below 15000 rings price tag make them ideal gifts.

    Nature-inspired Rings

    Nature is a great source of inspiration to artists and designers. When you buy below 15000 ring designs, you will come across many designs in the floral theme. For women looking for a minimalistic ring, the Blossom of Joy Ring is an ideal fit. The Anishi Ring is a popular design with women looking for a floral yet traditional design. The Tommie Ring and Pendant is a modern design which can also be worn as a pendant. Nature gives us not just flowers. The Meera Ring and the Elizabeth Ring take inspiration from leaves. Similarly, the Jyotsna Ring is inspired by butterflies that visit a garden full of flowers. Some of our new designs in below 15000 ring collection can even be worn as cocktail rings. The Elonna Ring and the Teddi Ring and Pendant are two such designs.

    Heart Rings

    Rings are a popular gift for young and older women. One of the primary reasons for gifting a ring is to symbolise relationships and love. Keeping this in mind, many of our below 15000 ring designs are centred on a heart motif. This is because hearts are the most universally accepted sign of love. The Lucy Ring and the Aurelia Ring are based on the classic heart symbol. If you are looking for something trendy, the Nova Ring and the Coming Together Ring may be just what you need. The Letizia Ring and the Lovers Hearts Ring are designed with entwined rings. A pair of entwined hearts symbolises love that lasts all eternity.

    Single Stone vs Cluster Rings

    At BlueStone, our collection of rings can be categorised as single stone, three stone and multi stone rings. Single stone rings like the Flourishing Floret Ring and the Rowena ring are ideal for daily wear at home or in the office. Three stone rings are a little bolder but can still complement corporate wear. Two of our bestselling three stone rings are the Celestina Ring and the Renata Ring. Multistone rings can be grouped under two main heads; rings featuring a band of gemstones and cluster rings. The Celyn Ring and the Erisha Ring are examples of the former style. Cluster rings typically feature a number of small gemstones arranged tightly together. In designs like the Arina Ring, they can be placed so as to mimic the look of a single large gemstone. You could also buy below 15000 ring designs with a cluster setting like the Saanvi Ring and the Venera Ring.

    Rings that Speak

    Some of the best below 15000 rings do more than just making a woman look beautiful. The Om Kantha Ring and the Om Prakash Rings are religious rings. We also have a number of popular wedding bands in this price range. These include the With Love Eternity Ring, the Miranda Ring, and the Courtney Ring among others. Designs like the Aqura Ring and the Quest of Love Openable Ring are ideal gifts for mothers. These rings symbolise the deep bond children share with their mother.

    Colourful Rings

    When you buy below 15000 rings online, you are no restricted to diamond studded rings. Our range includes a number of designs that feature other precious and semi-precious stones. For example, the Ilaria Ring features a pair of bright rubies while the Carysa Ring has a heart shaped peridot. If you’re looking for something that could pair well with ethnic wear, take a look at the Lada Ring. On the other hand, if you need something to dress up an evening gown, the Eppie Ring may be the perfect design. We also have a range of half eternity bands with a difference. Instead of diamonds, the Aakriti Ring features an unbroken line of rubies while the Ayusha Ring boasts of blue sapphires. These rings are also great birthday presents for women who have a ruby or blue sapphire as their birthstone.

    How to Buy Below 15000 Rings?

    At BlueStone you can find a number of trendy below 15000 rings online. These rings have been designed to complement different aspects of a woman’s personality. The Sumrah Ring and the Abelle Ring are ideal for women who like delicate designs. Women who like bold pieces of jewellery may prefer the Gwyneth Ring and the Orabella Ring. These rings can be made in gold or white gold. Some of our other white gold designs include the Adored Togetherness Ring and the Pure Symphony Ring. We also have a collection of rose gold rings. Some of our popular rings in this trendy hue of gold are the Florence Love Ring and the Asbah Ring. Whatever be the style you are looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

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