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    Step Out In Style with Below 15000 Mangalsutras

    The celebration of Hindu marriages in the new millennium is getting bigger and brighter by the day. With destination weddings and theme weddings becoming popular, couples are going all out to make sure that their big day turns out to be a memorable event. But there are some customs and rituals of marriage that have remained the same. One such ritual is the tying of mangalsutra during the wedding.

    A mangalsutra holds a special place in a Hindu married woman’s life. Given that she continues to wear it after her wedding and all through her married life, this ornament is getting trendier by the day. In keeping with this trend, BlueStone has come up with its range of below 15000 mangalsutra designs. This is a collection dedicated to the modern Indian woman who loves to be in touch with her roots while being fashionable.

    Are You Aware of the Significance of Mangalsutra?

    For a Hindu married woman in India or anywhere in the world, the mangalsutra is more than a just piece of pretty ornament. It is one of the symbols that denote her marital status. The term Mangalsutra is made of two words: Mangal (this word means holy) and sutra (this word means thread). In other words, it is a holy thread that signifies the inseparable bond that exists between a husband and wife. During the wedding ceremony, the groom ties it around the bride’s neck. The bride is expected to wear this ornament until her husband’s death.

    The ornament is in the form of a gold pendant which is typically worn a chain made of gold and black beads. Even today married women attach a lot of importance to it. A proof of this ornament’s popularity is the presence of its collections across a number of online jewellery stores.

    Explore New Designs in below 15000 Mangalsutras at BlueStone

    Gone are the days when mangalsutra designs came without much variety. In recent times, this ornament has undergone much change. The expert craftsmen at BlueStone have blended creativity and innovation to deliver a trendy below 15000 mangalsutras online collection. As the name indicates, this collection brings to you designs at an easily affordable price range.

    This is a collection that spells style and fashion. You can buy below 15000 mangalsutra designs in plain gold as well as studded with diamonds. Some of the designs are inspired by traditional motifs. Yet each piece is trendy in its own right. The Wondorous Wow Mangalsutra is a case in point. It redefines the simple floral motif in a chic manner. Then there are unique designs like our Jayashri Mangalsutra. Its 18k gold pendant symbolises endless love through a diamond-studded heart that is attached to an infinity symbol.

    The Ashna Mangalsutra comes with an elegant design. It has a gold and a diamond-studded heart complementing each other. From classic and elegant designs to trendy and cool ones, this collection has something for everyone. Whether you are a man looking for a design to gift to your wife or you are a woman seeking to buy one for yourself, this is where you are sure to find it all. 

    Stand out from the Crowd with the Best below 15000 Mangalsutras

    This ornament is supposed to be a constant companion for a married woman. Our collection has designs to keep her company for all occasions. So, whether it is a party, a festive occasion, or a vacation, we have a design to suit her every mood. We also have simple yet trendy designs suitable for everyday use.

    For instance, our Diwani Mangalsutra is crafted to highlight your look for any festive occasion. The artfully created brow of diamonds ends in two gold hearts joined with a sparkling diamond. The perfect piece to go with a silk saree! When you are on a vacation, the Samali Mangalsutra can be a perfect match for you. The modern design will go with all kinds of attire.

    Choosing a piece of jewellery that goes with your office outfit is never an easy task. At Bluestone, we make this task simpler for you with our office-appropriate designs. For the workwear, our Chandrima Mangalsutra can be a great choice. The graceful design created in gold and diamond says that sometimes less is more. When you buy below 15000 mangalsutras online from us, you will come across many more designs that will leave you spellbound.

    Flaunt Your Love for Plain Gold

    The love for plain yellow gold is eternal. No matter how many diamond or gemstone-studded ornaments you have, the look and appeal of plain gold jewellery is incontestable. That is why even today plain gold designs find a preference in our collections. Even this collection has some of the most amazing plain gold designs, to begin with.

    Take a look at our Arpana Mangalsutra. Crafted in 22k gold, this trendy design attracts instant attention. If you love the dual-tone look, you won’t be disappointed here. Our Prithika Mangalsutra comes with a dual tone of white and yellow. For those of you who love the floral motif, our Pratiti Mangalsutra is sure to capture your heart.

    Keep Your Diamonds Close to Your Heart

    Jewellery lovers are known to have a big weakness for diamonds. If you too love the sparkle of diamonds, you can make your pick from our diamond-studded designs. Among our popular pieces is the Tanuja Mangalsutra. This sleek design is ideal for the modern woman who loves to be unique in her fashion choices. When simplicity is your style statement, we guess our Harsha Mangalsutra will be a fine pick. Studded with three bright diamonds, this design attracts attention due to its elegant look.

    Want something stunning? The Aparajita Mangalsutra can make all heads turn towards you when you step out wearing it. The list of our designs doesn’t end here. Why don’t you visit our online store and explore them for yourself?

    How to Buy below 15000 Mangalsutras Online?

    Buying jewellery from BlueStone’s online store is an enjoyable affair. At our store, you are not just assured of the best below 15000 mangalsutras prices but the best quality as well. We can even help you to customise the diamonds and gold carat to make the design suit your pocket and taste.

    And the best part is yet to come.

    Imagine that you found three or four designs that appeal to you equally. You liked them all and are not able to zero down on one. In such situations, all you have to do is to request for a home trial and we will allow you to try them all in the comfort of your home. Now isn’t that every jewellery lover’s dream come true? It sure is!

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