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Experience the Beauty of the Mediterranean with BlueStone’s Ain Collection

Sometimes, all you need is jewellery to travel to a beautiful corner of the world. And we mean it quite figuratively. Have you ever looked at a piece of ornament and felt that you are being transported to another place or time? Jewellery, of course, has such a power.

When places inspire jewellery, it takes your imagination to places. The Ain collection is your gateway to experiencing Marrakech, the heartland of Morocco. Our Ain collection designs reflect the intricate art and architecture of the city. Explore the complete collection to choose from a variety of rings, hathphools, danglers, and more. The grandeur you will witness here transcends the boundaries of land and the test of time. Each piece in this collection will take you on a virtual journey to the Mediterranean city of Marrakech.

A City Full of Surprises and Beauty

You will feel at a loss for words to describe Marrakech. The city’s alluring culture has smitten one too many. It’s a charming city that shines under the harsh North African sun. Its coasts shimmer under the influence of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sights, sounds, and the thriving life of Marrakech will make your senses work overtime. The endless, twisting, narrow alleys lead to the main Medina. The many souqs hold secrets to a mysterious new world. The city has many surprises waiting for you to unfold. It pulls its many visitors with its rich cultural heritage, art, craft, and architecture. The vibrancy of this city has inspired us to create and present to you our trendy Ain collection online.

The designs in this collection are classified into three types, namely the Misbah, the Medina, and the Mosaic. Each of these designs brims with the essence of Marrakech. We have extracted the spirit of this ancient city and captured it in the modern context. The pieces of jewellery in the Ain collection are an ode to feminine charm. They blend Marrakech’s rich cultural heritage with a modern approach. The result is a mind-blowing collection you can’t resist. The designers at BlueStone have used high-quality gold in different purities to create these beauties. And we have encrusted gold with white diamonds to add to the allure. These designs reflect the history, mythology, and the terrain of the Mediterranean land through their splendid design. Do you think you will have to spend a fortune to make them yours? No! Our attractive Ain collection price will make you want to own them all.

Ornate Patterns and Brilliant Designs

Misbah is a category we present under our Ain collection. It illuminates brilliance through stunning designs. Ornate patterns on Moroccan lamps inspire this collection. The metallic accents featured on these bright, bold, and vibrantly coloured lamps often given them an otherworldly air. We have recreated miniatures of these ornate patterns using gold. The jewellery under this category features an elaborately carved silhouette, subtle enamel finishes, and shimmering diamonds. These features make them resemble the illuminated streets of Marrakech. The Ziya Drop Earrings are classic examples of the luxurious charm the city exudes. These earrings are made of 18kt gold and feature a lavish curved design. The multiple white diamonds and the flawless white pearl accentuate their rich design. The Ziya Pendant complements the drop earrings. Pair these two together to take your look to the next level. The Ainrah Bracelet is made of 18kt gold. It features white enamel and is studded with white diamonds. Pair the bracelet with its namesake necklace, the Ainrah Necklace, to complete your look for a special occasion.

Jewellery Embodying the Essence of Moroccan Art

Moroccan art and architecture are a play of patterns. The popular structures of Marrakech are living examples of the perfection in design. They put up a grand display of carved-wood and swirling stucco. Ancient artistry steeps deep in the veins of Marrakesh. We have imbibed the city’s art scape into our Medina jewellery designs. In this collection, our designers have combined majestic structures and free-flowing forms and blended them in gold. These new designs in Ain collection are opulent treasures of Marrakech’s enriched traditions. It’s evident in the Anya Necklace. This elegant necklace is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with glittering diamonds. The Zahra Drop Earrings and the Airah Drop Earrings also do justice to the city’s artistic heritage. These earrings are made of 18kt gold. They feature sparkling diamonds on their graceful silhouette.

An Appealing Mosaic of Brilliance

How can we forget the riot of beautiful tilework that gives popular structures in Marrakech their distinctive allure? The Mosaic collection is an assortment of jewellery evocative of Morocco’s artisanal heritage and architecture. These traditional Mediterranean designs instil a sense of mystery to the entire collection. We have woven together threads of gold to blend the free-flowing styles of calligraphy, geometric patterns reminiscent in Islamic style, and the colours of zellij, the traditional tile mosaic. The intricate patterns are clearly evident in the Riad Hoop Earrings, the Marrakech Hoop Earrings, and the Ghazal Ring among others. These pieces of jewellery are all made of 18kt gold and studded with precious white diamonds that make them look surreal.

Buy Ain Collection Designs Online

You can try these pieces of jewellery and more from this special selection at home. There’s no extra charge to experience the regal charm of this collection first hand before you make a purchase. When you buy Ain collection designs at BlueStone, you will be spoilt for choice. This collection is popular for not just its wide range of options but also superior craftsmanship. We have curated this exclusive collection to help you indulge your love of fine jewellery. To travel to a place, one only needs to be a traveller. But to create a piece of jewellery that takes people’s imagination to places, one has to be a true artist. And that’s what we are. Artists among jewellers!

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