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Gold Mangalsutra

Celebrate Your Marital Bonding with 5 to 10 Grams Gold Mangalsutra

Every culture has its own customs related to marriage. Take, for instance, the popularity of rings in wedding ceremonies. No Christian marriage in the West is complete without the ring exchange. In fact, rings have gained a universal acceptable across the globe. However, there are certain customs specific to certain cultures and religious communities. Mangalsutras are one such custom followed in India by married Hindu women. One of the most beautiful moments in an Indian Hindu wedding is when the groom ties a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck.

The mangalsutra isn’t just another pendant and chain; it is an integral part of Indian culture. This ornament is seen as a token of love and marital bonding between a man and a woman. Many people also believe that it has certain health benefits for the wearer. Whether you believe in these benefits or not, one thing is certain. Choosing a mangalsutra pendant is one of the most important parts of wedding preparations. That’s why BlueStone offers you an exclusive range of mangalsutras in gold. The 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutra designs are the most popular ones in this range.

What is A Mangalsutra and How to Choose One?

As you already know, it is a pendant married women wear on their neck in a chain. Typically, chains made of gold and black beads are used for wearing this pendant. The chain may be long or short depending on the wearer’s preference. While some women prefer to wear a single strand of beads, others prefer a double strand. When you buy 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutra designs from us, you can choose matching chains too. You can choose a design from our mangalsutra chains collection and customise its size according to your preferences.

Why Should You Buy 5 To 10 Grams Gold Mangalsutra Designs?

There is no dearth of designs in mangalsutras and they come in all sizes and designs. Some of these pendants can weigh up to 50 grams, but many modern women prefer lightweight designs. This trinket is for everyday use, so it is important that you choose a design that is not too heavy on your neck. At the same time, you wouldn’t want this ornament to be too plain or ordinary either.

That’s where our best 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutras come into the picture. These designs are neither too small nor too heavy. At the same time, there is enough room for intricate stonework. Take, for instance, the Yauvani Mangalsutra in this collection. Made of 18kt gold, it features a mind-blowing design with over 120 sparkling diamonds. Do you prefer something simpler? We have the Dhanishta Mangalsutra. This design is made of 22kt gold and doesn’t have any stone embellishments. Whether you are looking for something simple or exquisite, this collection will cater to your requirements.

Do You Fancy Floral Mangalsutra Designs?

Flowers are also a very important part of a wedding ceremony. From decorations to bridal make-up, they complete the wedding. That’s why we, at BlueStone, brings to you’re a range of designs crafted in the floral theme. These pieces will not only accentuate your beauty but also remind you of the most beautiful day of your life. The Amalaan Mangalsutra is one of the bestselling pieces from our floral collection. If you like bold designs, the Pushplata Mangalsutra is your best pick. They are both made of 18kt gold. The sparkling diamonds that form the floral structure add to the beauty of these designs.

Trendy 5 to 10 Grams Gold Mangalsutra Online

Not all women like traditional jewellery. You may like the symbolism of a mangalsutra, but it isn’t necessary that you will want to wear a traditional design. At BlueStone, we understand the preferences of modern women. Hence our designers regularly introduce new designs in 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutras that complement the personality of a modern woman. If you’re looking for something elegant yet subtle, take a look at the Trishna Mangalsutra. Do you prefer something a little more elaborate? You could also take a look at the Renee Mangalsutra and the Shristhi Mangalsutra. The Sifira Mangalsutra is for women who love exquisite designs studded with diamonds.

How to Personalise Your 5 To 10 Grams Gold Mangalsutras?

When you buy jewellery with us, you are not restricted to the price points mentioned on the site. If you like a design but feel it is out of your budget, you can customise the design to lower the price. Most of our designs such as the Mahitha Mangalsutra or the Medhavini Mangalsutra are typically made in 18kt gold. However, you can get these designs custom-made in 14kt gold. This significantly reduces the price without compromising on the design. Similarly, you can also customise the cut, colour, and clarity of diamonds being used in your mangalsutra. Can online shopping get any better?

What are the benefits when you buy 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutras online?

When you think of how to buy 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutra, shopping online is the easiest solution. At BlueStone, we offer our customers more than one benefit. As mentioned earlier, we give you the opportunity to customise your designs to make them fit your budget. Additionally, when you shop with BlueStone, you can also choose to try on a design before you buy it. So, don’t worry if you cannot make up your mind between the Ashmi Tanamaniya Mangalsutra and the Madhuyamini Mangalsutra. You can send a request for our home trial option and we will deliver both these designs at your doorstep. You can try them in the comfort of your home before you finalise a design. That’s not all. Our 5 to 10 grams gold mangalsutra price is as smart as our designs. What more could you ask for?

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