In India, there is something to be celebrated almost every month. Festivals in India can be categorised as religious festivals and cultural festivals. Some, like Rakshabandhan are both religious and cultural events. When it comes to this festival, it doesn’t matter where you go to say your prayers or by what name you choose to call God. All that matters is that you have a sibling you love and adore.

Rakshabandhan isn’t a celebration that happens on the streets. It, on the other hand, is a quiet celebration that takes place within a home. However, not everything about it is different from other festivals. As with all festivals, Rakshabandhan too is characterised by the exchange of gifts. Sisters tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrist and in return are given a small gift or token of love. And, what better gift can you choose for your sibling than a piece of jewellery?

Buying jewellery online is easy. But, choosing the perfect gift for a brother or sister is a whole different story. So, we have put together a short guide on how to buy jewellery for Rakshabandhan. It gives you some simple tips and tricks on how to choose a gift along with some latest trends in Rakshabandhan jewellery collections.

Finding the Perfect Rakhi for Him

The celebration of Rakshabandhan cannot be called complete without a simple accessory – yes – rakhi. Rakhis are available in many different forms. Simple strands of colourful thread plaited together are the most commonly used ones while some others have charms dangling from the thread or a large ornamental pendant in the centre. There is no dearth of designs when you choose a rakhi for a brother. Did you know that you can even buy your brother a gold rakhi? It’s true!

Many jewellers have special collections of Rakshabandhan pendants and rings. These can be attached to a cord or ornamental thread and be worn as rakhis. After the festival is over, these can be converted into pendants or rings. This way, your brother gets to wear a token of our love not just on one day but throughout the year.

That’s not all.

You can also choose to keep the rakhi simple and choose an additional piece of jewellery – a pendant or a bracelet or a gold kada – as a surprise gift for your brother. So, how do you choose something as special as jewellery? There are a few things to consider.

Choose Something That Fits His Personal Style

You want your brother to like wearing the jewellery you are buying for. So, it’s important that you choose jewellery that matches his personality. Is he religiously inclined? Does he like dressing up and being the ‘cool’ dude? Does he like any particular sport or game, like football or cricket?

Based on his personal style and interests, you could buy Rakhi pendants, bracelets, kadas or rings with religious motifs, geometric motifs or even a cute saying. For the sports enthusiasts, many jewellers offer stunning designs in their sports-themed collection.  If he has his ear pierced, you can also consider buying a diamond or gemstone stud.

Also, think about the way he likes to dress up. Does he like wearing jewellery on his hands or does he prefer a pendant on a chain that can be concealed or flaunted at will? If he is a collegegoer or works in an office with a casual dress code, a bracelet could be a good gift idea. However, if he works in a corporate office with a strict dress code, a ring would be your best bet. If you do choose to buy your brother a ring, make sure you get his size correct.

Finding the Perfect Jewellery for Your Sister on Rakshabandhan

Women love receiving jewellery and it will hold special sentimental value when gifted by a brother. You could buy her a pair of diamond earrings, a delicate necklace, a finely crafted pendant, a bracelet, bangles or even a ring.

If you have a younger sister, a pair of earrings is something she will cherish forever. Even if she is still in school or college, this is something she could wear every day. If you have an elder sister, your Rakshabandhan gift is a beautiful way you can thank her for all she has done for you. The trouble is the more you have to choose between, the more difficult it is to pick the perfect gift.

So, here is something that could help you.

What’s Her Style?

Every woman is different. Some love wearing multiple layers of jewellery while others sport a minimal look. So here are a few questions you must ask yourself.

What type of jewellery does your sister like? What does she usually wear to work? Does she like floral motifs or geometric ones?

If she likes earrings, does she wear small studs or long, delicate danglers? Does she wear bangles or bracelets often? Does she like wearing a single bangle or does she prefer stacking a few delicate ones together?

This should help you narrow your search down to a particular type of jewellery. For example, if your sister works in an office with a strict dress code, you could buy her a pair of hoop earrings or studs. For someone who rocks in parties, a cocktail ring or a piece of fashion jewellery would be the best pick.

Make It Special

The bond you share with your sister is unique and special. So should be the jewellery you gift her. This doesn’t mean that you have to empty our bank balance. All it means is that your gift needs to be thoughtful. When you buy jewellery, try to make it as personal as you can. Instead of going for something extravagantly priced, choose something that she will cherish forever, no matter how small it is.

How do you do it, though?

For starters, look at her favourite colours. Does she prefer red over blues and greens? If yes, you could get her jewellery studded with rubies. Consider her birthstone. Most jewellers have a range of jewellery studded with different birthstones. You could choose a simple ring, a pendant or even a pair of earrings studded with her birthstone. Alphabet pendants also make great Rakshabandhan gifts.

Choose Something According to Her Body Type

Every person is built differently, so even the same piece of jewellery may look different on different people. If your sister has a long face, avoid danglers and big hoops. On the other hand, if she has a round face, drop earrings would look perfect. Similarly, if she has a short neck, don’t buy her a choker length necklace. Instead, buy her a long necklace or a medium size chain with a pendant.

Look at her overall body type as well. Small studs can easily go unnoticed on a tall woman. Similarly, heavy bracelets may not suit a short woman. When you shop for Rakshabandhan jewellery, don’t just look at the design; imagine how it would look on your sister.

Also, make sure it fits. This is crucial if you are buying rings or bangles. If you can find a ring or bangle that fits your sister well, it isn’t difficult to calculate her size. If you can’t, then stick to jewellery without sizing issues, like earrings or pendants. You can also go for gold or white gold bangles with openable clasps or bracelets that have adjustable links.

In A Nutshell

In short, jewellery is a gift that will last a lifetime. So, think it over carefully. Don’t just buy the first design you like, buy something that you know your sibling would like. After all, he or she should want to wear your gift because they like it, not just because you gifted it to them.

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